How Cheesy Can You Get: Cheese Powders You Must Have In Your Kitchen

How Cheesy Can You Get: Cheese Powders You Must Have In Your Kitchen

Enjoy your snacks by sprinkling some yummy cheese powder on them for added flavor.

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What’s not to love about cheese? Unless you’re lactose-intolerant of course. And cheese powder, which of course lasts much longer than cheese, can be used for sprinkling on snacks and salads or even adding them to dips to make them cheesier.

Cheddar is one of the most common cheeses used for making cheese powder, even though some other cheeses are also used occasionally. Here’s a list of some of the most popular brands of cheese powder you can add to your food.

Top Five Brands Of Cheese Powder Available Online

1. Dilkhush Cheddar Cheese Powder


This 100 gm jar of Cheddar cheese powder is completely vegetarian and is ideal for sprinkling on snacks such as popcorn and cheesy fries. It is 100% natural and has no preservatives.

2. Dunhill Desire Cheddar Cheese Powder


This 100 gm jar of cheese powder is made from American Cheddar. It’s most commonly used as seasoning on various treats – popcorn, fries, nuggets, baked potatoes, etc. It contains permitted natural flavor and color and salt.

3. Ajnala Cheddar Cheese Powder


This 100 gm jar of Cheddar can be used for anything from making cheese sauce for nachos to sprinkling on fried snacks. However, this is not suitable for baking.

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4. Natraj Cheese Powder


This 100 gm jar of cheese powder can be used for dusting over your deep-fried snacks, potato wedges or even on salads. Store it in a cool and dry place.

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5. NATURE’S GIFT – Cheddar Cheese Powder


This 100 gm Cheddar cheese powder is vegetarian and 100% pure and natural. It is used to sprinkle over popcorn, chips, pasta, baked potatoes, and other snacks. It has no preservatives and no added colors. It can also be used to season pizzas.

The first real cheese powder was developed in 1943 by George Sanders, a US Department of Agriculture dairy scientist. However, LACTOSAN, a company in Denmark lays claim to have invented the cheese powder. According to the company, its factory manager in 1951, Christian Jessen, was experimenting with the production of cheese powder made from melted cheese by using a spray drier.

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