Tastiest Cheese-Pasta (Ready To Cook) - Mishry Reviews
Tastiest Cheese-Pasta (Ready To Cook)

Tastiest Cheese-Pasta (Ready To Cook) – Mishry Reviews

Check out our review of some popular ready to eat pasta brands that make your pasta experience more convenient.

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First, there was Instant Coffee, then there were Instant Noodles and now we also have Instant Pasta! We picked three Cheese Pasta variants and put them to a head-to-head taste test. We were looking for the tastiest, cheesiest pasta, that would also have a balanced blend of herbs and one that would come closest to a plate of freshly made cheese-pasta. Weikfield Cheesy Creamy Pasta surprised us with its cheesy (no pun intended) flavor, creamy sauce, and a well-balanced taste. Without a doubt, it is our top pick for its cheesy and herby taste that separates it from any other instant pasta cheese variants.



Mishry Top Pick: Tastiest Cheese-Pasta (Ready To Cook)



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Weikfield Cheesy Creamy Pasta



Weikfield Cheesy Creamy Pasta, 64g

Weikfield Cheesy Creamy Pasta comes with a sauce maker that produces just the right creamy sauce.

MRP: Rs 25*

*Price at the time of review.



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Why is Weikfield Cheesy Creamy Pasta our Top Pick:

Amongst all the contenders, it was Weikfield Cheesy Creamy Pasta that ends up with a creamy sauce. (As always, we followed the cooking instructions given on each pack)

The cheesy sauce goes a long way in making Weikfield Cheesy Creamy Pasta stand apart and ahead of its contenders. It does not allow the pasta to dry up even when kids – who are the most likely recipients of this dish – are going to take longer to finish their plate.

The overall flavors also worked best in the case of Weikfield Cheesy Creamy Pasta. The pasta cooks well, has a well-balanced flavor from herbs (mostly oregano) with a very slight kick of chili towards the end.

We also like that it is not over cheesy, which sometimes may end up making the dish too heavy.

Weikfield Cheesy Creamy Pasta is a quick snack when you are in a hurry, and amongst all contenders, comes closest to what a freshly made plate of cheesy pasta for kids tastes like.


Our Review Process:



The Brands We Picked

Sunfeast Pasta Treat (Buy Now On BigBasket)

Weikfield Cheesy Creamy Pasta (Buy Now On Amazon)

MAGGI Pazzta Cheese Macaroni (Buy Now On Amazon)



How We Picked Our Brands

In this review, we were looking for all commonly available brands that do a ‘cheese’ variant of their Instant Pasta. We didn’t want to mix flavors because it would be incorrect to taste, say a zingy-tomato variant against a cheese variant. We didn’t worry too much if the pasta-types were different. So while both ITC Sunfeast and Nestlé Maggi used penne pasta, our Top Pick Weikfield Cheesy Creamy Pasta uses fusilli in its ready to cook cheese pasta variant.

Both ITC Sunfeast and Nestlé Maggi are popular brands in India that are also the dominant players in the ready to cook food market. Weikfield Cheesy Creamy Pasta is relatively newer to the ready to cook segment but surprised us with its ultimate taste and flavor.

We made sure all brands picked belonged to the same price range, thus it can be said that the three contenders are similar in both quality and quantity, which further makes it easy to put them to a side by side cooking and taste test.



Who Is It For?



Pasta is a mainstream Italian cuisine that is devoured across the world, and it is also presumably the second-most popular culinary contribution by Italy in the food-space, right after pizza. Apart from that, it works best as a cheesy and tangy treat that your kids enjoy.

While packaged foods can never replace the nutrition and health offered by freshly made preparations, ready to cook options do serve a purpose when it comes to matters of convenience and time management. These can be rustled in a matter of minutes, and when coupled with an active lifestyle, eating these on occasion does not have to be a bad thing.

There is also the factor of price – not everyone can afford to go to expensive eateries to enjoy a plate of cheese pasta that costs anything between Rs 200 to 500/- (or more at luxury properties). For those, a quick meal to satisfy the taste buds, with minimum hassle is a selling point.

Whatever be the reason, if you are looking for that perfect instant pasta that has a certain Italian essence and cheesy goodness, then this is the perfect review for you.



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Tasting Process



Since all the brands were quite similar in their price, quality and quantity, the only parameter upon which we judged them were on their taste. The method of preparation of instant pasta is similar to that of an instant noodle. As per the method printed at the back of the packaging, the three main ingredients for instant pasta is the pasta itself, the packet of tastemaker that comes with the pack, and about one and a half cup of boiling water. In the case of our top pick, Weikfield Cheesy Creamy Pasta, there was the addition of some milk as per instructions. This we feel contributed heavily to the overall enhanced flavor and creamy texture of the dish.

The other main parameter, apart from the taste, was the creaminess in the texture of the pasta. Since all the variants claimed to be cheesy, the one that had the creamy goodness associated with its taste was the one we liked.



The Result



Since there were only a few different brands for our instant pasta taste-test, the whole process was rather less time-consuming. Maggi Pazzta, though having a significant cheesy characteristic, was a bit dry. ITC’s Sunfeast was cheesy enough in flavors, but the overall dry appearance was less than satisfactory. Weikfield Cheesy Creamy Pasta, our top pick, on the other hand, cooked well, had a creamy texture and cheesy flavor with a hint of oregano, all of which made it tastier when compared to the contenders.



Weikfield Cheesy Creamy Pasta



Weikfield Cheesy Creamy Pasta, 64g

Weikfield Cheesy Creamy Pasta comes with a sauce maker that produces just the right creamy sauce.

MRP: Rs 25*

*Price at the time of review.

Here’s a delicious Baked Pasta recipe by Chef Vicky Ratnani you would love to try!


Baked Pasta

Chef Vicky Ratnani is here yet again to save you from boring evening snacks at home. With a little bit of Veeba sauces and the genius of chef Ratnani, you can enjoy your favorite snacks right at home. Here’s Chef Vicky Ratnani’s quick and easy baked pasta recipe.

  • 250 Grams Penne pasta (or any other pasta)
  • 1 Cup Blanched vegetables (carrots, bell peppers, cauliflower)
  • 1 Cup Veeba Pasta and Pizza Sauce
  • 50 Grams Grated cheese
  1. Start by boiling the pasta. When the pasta is about 60% done, add the vegetables for blanching in the same water.
  2. In an oven-proof frying pan, add the cooked pasta, blanched vegetables and the Veeba Pasta and Pizza Sauce.
  3. Stir well to coat every piece of pasta and vegetable properly.
  4. Sprinkle the grated cheese all over the top and place the pan in an oven.
  5. Bake for 20 minutes  at a temperature of 180°C.
  6. Serve hot.

You can choose any type of pasta you like. In fact you could choose whole wheat pasta too, which is a healthier version.

Did you know there are many variants of pasta? Click here to know more.


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