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nescafe latte coffee cup review

Nescafe Latte Coffee Cup Review: Rich, Creamy & Aromatic

Sweet or strong? Milky or creamy? Is Nescafe Latte a quality product that we recommend?

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Nescafe Latte is an instant solution for those who prefer their cuppa with sweetness and milky richness. If strong is what you’re looking for, we suggest skipping this.

A rich shot of espresso blended with steamed milk and topped with an airy layer of foamed milk, lattes are loved for the creaminess. The layer of foam (baristas call it ‘microfoam’) adds to this richness.

The perfect shot of espresso, milk, and the foamy layer- wouldn’t this require multiple tools and appliances? Or a trip to your local coffee shop?

To find an answer to this, we ordered the Latte cup by Nescafe. In our Nescafe Latte coffee cup review, you’ll find everything you need to know from taste and consistency to whether or not this is something you should try.

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Nescafe Latte Coffee Cup – Everything You Need To Know

nescafe latte coffee cup packaging
This has simple-looking graphics.

Packaging, accessories included, the caffeine content of Nescafe Latte coffee cup are all discussed in this section.

1. Packaging

Inside the sturdy paper cup, you get a premix sachet (25 grams), and a stirrer. The contents are sealed with a re-closable lid. 

2. Main Ingredients

The main ingredients as listed are – Milk and Sugar Blend Mix (Milk Solids (56%), and Sugar), Sugar and Soluble Coffee Powder (6%).

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3. Taste

Too sweet or balanced? Could we taste the coffee or did it feel too milky?

If yes, did the coffee taste strong?

4. Flavour

Is the flavor well-balanced or did we need to add additional ingredients from our pantry? How intense was the coffee flavor? 

5. Aroma

Coffee has an intense, nutty aroma that envelopes the room when mixed with milk or water. How does this coffee smel? 

6. Consistency

A cup of latte has 1/3rd parts espresso and 2/3rd parts milk. Naturally, your cup of latte should have more structure and richness as compared to a cappuccino. 

Our experience here was…

7. Nutritional Value

Per serve (25 grams), this coffee offers 83 Kcal with 13.3 grams of carbohydrates (of which 11.5 grams is sugar), 3.6 grams of protein, and 1.7 grams of fat.

8. Price

One cup (including the 25-gram sachet) is priced at Rs 25.

9. Shelf Life

This has a shelf life of 12 months from the date of manufacture.

Nescafe Latte Coffee Cup – Detailed Review

Nescafe Latte Product Details
Price Rs 25
Net Quantity 25 grams
Main Ingredients Milk and Sugar Blend Mix (Milk Solids (56%), and Sugar), Sugar and Soluble Coffee Powder (6%)
Calories 83 Kcal/25 grams


The cup and lid are sealed. Inside there’s a sachet and a stirrer and this lid can be closed again.

We whiffed the dry premix to find that it resembled the aroma of a homemade cup of coffee (more milk than coffee and some sugar) Visually, the powder had a light beige appearance. 

We used one of our best-rated products from 2021- Havells Vetro Digi Electric Kettle to start the tasting process. A mark is provided on the cup’s exterior surface. This indicates the amount of water you need to add. We emptied the sachet, added water, and stirred it all together. The premix blended seamlessly into the water, there were no lumps formed. Thumbs up!

Once ready, the aroma was more milky than nutty (or that of coffee) To put it into numbers, the aroma was 65% milky and 35% coffee. 

Lattes have a thin layer of foam at the top but this was not the case here. The consistency was even throughout but no separate layer of foam was observed. 

This product is marketed with the ‘makes 1 creamy cup’ claim. However, the taste and consistency were more milky than creamy. This isn’t a strong, bold cup of coffee, it is more on the sweeter side. 

nescafe latte coffee cup contents
The stirrer and coffee mix are included with the cup.
nescafe latte coffee sachet
Contents of this mini latte kit.
nescafe latte coffee premix in a bowl
The premix has a light beige appearance.
latte coffee after mixing coffee premix into water
The premix blends in water seamlessly.
closer look at nescafe latte coffee in nescafe cup
Ready to drink!


  • This holds 25 grams of the premix.
  • It has a shelf life of 12 months from the date of manufacture.
  • Main Ingredients- Milk and Sugar Blend Mix (Milk Solids (56%), and Sugar), Sugar and Soluble Coffee Powder (6%)


  • The convenient packaging is appreciated.
  • This product does match the textbook definition of a latte.
  • The premix blends in seamlessly.
  • This showcases a decent taste looking at the price.


  • The ‘creamy cup’ claim is not delivered too well.
  • The coffee intensity isn’t too high.

Best Suited For

If you’re someone that prefers their coffee milky and sweet and not too strong, Nescafe Latte is something you’d enjoy sipping on.

The travel-friendly packaging would be ideal for those traveling or those who do not have access to a running kitchen. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Nescafe latte coffee cup.

1. Is the coffee cup made of plastic?

No, the cup is made of paper. 

2. How to store this coffee after unpacking?

You must store this in a cool and dry place. 

3. What is the manufacturing date of this coffee?

Our cup was manufactured in April 2021. 

4. What is the price of one coffee cup?

A single cup of Nescafe coffee is priced at Rs 25/-.

Final Words

The coffee aficionados of our Team prefer their cups strong and intense and weren’t head over heels crazy for the Nescafe Latte. Overall, it is a decent product if you’re looking for a quick fix or need something on the go. If milky, sweet coffee is your choice, this will be a good buy.

A low-calorie espresso or a fancy frappuccino, what’s your go-to coffee order?

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