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patanjali lite dahi review

Patanjali Lite Dahi Review – Made With Skimmed Milk

Patanjali Lite Dahi is made using skimmed milk and has lower calories than a regular toned milk dahi. But does that mean it’s not creamy and tasty?

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Mishry Rating

4 / 5
4 / 5
Nutri Label
4 / 5


Patanjali Lite Dahi is made using skimmed cow milk and is true to its ‘lite’ tag. For those watching their calorie intake, this dahi is low-fat and has substantially lower calories when compared to a toned milk dahi. We liked the homestyle consistency and fresh taste of the curd.

Dahi is not limited to something we set only at home anymore. People who do not have the time or skill to set curd at home daily often opt for the packaged ones. 

Based on the consistency of curd you want, it is available in pouches (which is a bit more homestyle) and in cups (which is well-set and is thicker). You can also choose packaged dahi based on the type of milk it is made with. While most dahis are made using whole milk or toned milk, there is a large audience for low-fat or lite dahi which is made using skimmed milk.

One such brand that has a ‘lite’ dahi is Patanjali. Our Patanjali Lite Dahi review is based on factors like taste, consistency, texture and ingredient list.

All the details you need to know about Patanjali’s Lite Dahi – 

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Parameters Product Information
Price Rs 10/-
Net Weight  200 gm
Main ingredients Pasteurized skimmed milk, Milk solids, Active lactic culture

(Per 100 gm)

38 Kcal
Mishry rating 4

Our Review Factors

What are we looking for? Apart from freshness and homestyle consistency, we were looking for a truly ‘lite’ dahi. As this is made using skimmed milk, the calories and fat percentage should be substantially lesser in comparison to a regular dahi pouch.

Here are the factors we checked Patanjali Lite Dahi for – 

1. Taste

The naturally sweet-slightly sour taste of homestyle curd is what we were looking for. The curd should not be extremely sour or unnaturally sweet. 

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We would like to point out that the taste and texture of curd is dependent on the strain of bacteria present in milk and the container it is fermented in. Other factors like temperature of milk, weather conditions and fermentation-time all contribute to this. 

2. Texture 

Considering this is a ‘lite’ dahi made using skimmed milk, we weren’t looking for extreme creaminess like we do from regular dahi cups or pouches. That said, it should have a fairly creamy consistency.

Small lumps usually found in homemade curd are not undesirable, and neither will they be counted as a negative attribute here.

3. Ingredients And Nutritional Information 

The type of milk used, presence of any additives, preservatives or sweeteners was checked. 

Calories, calcium, protein and fat content were scrutinised. Is this truly ‘lite’? How are the calories different from a regular dahi pouch?

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4. Aroma

A fresh smelling curd with a mild sour aroma – does this curd have that? 

5. Other Factors 


Thick pouch packing or flimsy?


Is the dahi priced competitively? 


We checked for separation of whey and the color of dahi.

Shelf life

Is shelf life/use by date mentioned on the pack?

Patanjali Lite Dahi – Detailed Review

Price and packaging – Patanjali’s Lite Dahi comes in a pouch. A 200 ml pack is priced at Rs 10/-. The use by date is clearly mentioned in the pack.

packaging of patanjalai lite dahi
Packaging of Patanjali's Lite Dahi.

Ingredients – The ingredient list mentions the use of pasteurized skimmed milk, milk solids and active lactic culture. No colors, flavors or additives in the dahi. The pouch says it is made using cow milk.

Nutri label – A toned milk dahi, on average, provides 60-70 calories per 100 gms and just a little over 3 gms of fat. Patanjali’s Lite Dahi provides 38 calories and 0.5 gms of fat making it fit for those who are watching their calorie intake. This has no cholesterol and provides 140 mg of calcium. 

As per FSSAI, skimmed milk should have not more than 0.5% of milk fat and this falls within the prescribed standards.

patanjali dahi consistency
Patanjali's Dahi has a homestyle consistency and fresh taste.

Aroma – The dahi has a fresh, natural sour aroma.

Consistency and texture – The consistency of this dahi is very homestyle. It has small lumps, no big clots. The curd is thick yet flowy. There is no separation of whey. Even though this is made using skimmed milk, the creaminess is not low. 

Taste – Just like your homemade curd, this is very fresh tasting and has a subtle natural sweetness and sourness.

Taste - 4/5
Texture + Consistency - 4/5
Ingredients + Nutri Label - 4/5
  • Fresh taste and aroma.
  • Balanced sweet-sour taste. 
  • Homestyle consistency – thick yet flowy.
  • This has a creamy mouthfeel. 
  • The ‘lite’ tag is justified as this is comparatively low in calories and fat content. 
  • No cholesterol.

Need a fairly creamy, fresh tasting curd with comparatively lower calories? Patanjali Lite Dahi delivers on all of these aspects. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Patanjali Lite Dahi.

In most cases, yes! The enzymes in yogurt are different from that in milk. The lactase enzyme in curd is easier to digest. Infact, it can help the intestines to digest lactose better.

No. There are no added preservatives in this dahi.

If the combination of dahi-cheeni is something you like, you can consume the Patanjali Dahi with sugar.

Dahi is often used in face and hair masks as it packs in a lot of benefits including hair fall reduction, conditioning of hair, treating sunburns and lightening dark circles. For more curd benefits read on.

As per the pack, Patanjali Lite Dahi uses skimmed milk sourced from cows.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, Patanjali Lite Dahi is made using skimmed milk and is lower in calories and fat content. This makes it perfect for those who are counting calories. It is fresh and has a natural, sweet-sour taste. The consistency and texture are very homestyle. 

Which dahi brand do you use for your everyday consumption?

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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