Pigeon By Stovekraft New Handy Mini Plastic Chopper: Pricing, Features, And Usability

Pigeon By Stovekraft New Handy Mini Plastic Chopper: Pricing, Features, And Usability

Read on our review on Pigeon by Stovekraft new Handy Mini Plastic Chopper. Know everything about its pricing, features, and usability.

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Pigeon by Stovekraft offers a range of products that include kitchen utilities like a pressure cooker, nobs, chimney, choppers, mixers and grinders among others. The vegetable chopper comes with three sharp triangular blades making your chopping task easier.

Features Of Pigeon By Stovekraft New Handy Mini Plastic Chopper

  • Chopper with sharpest triple rectangle blade.
  • Has anti-slip silicone support in base.
  • Has a one-year warranty
  • Control the size by just controlling the number of pulls
  • The material used is ABS plastic
  • Has a locking system

Use To Chop:

It can chop all types of fruits and vegetables as per the official website.

Usability – Mishry Secret Sauce

Pigeon chopper has a sturdy blade system, which makes it a hassle-free and safe product. We chopped onions to test Pigeon mini chopper’s usability and after 10 pulls these were the results.

  • There was no effort pulling the string, very smooth
  • It wasn’t noisy while pulling the string
  • Didn’t chop as uniformly
  • Easy to use

Pigeon By Stovekraft Customer Care Details:

Email ID: customercare@stovekraft.com

Phone Number: 18004256666

*Please note that all the information shared here is based on our review and/or has been extracted from the product packaging.

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