Mother Dairy Rabdi Kulfi Review

Mother Dairy Rabdi Kulfi Review

Summers and cold desserts are a match made in heaven. Read our first impression to know how did the Mother Dairy Rabdi Kulfi fared taste and texture-wise.

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We belong to a simpler generation. We didn’t need a sparkling new smartphone to make us happy. Mom-made kulfi on a hot summer evening was enough to make our day. Experiment all you want, but the taste of the original tile wali kulfi remains unparalleled. The flavor that you associate with that creamy malai kulfi from a small cart or mom’s homemade mango-kulfi with condensed milk during your childhood is what you want to go back to.

Ice cream biggies like Kwality Wall’s, Havmor, Cream Bell, and many others have a wide range of kulfi flavors. We reviewed Mother Dairy Kulfi – Rabdi (Basundi flavor kulfi) and here is our #FirstImpression.

What You Need To Know About Mother Dairy Rabdi Kulfi

*As per information on the pack

  • Contains added flavor.
  • Contains permitted synthetic food colors.
  • 100 grams of this kulfi provides 224 Kcal of energy.
  • Ingredients include milk solids, water, sugar, stabilizing agents, and emulsifying agents.
Mother Dairy Rabdi Kulfi

Mother Dairy Rabdi Kulfi

Even though the texture is spot-on, the strange aftertaste of the Mother Dairy Rabdi Kulfi diminishes the overall experience.

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MRP – Rs 25/-*

Net weight – 60 ml

*Price at the time of review

#FirstImpression Of Mother Dairy Rabdi Kulfi

Price and packaging – The Mother Dairy Rabdi Kulfi is priced at Rs 25/- for a 60 ml bar. It comes in a standard ice cream wrapper.

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Shape and color – Unlike traditional kulfi, this is now not round or conical shaped. It’s more like a kulfi bar. Flat and tapering at the top. We don’t mind the shape. The color of the kulfi is quite soothing. It is a mild mocha color that is very pleasing to the eyes.

Texture – The kulfi is not grainy or icy. It has a wonderful, creamy texture. The Mother Dairy Rabdi Kulfi is made with milk solids and water with added stabilizers and emulsifiers. When it melts, it melts into a creamy milky liquid and not a foamy mixture as it happens in frozen desserts made with vegetable fats. This is a great plus for most Mother Dairy ice creams.

rabdi kulfi-mother dairy-min

Taste – The sweetness of the kulfi is well balanced. The taste, the most crucial part of any food product, was a bit of a letdown. As we mentioned, the texture, creaminess, ingredients used were all fine, but this kulfi has a strange aftertaste which feels almost artificial.

You know when you eat a really delicious creamy kulfi, and you never want it to get over? That doesn’t happen here. Honestly, I couldn’t go finish the complete bar. It is this overall experience and makes you not want to go back to this one.

Kulfi is amongst the most cherished desi Indian dessert, so many of us have grown up eating mom’s simple homemade kulfi which was all about taste (never calories!), and all things natural.

Mishry Rating (0-5) – Overall 3.2 Mishrys for Mother Dairy Rabdi Kulfi.

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