Nissin Super Hot Chilli Cup Noodles Review - Mishry (2023)
nissin super hot chilli cup noodles review

Nissin Super Hot Chilli Cup Noodles Is a Treat For Spice Lovers! (2024)

Nissin Super Hot Chilli Cup Noodles are super spicy and flavorful. More details on the product below.

Mishry Rating

4 / 5
4 / 5


Nissin's Super Hot Chilli Cup Noodles are spicy in its truest sense. Team Mishry recommends giving it a try!

Cup noodles are not challenging to prepare and are the best meal option to indulge if you need something quick and comforting after a long day at work. All they require is boiling water, and you are good to go! 

Nissin expanded its cup noodle lineup with yet another exciting flavor. It boasts that these noodles deliver three times the spiciness in just three minutes. How spicy are these and how is the overall flavor profile? Let’s find out the result in our Nissin Super Hot Chilli Cup Noodles review.

Nissin Super Hot Chilli Cup Noodles secures a spot on Mishry’s Best Products of 2023 List.

Cup Noodles Nissin Spicy

All that you need to know about these cup noodles : 

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Nissin Super Hot Chilli Cup Noodles  Product Details 
Price  INR 50
Net Quantity  70 gm
Calories (per 100 gm) 444.49 kcal
Shelf life  9 months 
Mishry Rating  4

Our Review Factors

What do we expect? A quick-to-prepare noodles that are high on spiciness and have a desirable texture. For a better assessment of Nissin Super Hot Chilli Cup Noodles, we have set the following parameters for our review :

1. Taste 

The brand claims that these noodles deliver thrice the explosion of spiciness. In light of this, we emphasize the total heat. Did we get the promised level of spiciness? What about the other seasonings? Are they balanced? Whether it’s low, medium, or high, how spicy is it? Does the ratio of the masala to the noodles work well?  

2. Texture

We individually assessed the texture of the noodles and the vegetables in this parameter. Do the noodles have a springy bite? How fresh are the vegetables/chillies? 

3. Other Contributing Parameters 


How sturdy is the outer cup packaging? Does it include any cutlery – spoon, fork? Is the packaging travel-friendly? 

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Are these noodles prepared in the said time frame of 3 minutes? Is it high on convenience? 


Is the price justified for the actual quantity delivered?

Your quest for the best vegetarian masala cup noodles in India ends here.

Nissin Super Hot Chilli Cup Noodles – Detailed Review

Product Details 

Nissin Super Hot Chilli Cup Noodles come in white and black cup. These 70 gm cup noodles cost Rs 50. The product has a nine-month shelf life. There is no spoon or fork inside.

Main Ingredients 

Starting with the main ingredients it has – Refined wheat flour, Edible vegetable oil (palm oil), Iodised salt, Sugar, Dehydrated pieces (3.61% – Red chili flakes, cabbage, red chili rings, and green capsicum), and Mixed spices (2.69% – Red chili and cumin). 

In addition, it has Hydrolysed vegetable protein powder (soya), Yeast extract powder, Milk solids, Garlic powder, Onion powder, Acidity regulators (INS330, INS500 (i) and INS 451 (i)), Edible vegetable oil (coconut oil), Thickeners (INS 415 and INS 412), Flavor enhancers (ISN631 and 627), Color (INS 160c(i)), Oleoresin capsicum, Nature identical flavor, Anticaking agent (INS551) and Antioxidant (INS319). Allergen information – Contains wheat, soy, and milk. 

These include a lot of additives similar to most instant noodles available in the market. This is meant for occasional consumption only.

the packaging of nissin super hot chilli cup noodles
The outer look of these cup noodles!
the cup noodles before adding water
The inside contents of these cup noodles.

Preparation Process 

The steps to making these noodles are as follows: 

  • Pull back the lid halfway
  • Add hot water till the marked line
  • Let it rest for 3 minutes
  • Stir well and enjoy

Mishry’s Outlook 

These cooked within the mentioned time frame. The water line helps to add the correct amount of water. We suggest that once these noodles are prepared, stir them and transfer into another bowl. This will help you to get the full flavors from the masala that usually settles at the bottom of the cup.


We could immediately smell the aroma of chilies when we opened the cup. 


Visually, we could see a significant amount of sliced red chilies. We saw plenty of red chili flakes generously sprinkled all over the noodles. The cooked noodles have an oily shine and a reddish hue. These are long-sized slippery noodles. There is also a moderate amount of broth/soup.


Despite having an oily sheen, these noodles did not taste oily at all. It exhibits a well-rounded umami flavor that comes from garlic, onion, and chilies. It has a medium to a high level of spice, which may not be appealing to those with a low tolerance for spice. The super flavorful broth/soup is another highlight of these noodles. The chilies have rehydrated pretty well. Lastly, the chili claim is delivered as promised. 


Within the specified time, the noodles were cooked to perfection. They are cooked just right—they don’t get mushy or undercooked. These have a pleasant springy bite.

review in process of nissin super hot chilli cup noodles
Quick glimpse of our review process.
closer look at the cup noodles
These noodles are full of flavors.
Taste - 4/5
Texture - 4/5
  • Quick to prepare.
  • Sturdy packaging.
  • Noodles have a nice springy bite.
  • Lovely umami flavor.
  • Spiciness is on point.
  • The broth is full of flavor.

A quick and tasty spicy noodle treat for spice lovers? Nissin Super Hot Chilli Cup Noodles is a must try.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Nissin Super Hot Chilli Cup Noodles.

These cup noodles from Nissin have a higher than average to high spice level and will be loved by spice lovers. Definitely not meant for those who have a low chilli tolerance.

Yes. Nissin Super Hot Chilli Cup Noodles are a suitable pick for vegetarians.

These noodles require only three minutes to get ready. 

The shelf life of these cup noodles is 9 months. 

Ideally one cup of these noodles is perfect for a single serving. 

Our Verdict

Super spicy! Nissin Super Hot Chilli Cup noodles are true to their flavor tag. Its springy bite is superb, and the onion, garlic and chillies bring out a lovely umami flavor. These are not oily to taste and achieve an excellent texture on cooking. The convenience of preparing these noodles is an added plus. 

Will you try these cup noodles?

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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