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Popular Stadium Foods Around The World: Cricket World Cup

Explore the world of delicious food offerings at Cricket World Cup Stadiums here.

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The rush of watching a game live is unmatched and those who have watched it would agree with us.

And yes, the prime focus is on the match but what makes it even better is the food at the stadium. You cannot really enjoy the game without some tasty food by your side. From basic snacks to a host of other culinary delights, stadium menus have evolved over time. Cricket stadium food is country-specific and unique to each country.

Each dish reflects the cultural diversity and preferences of the country. Here’s a glimpse at the different country-specific delicacies available at Cricket stadiums:

Cricket World Cup Stadiums: A Culinary Odyssey

1. India: The Evergreen Biryani & Samosas 

This is a staple dish offered at Indian stadiums during cricket matches. Fragrant and aromatic rice mixed with meat such as chicken, mutton & vegetables and seasoned using aromatic spices. 

You will also get to explore a variety of street food options including samosas, bhel, kathi, patties and other dry snacks.

India The Evergreen Biryani & Chaat

2. England: Crisp Fish & Chips 

When it comes to food, England has a combination of traditional comfort meals and exotic delicacies. Fish and chips are a stadium staple. It is an iconic British dish of deep-fried white fish (usually cod or haddock) served alongside some thick-cut potato fries (referred as chips).

This dish is generally accompanied by malt vinegar and tartar sauce. In addition, several stadiums serve afternoon tea, gourmet burgers, and desserts.

England Crisp Fish & Chips

3. South Africa: Boerewors & Gatsby Sandwiches 

South Africa’s stadium cuisine offers a variety of culinary delicacies. Cricket stadiums are filled with Boerewors Rolls and Gatsby sandwiches. 

What are they made of? Boerewors is a popular South African sausage prepared from a variety of meats including pork and beef. It is then grilled before being wrapped in bread. Gatsby sandwiches are huge and are filled with meats, fries, and sauces.

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South Africa Boerewors & Gatsby Sandwiches

4. West Indies: Curry & Roti 

The West Indies cricket stadium meal is a culinary extravaganza. Here you will find a variety of tasty Caribbean cuisine. 

What does the menu offer? Jerk chicken, roti, doubles, callaloo soup, patties, Caribbean sweets, rice and peas. These are a few popular dishes offered at Cricket stadiums.

West indies Curry & Roti

5. Australia: Pies 

The variety of food options available at Australia’s cricket stadium is noteworthy, ranging from meat pies to hot dogs to burgers. These are some of the mouthwatering dishes enjoyed by cricket enthusiasts at Australia’s cricket stadium. 

Craft beer, drinks, chicken wings, and sausage sizzles are also available at several stadiums.

Australia Pies

6. UAE: Tandoori Delights

The food at UAE cricket stadiums combines worldwide flavors with a Middle Eastern twist. The stadium food is a feast for cricket fans, with a range of tasty dishes such as shawarma, kebabs, falafels, manakish, samosas, Arabic desserts, fresh fruits, and drinks. 

UAE Tandoori Delights


This was a short list of the various country-specific cuisines available at Cricket venues. You can enjoy these delicacies while rooting for your favorite team to win. The diverse variety of offerings available at various stadiums is guaranteed to add excitement to the whole match-watching experience.

Have you watched a game live at a stadium? If yes, which foods did you buy and enjoy?

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