Invest In Copper Jugs For Healthy Drinking Water Every Day

Invest In Copper Jugs For Healthy Drinking Water Every Day

To get all the benefits of drinking water, drink from these copper jugs.

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Storing drinking water in proper containers is one of the most crucial things one does every day. The bottle/jug has to be cleaned regularly and free of contaminants. This is also why one needs to choose the right kind of container. Copper jugs have been in use for generations. Considered to be antibacterial and self-sterilizing, these jugs actually fortify your drinking water.

One can buy different types of copper jugs for their homes and they don’t necessarily have to look mundane. While some are made entirely of copper, some have a copper layer inside and a stainless steel layer on the outside. These jugs are also scratch-proof. Here’s a list of some of the best copper jugs you can find online.

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5 Best Copper Jugs To Choose From

1. Copper Master Handmade 1.6 Litre Copper Steel Water Jug

copper master

This water jug is handcrafted with pure copper and has a layer of stainless steel on the outside. The jug weighs 625 gms and can hold up to 1600 ml of water. It’s also leak-proof. For best benefits, store the water overnight in the jug.

2. KBB Silver Touch Design Classic Copper Steel Jug

kbb silver

This jug is silver-plated on the outside with pure copper plating on the inside. It weighs 0.7 kg and can hold up to 2 liters of water.

3. KBB Silver Touch Design Classic Copper Jug

kbb classic

This jug is made entirely of copper and does not have any outer layering. It weighs 0.45 kg and holds 1500 ml of water.

4. Prisha India Craft Steel Copper Jug


This 900-ml jug has a layer of stainless steel on the outside with copper on the inside. It’s visually quite attractive and is easy to clean and maintain.

5. Shri Hari Art Villa Pure Copper jug for Water

shri hari

This copper jug weighs 450 gms and can store water up to 1500 ml. Apart from being a great choice for personal use, this jug can also be gifted on various occasions.

Due to the oxidization process, you might see dark marks on copper utensils. It happens when the alloy comes in contact with air and water. That is also why cleaning copper utensils in a proper fashion is essential. They should only be washed by hand and wiped down with a towel before being air-dried. Avoid use a harsh scrubber while washing.

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