Dress Up Your Kitchen Walls With These Pretty Stickers

Dress Up Your Kitchen Walls With These Pretty Stickers

Keep your kitchen wall tiles and paint safe from dirt, oil and food stains. Slap a few stickers onto them.

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Remember those days when you’d buy sheets of stickers for your books, pencil cases, and walls even? Now imagine doing the same thing for your home, especially your kitchen. And not just to pretty them up but to also keep them clean and stain-free. Welcome to the world of washable kitchen wall stickers.

Visually appealing and super easy to clean – you just need to wipe them down – these stickers will keep your kitchen walls free of oil stains, dust and protect the tiles and paint on them. We’ve curated a list of cool kitchen stickers available online.

Best Wall Stickers for Kitchen Available Online

1. Decals Design StickersKart Wall Stickers Stylish Kitchen Art


This fun wall sticker is printed with a cup, some serving spoons, a spatula, a glove, and a mug – perfect for the kitchen, isn’t it? – and this sticker can cover an area of about 105×40 cms. They’re easy to apply and you can stick them on smooth surfaces and tiles. This sticker has a matte finish and is eco-friendly.

2. Asmi Collections Wall Sticker

placeholder image

This wall sticker is 90×60 cms and has herbs and spices printed on them. It’s bound to lift your kitchen’s general vibe and will also protect your walls and hide oil stains easily. These can be wiped down with a wet cloth to clean. How easy is that!

3. Sky Solution Kitchen Wall Sticker

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Don’t be surprised if your friends look at these stickers and confuse them with tiles. Shiny in texture, these can however be applied only on smooth surfaces. These kitchen wall stickers are water-proof and oil-proof and temperature-resistant kitchen.

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4. WallDesign Mozaic Wall Stickers

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These stickers, 76×50 cms in measurement, come in a lovely mosaic design and will add vibrancy to your kitchen with the blue and red colors. They come with an elegant glossy finish and each tile piece can be cut and stuck separately as well. So play around and make your own pattern.

5. WallDesign Floral Wall Stickers

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These wall stickers come in an attractive floral theme and add the much-needed freshness to any kitchen. These stickers measure 2.6 ft in width and 1.75 ft in height.

Also referred to as wall decals, stickers are the easiest way to spruce up a corner by just accentuating a wall. However, these are super handy too, especially when washable. Grab a few and stick them on your kitchen walls and keep those messy stains away.

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