Best Brands Of Wine Glasses For Your Bar At Home

Best Brands Of Wine Glasses For Your Bar At Home

No wine-drinking experience is complete without the right kind of a glass. From tall flutes to stout goblets, the wine glass market is as varied as you can imagine.

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Experiencing wine is a complex affair. Everything has to be perfect, or at least near perfect. The make of the wine, the grape, the temperature it’s served in, the accompaniments, and most of all, the glass in which it’s served.

There are different kinds of wines that go into different kinds of glasses. Yes you read that right. Be it a full-bodied red or a crisp white or even the delicate rosé, each has its own glass. If you entertain often and enjoy a glass of wine every now and then, a set of these are almost a must in your bar cabinet. Let’s take a look at the various types of wine glasses you can buy online.

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Best Wine Glasses Available Online

1. Ikea Red Wine Glass

These silver-colored wine glasses are designed for red wines, and their elegant minimalist design makes them irresistible. Packed to keep them from breaking, you get a six glasses to a set.

red wine

2. Crystalware Wine Glass

These sleek flute glasses are ideal for sparkling wines and champagne. The design blends modernity with a traditional style, the tall stem ensures you don’t touch the tall and narrow goblet and transfer warmth from your hands onto the glass. These high-quality glasses come in a set of two.


3. Ventous Wine Glass

This pair of perfectly shaped wine glasses is ideal for formal or romantic sit-down dinners. Designed to have a broad base and a narrower mouth, these goblets are good for red and white wines.

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4. Ash and Roh Wine Glass

This set of six stunning wine glasses looks like a bulb, with a tall and narrow stem for better grip. The shape of the glass itself enables the wine to breathe better, releasing its flavors as you sip on it.

ash & roh

5. PrimeWorld Elegant Brandy Wine Glass

This pair of wine goblets with its crystal-like pattern is ideal for wine-tasting sessions or for serving brandy. Small and rounded, these glasses have a broad base and narrow up a little towards the top. The smooth rim ensure easy sipping.


The modern day wine glass was born in Venice, around the year 1400. Before that people drank wines out of what resembled a bowl, without the stem and the base. And while the Venetian glass-makers could not quite fix a flaw in the process that led the glass to disintegrate a lot sooner, it was in the 1600s that the British cracked the secret to making wine glasses stronger.

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  • Sanjit Reply

    Absolutely!!! The glass is most important! Or the drink just doesn’t taste the same ! And I’m so happy to see so many options available now. Before we would have to get them from abroad and pray they didn’t break on the way !

    July 18, 2020 at 9:30 pm

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