This Portable Juicer Is A Gimmick That's Not Worth Your Time - Mishry Reviews

This Portable Juicer Is A Gimmick That’s Not Worth Your Time – Mishry Reviews

We tried juicing 3 different types of fruits – for a variety in texture and to actually test the juicing capability of the two-blade contraption. The results were far from satisfactory.

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It’s light and sturdy and meant to be charged using a USB cable. It sounds very cool, and handy, until the time you actually use it. We did and found the Nau Mart Instant Juicer is really not worth the cost or the effort it requires you to put in.


Let’s see the claims from the brand:


Rechargeable Power Supply: Yes

This is true. Once we bought the juicer, we could charge it fully in a very short time, using the USB cable that accompanies the product. No problems in charging it the first time. The USB point has a small flexible plastic flap covering it, and we think this is good to keep away while washing the jar.


Handy, And Lightweight: Yes

The Nau Mart Instant Juicer is indeed lightweight and small when it comes to size. There’s a rubber sling rope that allows you to carry the blender around like a bottle. Easy to operate, with a single switch on/off button, you don’t really need to go through the user manual at all.


Effortless Juicing: NO!

Now let’s come to the part that is the basic function of a product such as this: to effortlessly juice fruits and veggies. This is where we encountered a major issue. We tried juicing 3 different types of fruits – for a variety in texture and to actually test the juicing capability of the two-blade contraption. Pomegranates, watermelon, and bananas were used by us.

The outcome of juicing the pomegranates was a slushy mix. A very thick juice means that when you drink it straight from the juicer (this is also meant to be a cup to drink straight off from) then the filter keeps behind a whole lot of the pomegranate. When poured into a glass, the juice was very thick.

Next, we juiced chunks of watermelon. The instruction clearly says that the pieces must be small, and putting pieces larger than a few inches could jam the system. We put in small chunks of watermelon and the juicer did a good job of giving back a glass fresh watermelon juice. Any other fruit, that has a similar texture, and a lot of water content should be easy to juice using this too.


Lastly, we tried a soft banana. The packaging does say you can use this to make smoothies, and since bananas are a part of so many healthy smoothie recipes, this was our final choice of fruit to be juiced. We found the blades struggling to blend the bananas. In fact, we gave up as the blades just didnt seem to have the stregnth to cut through small pieces of a banana.


The Verdict:

This product is not cheap – in fact, similar products on major online sites are priced between 700 and 900/-. That’s steep for something that just about manages to juice watermelon well. Add a few hundred rupees and you would get a pretty powerful hand blender, that would be able to pound through a variety of fruits and veggies.

From a functionality point of view, we imagine this would be used by people who want the comfort of using this at their work desk (why else would you buy something that charges via a USB). At work, you would need to first carry small pieces of cut fruit to blend this anyway. Another crucial point is the noise this handy juicer makes while blending. Your work colleagues would know from a distance that its juice-time for you!

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While we love quirky gadgets that add a bit of charm and comfort to your daily activities, this product sadly just doesn’t sit well on any of these parameters. It is not value for money and serves a very small need when there are so many other appliances out there that do a better job of juicing and more.

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