Best Hip Flasks For That Drink Later

Best Hip Flasks For That Drink Later

These trendy and stylish hip flasks are all you need to carry your drinks. Take a look at our list of recommendations.

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A small portable flask to carry a small portion of any kind of beverage, the hip flask is one handy accessory to have. Traditionally, they used to be made of pewter, silver, and sometimes even glass. The contemporary ones are made of stainless steel. They are designed to match the wearer’s hip or thigh – you’ll notice a slight curve on one side if you look – for comfort while carrying.

Some of these flasks come with a captive screw-top that makes the flask spill-proof. As these flasks are portable and convenient to carry, they are quite popular at parties etc. Also, they make amazing gifts for those who like a little drink on the go or just to make a style statement. Here we bring you some of the most stylish hip flasks that you can buy online.

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Best Hip Flasks To Buy Online

1. SkyWalker Stainless Steel and Stitched Leather Hip Flask


This stainless steel hip flask is finely stitched with black leather and is leak-proof. It can hold 230 ml of your favorite drink.

2. Generic Generic Stainless Steel and Stitched Leather Hip Flask


This hip flask is perfect for carrying wine, vodka, and whiskey while hiking and traveling. Its rounded edges make it easy to hold. The hip flask comes with a corrosion-proof captive screw cap. It can hold 230 ml of liquid.

3. Icy Shots Stainless Steel and Stitched Leather Hip Flask

icy shots

This is made from bead-blasted stainless steel. It is designed to fit comfortably in your hand. This hip flask is easy to take along in bags. Its leak-proof captive screw cap ensures that there’s no spill even while you’re on the move.

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4. Menzy Stainless Steel and Stitched Leather Hip Flask


This Menzy hip flask comes with a funnel set. It is perfect for carrying wine, vodka, and whiskey. This is also made from bead-blasted stainless steel and has a soft-feel leather covering.

5. Store2508 Hip Flask with Funnel


This leak-proof, stainless steel hip flask also comes with a funnel. It has an artificial leather cladding that gives it an elegant look. The hip flask can hold 236 ml of liquid.

Did You Know?

While the history of the hip flask dates back to thousands of years ago – it was once fashioned out of animal skin – it’s often said that the modern-day hip flask came into being with the popularity of the pocket watch. In 18th century England, the idea of being able to carry something in one’s pocket was gaining popularity and that’s when the genteel took to the pocket watch and the labor population leaned towards the hip flask.

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