Keep Your Precious Ghee In These Stylish Containers

Keep Your Precious Ghee In These Stylish Containers

Ghee is an integral part of an Indian kitchen. Therefore, ghee containers naturally is a necessity on the dining table.

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Imagining a paratha without ghee is difficult, at least for avid paratha lovers. In fact, there are loads of dishes across the country that wouldn’t taste half as good if not for a dollop of ghee drizzled over it. A lot of Indian homes just leave a little pot of ghee on the table for anyone to use during meal times, be it adding a bit in dal or even on rice.

Needless to say that this golden clarified butter is a constant in our lives, which is also why you need to have a dedicated container for it, one that has not really been used for storing anything else. Here’s a list of stylish yet minimalist ghee pots you can bring home.

Top Five Ghee Containers Available Online

1. Trapti Kitchenware Ghee Pot 


This is a 200 ml capacity stainless steel container meant for storing ghee. It comes with a lid and a spoon for easy usage. It has a mirror finish, which looks great on the dining table and keeps the table mat safe. The container can easily store enough ghee for several days or even weeks.

2. Abee Durable Stainless Steel Multipurpose Ghee Container Pot


This is a multipurpose container which can be used to store ghee, oil or milk. It has a diameter of 3.5 inch and is made of stainless steel. The container comes with a lid and a spoon. It is corrosion-resistant and is non-reactive with liquids.

3. Hazel Stainless Steel Oil/Ghee Storage Container


This is a large container of 1.25 liter and is made of stainless steel. It comes with a lid which isn’t airtight. The wide mouth makes this product easily usable and it is suitable for storing ghee and oil.

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4. MARU Stainless Steel Ghee | Oil Pot 


This is a set of two stainless steel pots of 350 ml capacity. Each pot comes with a lid and a spoon. The pots are designed for convenience and are easy to carry. The steel is corrosion and rustproof.

5. Divstylz Stainless Steel Ghee Pot


This is a set of two 250 ml containers that will look perfect on your dining table. Made of stainless steel, this durable set comes with a lid and a spoon for each container.

Most ghee containers come in smaller sizes, just enough for you to put it on your table. If you happen to cook with ghee frequently, it would perhaps make more sense to also get a container for the kitchen. Ghee doesn’t spoil easily but you do need a clean container to keep contaminants away. If you buy ghee in large quantities, it’s recommended that you split the portion up and store the excess in the fridge.

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    Very useful review. Yes these are an integral part of the Indian household. So always good to know what’s available

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