Glassware Sets to Gift to your Loved Ones this Wedding Season

Glassware Gifting: Top Choices To Pick From

One of the best gifts, when you’ve run out of ideas, is a set of good quality glasses. And there’s so much to choose from. Here is a list of our recommendations.

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A set of good glassware is always a great gift. And given the range that’s available out there, you can choose from fun to classy and elegant to edgy. And be it a housewarming or a birthday party, you’ll find a set of glasses your friends or family will love.

While choosing the right kind of glassware, look at a few things: Is the glass of good quality? Is it stylish? Does it fit your budget? And to help you make the right purchase, here’s a list of our recommendations.

Best Brands Of Glassware For Gifting Available Online

1. Prax Crystal Touch Designer Tumblers

This is a clear and shiny glass made from pure lead-free glass. These glasses are heavy and have a luxurious feel to it. It works perfectly as a whiskey glass. The curved edges lend a lovely look to the glass as well.


2. Ek Do Dhai Rangeela Cart Shot Glasses

This funky and offbeat set of six shot glasses make for a perfect gift for quirky, fun-loving couples. Each glass has unique slogans on it and the cart that holds the glass is made of wood and steel. It is painted in bright yellow and is visually attractive.

ek do bhai

3. Crystalware Crystal Wine Glasses

These wine glasses have superior clarity, are durable and come in an elegant design. They are also dishwasher-safe. Made from lead-free glass, each glass can hold up to 165 ml of liquid.

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crystal ware

4. Prime Shop Red Wine Glasses

These wine glasses are heat and scratch-resistant and are dishwasher safe. The set comes with six glasses and have a simple yet elegant design. Known for their durability, these glasses are also used by professionals in the F&B industry.

prime shop

5. Luminarc Brandy Glass Set

This is a set of six brandy glasses that are made from soda-lime. The glasses are heat and scratch-resistant. They are also dishwasher and refrigerator-safe and make for ideal gifts.


Taking care of these glasses wouldn’t be a difficult task but they still need to be handled with care. Most of these are also safe to be washed in a good dishwasher, but some need to be washed by hand and with a mild detergent.

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