Elegant Mangalsutras For Women To Buy Online

Elegant Mangalsutras For Women To Buy Online

You don’t have to wear old-fashioned mangalsutras. Take a look at some of the trendiest designs available online.

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Despite being a piece of traditional jewellery, the mangalsutra does not have to be old-fashioned. Mangalsutra, being the evergreen trend, comes in a lot of patterns and designs. These days, you can also find the customized mangalsutra in the market according to your choice and preferences.

One of the best thing about mangalsutra is that it can be carried with any outfit, be it ethnic or western. With a huge variety of beautiful mangalsutra available in the market, it becomes really hectic to select among the choices. Moreover, hunting for mangalsutra generally becomes an overlooked task. Keeping that in mind, we’ve selected the best products for you which you can easily buy online. You can also find other  stylish and subtle designs on the internet, and change them around as and when you like.

Here’s a list of five really pretty mangalsutras you can wear, and they’re all available online.

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Best Mangalsutras Available Online

1. Zeneme Women Mangalsutra


This is a beautiful set of gold-plated mangalsutra with a pair of earrings. The design and color of this mangalsutra set will go with any Indian outfit. It has a sober yet decent design which you can wear to small functions or parties.

2. Brado Jewellery Mangalsutra


This is a set of three elegant mangalsutras from Brado Jewellery. The total length of each mangalsutra is 18 inch and they are embedded with pearl stones and American diamonds that enhance their beauty.

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3. PARNA Beautiful Maharashtrian Mangalsutra


This is an attractive Maharashtrian-style mangalsutra that comes with matching earrings. The yellow tinge of the metal gives it an ethnic look and the copper alloy in the pendant has a non-allergic plating which makes it safe for all skin types.

4. Radha’s Creations Mangalsutra

radha creation

This is a south Indian-style mangalsutra that has colorful glass beads between the three pendants and looks quite elegant. It has a traditional design with an image of a deity embedded in the middle pendant.

5. Mansiyaorange Mangalsutra

Mansiyaorange Traditional Black Beads Mangalsutra

It is a traditional mangalsutra that consists of beautiful pendant and a 11 inches long chain. It has a light weight design which makes it ideal to be carried on a regular basis. It consists of 1 gm gold plating that gives it a proper yellow metal appearance. The pendant consists of multicolor meena work. Also, the chain has the black beads which gives it an authentic mangalsutra look.

It’s said that the mangalsutra dates back to the sixth century AD, and before it was called so, it was just a single yellow thread that went around the girl’s hand in order to keep any ‘evil eye’ away.

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