Pigeon Tri-Ply Fry Pan: #FirstImpressions

Pigeon Tri-Ply Fry Pan: #FirstImpressions

Let’s take a look at Pigeon’s Triple-coated stainless steel frying pan, which also claims to be more effective and efficient at cooking.

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Stainless steel has currently become a great alternative material for everyone’s kitchen needs. Thanks to its rust-resistant nature and good heat conduction, it has made cooking a rather efficient task. But, how well exactly did the major brands adapt to this change? In order to check that out, we decided to test the stainless steel fry-pan from pigeon, which is without a doubt in of the major players in the market.

Thing To Note About This Frying Pan

  1. It is made up of high-quality stainless steel.
  2. It has a flat bottom for an even heat distribution.
  3. Has a cool touch Bakelite handle that’ll prevent you from getting burnt.
  4. It does not damage the nutrient quality of the food.
  5. It is dishwasher safe.
  6. It is induction and gas stove compatible.

How To Use For The Best Results

  1. Use minimum oil for cooking.
  2. Must be cleaned with a dish-soap and hot water before being used.
  3. Do not leave the flame on when the pan is empty.

Pigeon Tri-Ply Frypan, 20 cm

A triple coated stainless steel fry-pan for more effective cooking.

#FirstImpressions Of Pigeon’s Tri-Ply Fry Pan

The Pigeon Tri-Ply Frying pan comes with a heat resistant bakelite handle that keeps your hands safe. It is made of high-quality stainless steel and could be used on gas stoves and induction cooktops. It is easy to use and clean.

This pan requires very little oil while cooking. It is strong, sturdy and rust-proof. It also is dishwasher safe. It helps keep the nutrients in the food. It has a diameter of 20 cm and has a flat bottom for even heat distribution.

The Pigeon Tri-Ply frying pan is one of the top 5 frying pans chosen in the Mishry test kitchen. Pans were tested on the basis of comfort, safety, and effectiveness over a course of 5 weeks to get the top 5 frying pans under Rs.2000.

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