Mishry Review: Tastiest Instant Noodles

Mishry Review: Tastiest Instant Noodles

4 top brands of Instant Noodles – Maggi, Top Ramen, Wai Wai, and Yippee! – go head to head in our Taste Test Review to find the tastiest Instant Noodles to buy in India.

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Instant noodles are often a busy man’s best friend, for they can be made in a matter of minutes. Instant noodles can also be customized to suit any palate with the use of simple ingredients that are not that hard to come across. After reviewing all popular brands and cooking loads of Maggi in our Review Kitchen, we can tell you that Maggi Masala Noodles emerged as the tastiest amongst all the classic/standard variants of brands reviewed.

Mishry Top Pick: Tastiest Instant Noodles

Maggi Masala Noodles

MAGGI Noodles – Masala, 70 g Pouch

Maggi Masala Noodles has a flavorful blend of spices that compliments the taste of its noodles and can be prepared in minutes.

Price: 12*

*Price at the time of review

Why Maggi Masala Noodles is our Top Pick:

Maggi Masala Noodles offered the best balance flavor, quantity, and the most descriptive and clear nutrition information.

Maggi Masala Noodles cooked well, and it tasted the best amongst contenders. We did not feel the need to add any other ingredient or spice to enhance the flavors.

The packaging of Maggi Masala Noodles had the most detailed nutrition information, and we think this is very important.

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And finally, the cakes of Maggi Masala Noodles are also reasonably sized. So, in addition to flavor and clarity of nutrition label, the quantity that you get per cake is also reasonable.

Our Review Process:

Instant Noodles are a popular snack, and sometimes even a quick meal, for many. Are these healthy? No. But moderate and occasional consumption of Instant noodles is fine, we believe. When you regualry eat Instant noodles – or any packaged food for that matter – you restrict your nutrition to fewer healthy meals, and that does not bode well in the long run. While our review does not aim to encourage you to eat these foods, but if you do indulge occasionally, our review process will most certainly help you find the best one against a pre-defined set of parameters.

Brands We Picked

Top Ramen Instant Noodles (Buy Now On Amazon)

Maggi Masala Noodles (Buy Now On BigBasket)

Wai Wai (Buy Now On BigBasket)

Yippee (Buy Now On Amazon)

How We Picked Our Brands

The names on our list are known to all, in fact, whenever you go to the supermarket with your mindset on buying some instant noodles for you midday or midnight, these brands are the ones that you go for. In addition to being widely available throughout the nation in both online and offline stores, these brands also include a packet of ready-made masala, or sauce maker, in their packaging, which further makes them a more convenient and easy-to-make recipe. The price-range also majorly influenced our list of brands, for all of these products belong in the same range.

We picked all classic/standard flavors for the taste test. All brands were cooked in our test kitchen as per instructions on the pack, and we tasted all 4 brands side-by-side.

Who Is It For?

Instant noodles can be prepared in a matter of minutes, thus it is safe to say that these products might prove to be a flavorful addition to your snacking list. Although you cannot consider these products for health reasons, on occasion a little indulgence doesn’t hurt anyone. If you are one of them, our list will help you zero in on your favorite brand of instant noodles.

Tasting Process- Our Parameters

The simple procedure for the preparation of instant noodles involves a packet of sauce maker, one and a half cup of water (it could differ), and a single cake of raw noodles. So, for your tasting procedure, we decided to use no extra ingredients and prepare each brand of noodles as per the instructions that are given at the back of the packaging, after which we judged them based on some fixed parameters (listed below):

Flavor: The ultimate taste of the noodle is based on its sauce maker’s taste. Thus, we reviewed each brand noodles for their mix and balance of flavors and whether these flavors blended or not. Often instant noodles come with veggies or a tastemaker that does not quite blend well. The veggies may seem tasteless, and the overall look of the dish may be unappealing. All of these factors ultimately affect your eating experience.

Nutrition: Though these noodles might not be a healthy snacking choice, this is still no excuse for you to choose an item that does not list down everything clearly. We believe that it is crucial for every bit of nutrition information to be shared with the consumers. In this review too, as always, the detailing and clarity of nutrition info played an important role.

The Result Of Our Taste Test

The winner for our instant noodles competitive taste test turned out to be Maggi Masala Noodles, for it undoubtedly had a flavorful mix of spices that complimented the taste of the noodles. Top Ramen was also amongst the tastier noodles, but its packaging didn’t happen to have the appropriate knowledge of its sodium content – a crucial factor for packaged noodles. Also, Top Ramen’s cakes were the smallest as compared to the rest. Maggi Masala Noodles had the most detailed nutrition information, along with being the tastiest, making it our unanimous Top Pick.

If you do agree with our review, please give it a thumbs up! And, tell us which one is your favorite from this list. If you don’t, please tell us why!

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