Pro Nature 100% Organic Atta Vermicelli Review - Mishry

Pro Nature 100% Organic Atta Vermicelli Review – Mishry

Pro Nature Organic Atta Vermicelli retains its signature bite after cooking. More on this product in the review.

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4 / 5
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Pro Nature 100% Organic Atta Vermicelli is made with the goodness of whole wheat. It is easy to cook and absorbs the flavors well. We loved the nutty and distinct earthy flavor of this vermicelli.

Vermicelli, quite commonly seen in Indian households, is a light yet wholesome breakfast option. Be it a sweet dish like seviyan or a savory dish like upma, vermicelli is a versatile ingredient.

Depending upon the country of origin, these are either made using flour, rice or semolina. Pro Nature Organic offers vermicelli made using atta as the hero ingredient. Curious to know how the taste and texture will turn out, we decided to get our hands on the product. We prepared a basic sweet dish using this vermicelli.

More details on the texture, cooking abilities and the taste are covered in our Pro Nature 100% Organic Atta Vermicelli review.

Here is a table highlighting a few product details about Pro Nature 100% Organic Atta Vermicelli : 

Pro Nature 100% Organic Atta Vermicelli Product Details 
Price  INR 40
Net Quantity  180 gm
Main Ingredient Whole wheat atta
Mishry Rating  4
Shelf Life  6 months

Our Review Factors

What were we looking for? We were looking for a vermicelli with a non-sticky texture and a substantial bite. It shouldn’t become sticky/gloopy after cooking.

To examine the overall taste and texture of Pro Nature 100% Organic Atta Vermicelli, we have taken into account the following review parameters :  

1. Taste

Vermicelli is made using hard wheat semolina, refined wheat flour, or rice, depending upon the country of origin. Pro Nature offers 100% organic vermicelli made of whole wheat atta. In terms of the taste, we wanted to check how different the taste of this vermicelli is from the regular semolina ones. Is it nutty and earthy in flavor? How well does it absorb the flavors? 

2. Texture

Here we check what texture the vermicelli holds post-cooking. How do the strands appear post-cooking? Well separated, khila khila or sticky? Is the signature bite present? Or does the texture become too gloopy? 

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3. Cooking Ability

Here we gauge how easy it is to cook these. Do they take a lot of time? Or do they cook quickly? How well do they absorb the flavor? 

4. Other Parameters


You will come across two types of vermicelli – roasted and unroasted. While the latter has a pale color, the former tends to be slightly darker. What is the strand size of this vermicelli? Are the strands thick or thin? How different is the color of this vermicelli from regular flour or rice vermicelli? 


The brand claims that the product is 100% organic. How well does the brand back its claim? What is the main ingredient used here? Any preservatives or artificial colors added? 


Is the pack resealable? How easy is it to store this vermicelli?

We tried both roasted and unroasted vermicelli from Bambino. Here is our verdict on the product.

Pro Nature 100% Organic Atta Vermicelli – Detailed Review

Product Inspection: Pro Nature, incorporated in 2006, is a women-led organization. The brand claims that this atta vermicelli is 100% organic. It has been certified by Jaivik Bharat, USDA Organic, IMO Control NPOP/NAP/003, India Organic. Additionally, it is certified organic by IMO Control Pvt Ltd. In case if you do not like the product, the brand guarantees a replacement.

pro nature 100% organic vermicelli packaging
Pro Nature 100% Organic Atta Vermicelli comes in a plastic pouch pack.

Pro Nature 100% Organic Atta Vermicelli comes in a plastic transparent pouch pack. The price of a 180 gm pack is Rs. 40/-. Visually, this vermicelli has a brownish color. They are not pre-roasted.

first look at pro nature 100% organic atta vermicelli
This atta vermicelli from Pro Nature is brownish in color.

Method Of Preparation: Vermicelli is a popular ingredient used in multiple ways in Indian kitchens. Some of the common dishes where vermicelli is the star ingredient are – upma, pulao, seviyan, and kheer. We cooked a sweet dish (kheer) using this atta vermicelli. Our steps are as follows : 

  • Firstly, we roasted about 50 gm of vermicelli in a tablespoon of ghee. In about 2 minutes, the vermicelli had acquired a beautiful golden brown color. On the other side, we boiled about 1 liter of toned milk. 
  • Next, we mixed the vermicelli with the boiling milk and let it cook for another 5 minutes.
  • Once they appeared to be cooked, we added 2 tbsp of sugar. We then cook for another 2 to 3 minutes to let the sugar dissolve. 
  • Lastly, for additional flavor, we added a dash of cardamom powder. 

Our Experience: Taste-wise, it has a nutty and distinct earthy flavor. The vermicelli absorbs all the flavors well. 

In terms of the texture, the vermicelli retains its signature bite. The strands do not turn squidgy or sticky. These are thin strands. Once the kheer was kept aside, the vermicelli did not keep absorbing the milk. It was evident looking at the consistency of the milk. Thumbs up for this! It retains its shape and does not get soggy over time. Quite impressive!

the kheer made using pro nature 100% organic atta vermicelli
The delicious looking kheer prepared using Pro Nature 100% Organic Atta Vermicelli.
Taste - 4/5
Texture - 4/5
Appearance - 4/5
Ingredients - 4/5
Packaging - 3.5/5
  • The vermicelli has a signature bite. 
  • It retains its shape well post-cooking. It does not get soggy over time. 
  • The vermicelli does not become sticky or gloopy. 
  • It absorbs the flavors perfectly. 
  • It is a non-GMO product.
  • There are no cooking instructions mentioned on the pack.

Finding the best atta vermicelli? We recommend you give Pro Nature 100% Organic Atta Vermicelli a try!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Pro Nature 100% Organic Atta Vermicelli

No. It does not contain maida. The main ingredient used in this vermicelli is whole wheat atta

No. Pro Nature 100% Organic Atta Vermicelli is free from preservatives.

Yes. You can prepare delicious breakfast options such as upma, pulao, or kheer using this atta vermicelli.

After opening, store the vermicelli in an air-tight container to keep it away from any moisture content.

No. There are no additional sweeteners used in Pro Nature 100% Organic Atta Vermicelli.

To Conclude

You’ll find lots of semolina and rice based vermicelli in India, but an atta one is something new.

In conclusion, Pro Nature’s Organic Atta Vermicelli needs some amount of roasting before you cook any sweet or savory dish. This is easy to cook, does not become gloopy and retains its signature bite post-cooking. 

Will you give Pro Nature 100% Organic Atta Vermicelli a try? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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