Eco-Friendly Spoons: A Different Set For Every Occasion

Eco-Friendly Spoons: A Different Set For Every Occasion

Add eco-friendly spoons to your collection of party-ware for any special occasion. In fact, these spoons can also be used for daily use.

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Made of wood, eco-friendly spoons not only are good for the environment but are fantastic to use on various occasions such as birthday parties, catering events, small receptions, picnics, etc. These spoons are mostly used for eating desserts and smaller portions of food.

But apart from being a great idea to serve desserts or sweets at house parties and then just throwing them away, these spoons also come really handy if you’re in to DIY projects. They work well for stamping, painting or similar creative projects. Here’s a list of a few of the best quality eco-friendly spoons you can buy.

5 Best Brands of Eco-friendly Spoons Available Online

1. G 1 Disposable Wooden Spoons


These disposable wooden spoons are biodegradable and 100% eco-friendly. Made of 100% natural solid birch wood, these are ideal for multipurpose use. These come in a pack of 100 pcs and have a length of 14 cms.

2. ECO SOUL Disposable Spoons

eco soul

These disposable spoons are safe to dispose off and is a high-quality product. Made using non-toxic material, it is free from BPA and is safe to use. Additionally, these are excellent alternative to traditional paper.

3. Yorgi India Disposable Wooden Spoon


It’s a pack of 100 wooden disposable spoons that are also recyclable. Each spoon’s length is 14 cms and are ideal for parties, BBQs and even daily use.

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4. The urban bazar Birchwood Disposable Wooden Spoon

the urban bazar

These disposable wooden spoons measure at 16 cms and come in a pack of 50 pieces. They are are 100% biodegradable, compostable, and renewable. These spoons are perfect cutlery for all occasions.

5. Somani Disposable Wooden Spoon


These are square end spoons that are 100% eco-friendly and come in a pack of 50 pieces. Made of smooth birch wood, these spoons are ideal for everyday use, school lunches, picnics, parties, weddings, reunions, family gatherings, and more.

Do your bit to save the planet from excessive abuse. Switch to eco-friendly products at home, be it in the form of daily use products such as cutlery, paper etc. or even energy-saving appliances.

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