Nongshim Soon Noodle Soup (Veggie) Review

Nongshim Soon Noodle Soup (Veggie) Review

Nongshim’s Soon Noodle Soup (Veggie) is a meal that delivers on Korean flavors and provides homestyle comfort.

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The instant noodle soup is quick and easy to make. It has a very delicate flavor and we loved the mild, subtle seasoning. Consistency wise, the soup is very homestyle. The texture of the noodles is spot on. They are not squidgy and have a distinct bite. However, this is an expensive instant noodle soup meal in comparison to the ones readily available in the Indian market.

The moment someone says ‘Korean food’, we think of spicy kimchi and soupy noodle meals that are high on chilli quotient. Nongshim is a food and beverage company that has been making Korean food accessible to the world with their packaged instant meals like Kimchi Flavored Noodles, Super Spicy Ramyun (Ramen) and Noodle Soups. We got our hands on the Nongshim Soon Noodle Soup (Veggie) and tasted it to see if it satisfies our Korean food cravings. Is the soup tasty? And is it worth shelling out close to a hundred rupees for an on-the-go meal? Read our quick review to know more.

Quick Review

Delicately flavored soup and noodles that cook well. Nongshim Soon Noodle Soup (Veggie) is warming.

MRP – Rs 99/-*

Net weight – 67 grams

*Price at the time of review

*As per information on the pack

  • Made in Korea.
  • Do not microwave.
  • Provides 434 Kcal of energy per 100 grams.
  • Total soy sauce in the product is 0.29%.
  • Allergen information – Contains wheat and soy. Produced in a facility that also processes products that contain egg, peanuts, milk, tree nuts and sesame.

Noodles: Refined wheat flour, potato starch, palm oil, salt, mineral salts, green tea extract, color (INS101).

Soup powder: Seasoning, maltodextrin, onion, yeast extract, sugar, soy sauce, salt, vegetable oil (palm, rapeseed, rice bran sesame seed, sunflower seed, mustard, soy, corn, celery seed), salt, spices (maltodextrin, garlic, chilli powder, onion, black pepper, salt), sugar, flavor enhancers, shitake mushroom.

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Flakes: Dried green choy (54.5%), dried cabbage (27.3%), dried carrot.

Quick Review Of The Nongshim Soon Noodle Soup (Veggie) – Cup Noodle Soup

Price and packaging – The Nongshim Soon Noodle Soup (Veggie) comes in a light green cup. A 67 gram cup is priced at Rs 99/-. There is no disposable cutlery inside the pack. Apart from the noodles and dehydrated vegetables, the soup powder is packed in a separate sachet.

Nongshim Soon Noodle Soup (Veggie) Packaging

Upon opening the pack – When we opened the pack, we could see a lot of dried vegetables like Chinese cabbage, green choy and carrots. The noodles did not have any other ‘masala’ or powder on top. The soup powder is packed in a sachet separately. We got a distinct pungent cabbage and shitake mushroom aroma that is synonymous with Korean food.

Contents of the pack

How we made it – We made the noodle soup according to the instructions given on the pack. We sprinkled the soup powder on top of the noodles and dried veggies. After adding hot water till the marked water line, we mixed it with a spoon and closed the lid.

After cooking – Once we opened the lid, we noticed that the broth to noodle ratio was appropriate. The broth tastes and looks very delicate. The consistency of the soup is very thin, yet it coats the noodles very well. The vegetables and noodles rehydrate well and maintain a bite. The noodles do not become squidgy and sticky at all. The noodles are thinner and flatter in comparison to the usual desi instant noodle soups we get in India.

Nongshim Soon Veggie Noodle Soup Review

Taste test – Soupy noodles are a popular Korean meal. The seasoning and flavor of the ‘broth’ or soup can make or break the entire meal. The Nongshim Soon Veggie Noodle Soup has a flavorful broth that is mildly seasoned. The delicious umami savouriness is very much present that comes from a mild mustard punch and the butteriness of mushrooms. 

Our bowl of soupy noodles had a mild, subtle flavor. The Nongshim Soon Noodle Soup (Veggie) is a good vegetarian variation for people who like instant noodle soup/ ready-to-eat meal packed with Korean flavors.

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