Prasuma Original Pork Momos Review
Prasuma Original Pork Momos Review

Prasuma Original Pork Momos Review

Delicious, tender and juicy meat encased in a thin wrapper is what defines momos for us. Do the Prasuma Original Pork Momos check all the boxes? Read our review to know more.

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Momos! Juicy, plump momos dunked in a spicy red chutney. They aren’t just street food. For most of us, momos are an emotion. Right? Momos can be steamed, fried, or pan-fried also.

During the lockdown, we all are clearly missing some popular street foods, one of them being momos. Most of us have already tried making them at home with our low momo-making skills. Some came out looking professional, while some resembled a gujia! Our excitement knew no bounds when we got our hands on a pack of frozen momos by Prasuma. We tried and tasted Prasuma Original Pork Momos and here is what we thought about it.

What You Need To Know About Prasuma Original Pork Momos

*As per information on the pack

  • It contains no preservatives.
  • 100 grams of these pork momos provide us with approximately 224 Kcal of energy.
  • The momos are completely cooked, they just need to be heated.
  • Prasuma Original Pork Momos can be heated in the microwave, steamed, pan-fried or deep-fried.

Prasuma Original Pork Momos

Team Mishry gives the Prasuma Original Pork Momos a big thumbs up for its thin wrappers and flavorful meat.

Price – Rs 395/-

Pieces per pack – 24 momos

*Price at the time of review

#FirstImpression Of Prasuma Original Pork Momos

Price and packaging – The Prasuma Original Pork Momos come in two sizes – 24 pieces (party pack) and a 10 piece pack. We got a pack of 24 pieces. There is something fresh and enticing about the packaging. The design feels premium and something you want to try out.

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Upon opening the pack – There are 24 frozen mid-sized pieces of momos. These are ready-to-eat and can be heated in a microwave, steamer, or a pan.

Cooking the momos – We chose to heat our momos in the steamer. In the beginning, the momos are stiff and frozen like they should be. As they begin to heat up, they become soft very quickly. We steamed batches of 6-7 momos in one go. Once the water was at boiling point and emitting steam at a high rate, every batch didn’t take more than 5-7 minutes to cook.

Prasuma Original Pork Momos heating in the steamer.

The wrapper – As promised on the pack, the wrapping is really thin. Typically, the wrapper on momos (even the ones you get at local stalls and restaurants) may feel thick, and dough-ey around the edges. Thankfully, that is not the case here. The casing is thin and light consistently, and the steaming makes it even softer.

The filling – Now let’s focus on the filling. Ours was a packet of Pork momos and we have just one word for it – DELICIOUS! The filling had a mild smokey flavor. The meat was soft and tasteful. There are small bits of onions, which add a bit of crunch and amp up the texture of the momos. We also loved the fact that the filling is not over-salted like you sometimes come across. Overall, the flavor of the filling is very well balanced.

The sauce – The pack of 24 pieces of momos had two sachets of the dipping sauce. The consistency and taste of the sauce was more on the lines of a ketchup than a spicy-chilli chutney. The taste was a little sweet and tomatoey.

In conclusion, Prasuma Original Pork Momos are juicy, and that is VERY hard to find in the packed frozen variety. Often, the exterior feels chewy and the filling is extremely dry.

Honestly, the steamed momos did not feel like they came out of a packet. These could well have been momos that are served in a quality restaurant.

Delicious and juicy, we highly recommend these Prasuma Original Pork Momos.

A big thumbs up from Mishry for this one.

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