Diwali Snacks For Tasty Celebrations
Diwali snacks

Diwali Snacks For Tasty Celebrations

This Diwali, show your love for your friends and family buy sending them a hamper of snacks. Or, bring them home for your own Diwali party.

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What’s a Diwali get-together without the yummy food? And even if you’re doing something really small at home this year, stock up on some of the tastiest snacks to make this day delicious.

Be it something completely desi or something slightly unconventional for a Diwali snack, we have different options for you to choose from to make this festival of lights a real celebrations. Take a look at some of the best options you have online.

Diwali Snacks You Can Buy Online

1. Paper Boat Peanut Chikki

How about something sweet and crunchy on that snack platter? These are as desi as they come. Peanut chikkis, made in hygienic conditions and from peanuts that have been sourced ethically.


2. 4700BC Nutty Tuxedo Chocolate Popcorn

Decadent and irresistible, this signature chocolate popcorn by 4700BC is crunchy, sweet, and hard to put away. Gourmet popcorn is a big thing in India these days and they come in all sorts of exotic flavors, so why not bring a tin home for Diwali.

4700 bc

3. Looms & Weaves -Kerala Cashew

Grab a handful of these premium quality cashews grown organically in Kerala. This 500-gm pack of delicious nuts will be a great addition to your snacking platter.

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loomes and weaves

4. Karachi Fruit Biscuit

Savor the fruit biscuits by Karachi Bakery this Diwali. Sweet, crumbly and dotted with candied fruits, this one is loved by people of all age groups.


5. Harshaman Diwali Faral Gift Pack

This Diwali Faral Gift Pack contains besan ladoorava ladooshevchakalibhakarwadichiwda, sweet shankarpali and namkeen shankarpali. Each product has been packaged after strict quality control checks.



Apart from serving these snacks to your guests, you can also make them part of gift hampers if you are sending out any. A combination of sweet and savory eatables is always a good idea, so pick and choose some of the best and impress your loved ones.

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