Best Brands Of Dry Yeast To Make Your Bakes A Success

Best Brands Of Dry Yeast To Make Your Bakes A Success

Watching your bread transform into a spongy texture is an utterly satisfying feeling. And to make it happen, you need the right kind of dry yeast.

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Whether you are baking bread or pizzas or even dishing out kulchas or breakfast on Sunday mornings, you cannot really do much without dry yeast in your kitchen. Dry yeast, when added to baking ingredients such as warm water, flour, salt etc, releases carbon dioxide which allows the dough to rise or expand, which is what leads to the spongy texture of baked products such as cakes and bread. Of course it’s important to pick the right quality dry yeast to get the best results. Here are some of the best brands of dry yeast you can choose for your various baking experiments.

Some Of The Best Dry Yeast Brands Available Online

1. Desire Baker’s Active Dry Yeast 75 Gram

This is a 75-gm jar of active dry yeast. Used primarily for baking, it can also be used to prepare South Indian dishes that require a light and airy texture, idlis for example. It comes in a sealed plastic jar and make sure to store in a cool and dry place.


2. BAKE KING Instant Dry Yeast Powder

This is a 100-gmspack of dry yeast that can be used to raise pizza dough or naans. It does not require any separate time for rising and can be added directly to the dough while mixing other dry ingredients.

bake kind

3. Urban Platter Baker’s Active Dry Yeast

A gluten-free, 100-gm pack of dry yeast that is suitable to fulfill all your baking needs. It can be used for baking, proofing, making wine, beer and some South Indian preparations. The airtight metal seal prevents any moisture from getting inside. Its fine granules activate instantly during the fermentation process and is a source of proteins, carbohydrates and fiber.

urban platter

4. Pmw Active Dry Yeast

A 100-gm pack of instant dry yeast suitable to make naan, cheese bread, pizza crusts and much more. This is an instant dry yeast which can be added directly to the dough as a leavening agent.

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5. Weissmill Instant Active Dry Yeast 

A 125-gm pack of dry yeast that can be used both with or without re-hydration. Its fine and high-quality granules make for soft, fluffy and tasty bread. It is not meant for direct consumption and should only be used as an ingredient.


Yeast is indeed a magical ingredient but be careful as it can sometimes be tricky to use. Popularly known as rapid-rise, there are many types of yeasts available for everyday bread-baking, so make sure you add the right one to give your bread the perfect puff.

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