Glorious Diwali Lamps

Glorious Diwali Lamps

Illuminate your home this Diwali with these beautiful lamps. From tealight candles to LED lamps, your choices are plenty.

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Almost all of us are using to decorating our house with lamps during special occasions or even when we’re having guests over. However, what we can do during Diwali is go all out with lights, especially when we have so many options to choose from.

Among the various available options of Diwali lamps, we have made a list of the most suitable lamps for your home so that you can easily buy online.

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Best Diwali Lamps Available Online

1. DesiDiya Acrylic LED Tea Light Candles

desi diya

Brighten up your home this Diwali with these battery-operated lamps. You can place them anywhere in the house without having to look for plug points. These candles can be used for general home decor, on the dinner table, and pretty much anywhere else you want to put them. It comes in a pack of 12.

2. Amazon Brand – Solimo Wax Tealight Candles


This set of 100 tealight candles is ideal when you want to light up various corners in your house. Smokeless and odorless, they don’t leave a mess and can be used for any occasion.

3. TIED RIBBONS Mosaic Glass Tealight Candle Holders

tied ribbons

This pair of votives or tealight candle-holders lend a beautiful glow to a space. The etched stars reflect lovely shadows around them when you place a lit candle into them. These are handmade products.

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4. Ascension  16 Balls 3.5meter Home Decoration Light


These ultra-bright ball string lights are powered by micro LED lights and fill the space around them with a warm white hue. These are quite safe as they don’t heat up even after prolonged use. Besides, these are environment-friendly, lightweight yet durable and can be used to drape around almost anything.

5. Shoppingdoor 8 inches Hanging Paper Lantern Diwali

shopping door

These cute ball-shaped lamps are made from rice paper and come in a whole host of assorted colors, adding an extra splash or brightness to your home. String them up on the wall or hang them from the ceiling or any plants you might have and they’ll make your Diwali, Christmas, birthdays, wedding or any party all the more special. These lights are 8 inches in diameter and come in a pack of six.

Before ordering these lamps, run a quick check on how many would you need and also glance over the areas in your home where you’d like to add these lights. If you’re buying lights that require electricity, make sure there are plug points close enough. Battery-operated lamps of course can be placed anywhere.

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