NOTO x Sleepy Owl Chocolate Coffee Fudgesicle Review - Mishry
noto x sleepy owl chocolate coffee fudgesicle review

NOTO x Sleepy Owl Chocolate Coffee Fudgesicle Review – Mishry

We’re all about NOTO x Sleepy Owl chocolate coffee fudgesicle this summer. Read our review for more.

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NOTO x Sleepy Owl Chocolate Coffee fudgesicle was nothing short of WOW. We can’t get enough of this delicious chocolate coffee combination. The fact that it is low in calories in comparison to a regular chocolate-coated ice cream stick, is a plus for all those counting them.

Affogato, the classic coffee and ice cream combination, has been revamped this summer. Two remarkable players in the F&B space, Sleepy Owl and NOTO, have joined hands, and here’s more on their ‘cool’ collaboration.

Creamy, caffeinated, and chocolatey – the brands have launched a limited edition ‘fudgesicle’, where NOTO’s low-calorie ice cream is paired with Sleepy Owl’s instant coffee. This is touted to be low in calories, and devoid of added sugars, flavors, colors, or preservatives. Our NOTO x Sleepy Owl chocolate coffee fudgesicle review reveals whether or not this is something you should try and are the calorie claims true? 

What are the caloric values per serving? Does this ‘fudgesicle’ retain the signature premium taste of coffee?

Here’s all you need to know about NOTO x Sleepy Owl Fudgesicle.

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NOTO x Sleepy Owl Chocolate Coffee Fudgesicle Product Details
Price Rs 105/-
Net Quantity 70 g
Calories (per 70 g bar) 98 Kcal
Mishry Rating (out of 5) 4.5

Our Review Factors

When reviewing NOTO x Sleepy Owl Chocolate Coffee Fudgesicle, we set out to find the following- The sweetener used, the taste, texture, and economic value were the key parameters of our review.

1. Flavor

Does this have a smooth, intense flavor of coffee and decadence of chocolate? How do these taste?  

Low-calorie desserts, sweetened with alcohol-based/artificial sweeteners have that undesirable, industrial aftertaste. What was the aftertaste like?

2. Texture

Does this deliver on the ‘creamy’ claim? Was the fudgesicle soft, smooth and creamy, or was it dense and grainy? Is the chocolate coating crisp and does it snap when bit into?

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3. Nutrition Quotient


Does the brand use milk or milk derivatives? Has the type and fat content been specified? What is used to sweeten this dessert? What is the primary source of fat – dairy or vegetables based? Is this truly free of preservatives, added flavors, and colors?


Usually, ice creams are rich in carbohydrates and fats. Is the case the same or has the macronutrient distribution changed?

4. Other Parameters


Leak-proof? Premium-looking? Are the labels easy to read?


How did the fudgesicle look when it reached us? Was it the same as depicted on the box?

Shelf Life

It has a shelf life of 12 months.


One fudgesicle (70 ml) is priced at Rs 105/-.

Stop looking- we found the tastiest chocobar!

NOTO x Sleepy Owl Chocolate Coffee Fudgesicle – Detailed Review

Availability– NOTO x Sleepy Owl Fudgesicles are available in Mumbai, Bangalore, and Delhi-NCR as of now. You can order from their website or portals like Swiggy/Zomato.

Packaging –We ordered 6 fudgesicles via Zomato. The cartons were placed between gel packs to retain the temperature and prevent melting. Inside the carton, a transparent plastic wrapper held the fudgesicle. This is a much-needed practice in the summer months; when ordering in ice-creams is always prone to transit meltdowns! 

The main ingredients used in this ice cream are milk and milk solids, fructooligosaccharide, maltitol, erythritol, polydextrose, permitted emulsifier and stabilizer, salt, and stevia. The chocolate compound is made of chocolate and edible vegetable oil (coconut oil).

A 70-gram fudgesicle provides 98 Kcal which is significantly lower than other 60-70-gram chocolate ice creams. Moreover, ice-creams/frozen desserts use vegetable oils as the source of fat. That’s not the case here. 

Fructooligosaccharide, maltitol, erythritol, and polydextrose are all low-calorie sweeteners. While the first three are found in fruits and vegetables, polydextrose is prepared in laboratories. Sugar-free sweeteners contain polyols that may have laxative effects. Typically, these sweeteners are anywhere between 30-90% as sweet as table sugar.

As per FSSAI, a brand cannot write ‘No added sugar’ if it contains refined sugar and its various forms like glucose syrup, fructose, molasses. A brand can also make a zero added sugar claim if it only contains naturally occurring sugars (In this case the pack must mention ‘Naturally Occurring Sugars’). So what happens if a brand contains artificial sweeteners? Is it still counted as ‘No added sugar’? Yes! As per India’s food safety standard requirement ‘added sugar’ means monosaccharides and disaccharides added to foods and beverages. Artificial sweeteners do not fall under this. So NOTO’s claim of ‘No added sugar’ stands true.

A commendable aspect is the source of fat used. The brands use coconut oil, which is healthier than refined oils. 

Appearance and aroma- The fudgesicle looks aesthetic. It is exactly as shown on the carton. Horizontally divided, half the bar has a chocolate coating and the other half is coffee-colored. This emitted a desirable mocha aroma. 

Texture- As the name suggests, this dessert has a fudgy bite. The chocolate coating adds a textural variation as it has a nice crunch. The ice cream does not feel icy. 

Taste- Delicious. NOTO x Sleepy Owl fudgesicle hits all the right spots, taste-wise. The signature smooth coffee notes that Sleepy Owl is renowned for were present in the fudgesicle. Moreover, the coffee flavor was strong, but thankfully, not to the point where it makes the dessert taste bitter. Along with chocolate, this makes for a delicious dessert.

Flavor- 5/5
Texture- 5/5
Nutrition Quotient- 4/5
Ingredients- 4/5
noto x sleepy owl chocolate coffee fudgesicle packaging
Gel pack, carton, and a plastic wrapper- the fudgesicles were packed securely and neatly.
noto x sleepy owl chocolate coffee fudgesicle appearance
It had a desirable mocha aroma.
  • Thumbs up on the premium-quality packaging.
  • The list of ingredients is quite good. 
  • As per FSSAI’s requirement, this stands true to its ‘No added sugar’ claim.
  • The fudgesicles look aesthetic.
  • The fudgy texture is commendable.
  • The thin chocolate coating adds a crisp bite.
  • Exceptional taste! 
  • Full marks on innovation. 
  • It is a calorie-friendly dessert.

The ingredient list could have used a bit more detail, i.e, the type of chocolate used. Moreover, the ingredient list does not mention the use of Sleepy Owl coffee.

Love coffee? Can’t get enough chocolate? Need desserts but also adhere to your calorie budget? NOTO x Sleepy Owl Chocolate Coffee Fudgesicle is something you need to try.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on NOTO x Sleepy Owl Chocolate Coffee Fudgesicle.

This is relatively healthier than other chocolate ice creams as it is lower in calories and fat. A  milk-based coffee-flavored ice cream (72 ml) provides 170 calories approximately, while NOTO provides 98 calories. A chocolate coated vanilla flavored ice cream bar (60 ml) has approximately 130-150 calories. 

This fudgesicle has a 12-month shelf life.

Overconsumption of sugary foods and poor oral hygiene would lead to tooth decay. We recommend practicing moderation.

The chocolate coating is made with chocolate and coconut oil. The brand does not specify the type of chocolate used.

Final Verdict

NOTO X Sleepy Owl collaboration is truly one to be celebrated. It’s delicious, stands true to all its claims, and is refreshing cooling option for the summer months.

In my kitchen, this is definitely getting regular freezer space. What about you?

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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