Your Search For Premium Vegan Protein Supplements Ends Here
nutrabay wellness plant protein review

Your Search For Premium Vegan Protein Supplements Ends Here

Not one or two, but six reasons why incorporating Nutrabay Wellness Plant Protein to your diet could be a healthy switch.

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The building block of the human body- protein is a crucial macronutrient that unfortunately Indians are deficient in.

Here’s where supplements come into play and save the day. Team Mishry recently reviewed two variants of Nutrabay Wellness Plant Protein and liked them for multiple reasons. This post discusses the top six reasons you’d benefit from adding this supplement to your diet.

The key difference between whey protein and pea protein is that the former is an animal-derived source of protein, whereas pea is plant-based, as the name suggests.

Pea protein, a commendable source of iron, is derived by mechanically processing yellow peas, soaking them in saline, further processing the remains at high temperatures which results in pea protein isolate.

Isolate is nothing but protein in the form of powder, with little to no fat and carbohydrate content. 

Reasons Why Adding Nutrabay Wellness Plant Protein To Your Diet Could Be Beneficial

1. Protein / serve

Both variants- Gourmet Chocolate and Rich Chocolate offer 24 grams of high-quality pea protein isolate in each serving. The protein content falls well within the range a serving should offer.

nutrabay wellness plant protein variants
These are the two variants we reviewed.

2. Ingredients

In addition to pea protein isolate being the first ingredient, these plant-based supplements are prepared using other nutrient-dense ingredients like malt, cocoa, flaxseeds, moringa, spirulina, and brown rice. Moreover, they are sweetened using low/zero-calorie sweeteners that further reduces the carbohydrate content. 

The key difference between the ingredients of both variants is Gourmet Chocolate is sweetened with stevia whereas Rich Chocolate uses sucralose.

nutrabay gourment chocolate appearance
The scoop was inside the jar.

3. Mixability

Following the instructions on the pack, we added 220-250 ml of water with one heaping scoop of the protein powder. Using our Orpat hand blender, we blitzed the contents and within 30 seconds an even consistency protein shake was ready. 

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There were no lumps formed nor was there any residue settling at the bottom. 

4. Consistency

These shakes had a grainy mouthfeel. It was desirable and lent a feeling of satiety. Though it does not coat the palate, the shakes did leave a prominent layer on the surface of the glass we poured it in. 

Gourmet Chocolate left a more prominent coat as compared to Rich Chocolate.

nutrabay rich chocolate consistency
This was slightly thinner than Gourmet Chocolate.

5. Price

A 500-gram tub/container of Gourmet Chocolate is priced at Rs 1499 whereas Rich Chocolate is priced at Rs 1299/-.

This means one 34-gram scoop would fall in the range of Rs 92-107/-

6. Taste

Since these are health supplements, unlike other products, the taste was not the primary parameter.

That said, Gourmet Chocolate had a fairly decent chocolate flavor with very low sweetness. Rich Chocolate, on the other hand, had a mild milk chocolate-like flavor and sweetness. 

That’s all folks! The above-mentioned are a few of the reasons why we recommend our readers to try Nutrabay Wellness Plant Proteins. This is because having a protein-rich diet is crucial, not just for muscle building, but also for improved immunity, faster metabolism, weight management, and regulated appetite. 

* This article is in collaboration with the brand. However, our process of evaluating any product remains independent. 
* Our reviews are unbiased, and we pay for the samples ourselves. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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