It’s Tea Time With These Wooden Gift Boxes Packed With Deliciousness

It’s Tea Time With These Wooden Gift Boxes Packed With Deliciousness

With so many occasions to buy presents for our loved ones, we are constantly looking for gifting options to surprise our loved ones. Tea makes for a fabulous gift, especially when it comes in beautiful boxes.

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Every year, we brainstorm on what could be the perfect gift for our friends and family. And nothing can be better than a gift which relives memories and gets you reminiscing those evenings filled with chai glasses and snacks. People bond the best over tea as they share stories and slip into a comfortable territory.

So it’s only natural that you would like to give your loved ones a box of delicious tea, whatever the occasion might be. Here are a few boxes of teas that spell nothing but deliciousness. Let’s take a look.

5 Excellent Tea Gift Boxes To Pick From

1. VAHDAM, Assorted Tea Gift Sets


The tea gift set from Vahdam features six diverse flavors, each carefully packaged in beautiful tin caddies with premium design. Crafted from whole ingredients, these teas offer a rich and smooth taste. An added benefit is the pyramid-shaped tea bags, ensuring a full and improved infusion experience.

2. Octavius Wood Caddy Gift Box


This is an elegant wooden gift box containing three black and three green teas for gifting purposes. The teabags contain fresh tea that is carefully sealed to keep the aroma and taste intact. The wooden box is hand-designed that gives it a personal touch.

3. Goodwyn Wooden Tea Gift Box


This is a wooden chest that contains 90 premium Indian tea bags. The flavors include Peppermint Tea, Chamomile Tea, Classic Assam, Darjeeling Tea, Lemon Tea, Green Tea, Kashmiri Kahwa, Jasmine Green Tea and Earl Grey Tea. The wooden box is handcrafted and has a lovely dark brown matte finish.

4. Organic India Tulsi Wooden Gift Box

organic india

This is a wooden gift box of 100 organic tulsi tea bags in different mixes for your loved ones. The pack contain 25 bags of each flavor including tulsi original, tulsi masala chai, tulsi ginger and tulsi green tea. The sheesham wood and the burgundy velvet provide the box with an elegant touch.

5. WoodKraft Wooden Box 


Made of sheesham wood, this wooden gift box is extremely stylish and stands out in design and quality. It can easily store a variety of tea bags, sugar bags, sugar cubes, toothpicks etc.

Tea Tales

The most commonly known history of the teabag dates back to 1908 when American tea importer Thomas Sullivan sent out samples of his team tied up in silk pouches, not that he wanted people to put the pouches directly into water. But some did nevertheless. However, in 1901, Americans Roberta C Lawson and Mary Molaren did file a patent for what was known as the tea leaf holder, which is quite similar to what we use today for a teabag. The original idea was to create something for a single serving of tea.

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