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foldable chopping board review

Is This Foldable Chopping Board Just A Gimmick? Mishry Finds

Here what we liked and what we didn’t about this multifunction foldable chopping board.

Mishry Rating

Overall Experience
3.5 / 5


The foldable flaps of this chopping board makes it so easy to transfer the chopped veggies and fruits into the bowl or pan. However, it does not lay flat when placed on the kitchen top.

Chopping boards hold a prominent place in modern kitchens today. They bring a lot of ease while chopping and are an essential kitchen tool. Small and big, wooden and plastic, the varieties of chopping boards are many. 

But have you ever come across a foldable chopping board? Well we found this foldable chopping board on Amazon and after testing it for over 30 days in our review lab, here’s the verdict! Do we recommend it for daily use? Let us find out.

Here’s a quick snapshot of the product details : 

Multifunction Foldable Chopping Board  Product Details 
Price  Rs. 199 (at the time of review)
Special Feature Foldable Flaps
Buy Now  On Amazon
Mishry Rating  3.5

Foldable Chopping Board Highlights


Non-toxic and eco-friendly plastic


The fold helps to transfer veggies and fruits with ease

What’s Unique?

Easy to fold and compact

Mishry’s Experience

Unlike regular chopping boards, this one has foldable flaps. We tested the product by chopping an array of veggies, herbs and fruits over a period of 30 days. During our review we observed that the base of the board does not stay flat. This led to slight hindrance while chopping as it dwindled slightly. 

But we really liked how effortless it was to transfer the chopped veggies to another bowl. 

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quick glimpse of the foldable chopping board
Macro shot of the overall foldable chopping board.
review in process foldable chopping board
The foldable chopping board in use.


This plastic chopping board has a rectangular shape. It comes with foldable flaps which allows the chopping board to fold as required.

However, the fact that it does not rest flat on the kitchen top was not appreciated.

Design - 3/5


The foldable flaps enable easy and mess-free transfer of the chopped pieces into another bowl which is a plus. You can use it like just any other cutting board. 

Usability - 3.5/5

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on multifunction chopping board :

While selecting a new chopping board, it is essential to make note of the following factors : 

  • Durability 
  • Maintenance
  • Material

No. This chopping board is not dishwasher safe.  

This chopping board made using food grade polypropylene (PP) which has excellent durability and will last years depending on the usage.

Yes. The material used here is safe for cutting fruits and vegetables. 

Final Words

The best part about this foldable chopping board is that it can be used for cutting fruits and vegetables, and easily transfer it into a bowl/pan without any spillage. The only drawback is that it does not sit flat on the kitchen top. 

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