Mishry Mums

At Mishry, we are always looking for better and more innovative ways to come up with #ReviewsThatMatter. Mishry Mums is one such initiative, recently launched by us, where we will be collaborating with our biggest TG – Mums.

Why Mums?

Firstly, Mums commonly are the key decision-makers on what food products to buy for the family.

Secondly, Mums are known to be instinctively sound. They are the ones we all turn to in times of a crisis, be it a parenting meltdown or a cooking disaster.

Through Mishry Mums, our goal is to build a mom community pan India and generate credible and relatable reviews, to help other consumers buy better. We intend to join hands with real mom consumers to review food products for us in various categories like snacks, beverages, ready to eat meals, etc.

How it works?

Mishry’s editorial team decides which products have to be reviewed, we then go ahead and buy the products from online and offline stores.

Subsequently, the products are sent to the Mishry Mum to try, fry, and taste.

Our inaugural bunch of mums comes from diverse backgrounds, yet share a similar passion that ties them together – to make the right food choices for their families.

They are smart, witty, well informed, and very well opinionated…

Here they are!

Smita Anand | Sports Apparel Designer



A potter, an apparel designer, a passionate foodie and a mother of three, Smita is a busy woman who loves juggling her multiple roles on any given day. She has a keen eye for details and is very focused on her family’s good health and proper nutrition intake. She loves reading books on spiritualism and mindfulness and strongly believes that one can ideate themselves into any realty they choose to be.

Neha Saxena Bagga | Wellness Coach

Holistic wellness coach and a mother of two, Neha is committed to helping individuals achieve their fitness goals. Neha believes in putting passion into whatever she does. Her biggest mission is to work towards a clean and plastic-free India and for this she has been working tirelessly by initiating many kids in Plogging activities around her neighborhood in Gurgaon. 

Saugat Singh | Homemaker

A brand new mom of twin baby girls, Saugat’s day (and nights) are completely focused on her daughters and she is clearly beaming with happiness and adoration, every time she looks at her babies. She is extremely conscientious about what products to pick for the babies and gives enough thought to how to best take care of your physical and mental health post-delivery. She is also very passionate about animal welfare and is a huge bird lover.  

Pooja Dalal | Homemaker

A Grandmom, an avid reader, a passionate traveler, and an excellent cook, Pooja is a retired Army officer’s wife. She believes in living life to the fullest and treats every moment as a celebration. Age according to her is only a number and what one should hold on to and cherish is the experiences you gather over the years and in her case, it’s the travel bug that brings a big smile to her face.

Nupur Bagga | Yoga Expert

Yoga, Pilates & Zumba instructor, and a proud mother of two boys, Nupur believes that fitness is not only about physical appearance but about mental and emotional health as well. She conducts Yoga classes for kids, is a passionate runner & has successfully completed many marathons in various cities across the country.

Nisha Agarwal | Fashion Designer, Budding Astrologer

She has an aura of a fighter and wisdom that is boundless. A cancer warrior & survivor, a woman with immense positivity, she is spiritually inclined and believes in the art of letting go. A fashion designer by choice and an astrologer by passion, her journey is sure to inspire many of us. More power to this woman of substance. Presenting our newest addition to Mishry Mums, Nisha Agarwal.

Pooja Mihani, Founder, PM’s Fitness

Our Mishry Mum Pooja Mihani is here to add Spunk and a Sparkle with her vivacious personality. She is a certified nutritionist & an undisputed foodie. Mom of 2, Pooja is also an eco warrior who has selflessly dedicated herself to work towards building an ecosystem for kids where their days are filled with outdoor activities rather than being glued to the screen.

Richa Vatsala | Media Planner

Richa Vatsala’s every day is anything but mundane. She has aced the art of juggling her corporate life with various creative endeavors. She paints, makes handmade soaps, has a very well established brand through which she is designing and supplying eco-friendly roti wraps so that every household can cut down on the use of foil. Also, a mother to two- her son & her dog, Richa has a terrace garden which she has lovingly put together and it’s a sight to admire.

Kanika Maini Tiwari | Founder, Director, CEO

A One-woman army as she defines herself, Kanika Maini Tiwari is our next Mishry Mum. Vivacious and vibrant with an effervescent smile, she’s the mom of 3 & the founder of a kids’ ethnic clothing brand called Amaira. A Successful Mompreneur with many accolades under her brand name, her mantra is to build long-lasting relationships with happy and satisfied customers who are also moms. Welcome to Mishry Mums, Kanika!

Nupur Agarwal Kalra | Baker & Biker

Nupur Agarwal Kalra | Baker & Biker

A Baker and a Biker! How’s that for an uber-cool combination. Meet our next Mishry Mum Nupur Kalra who’s beating the norms and laying down her own rules. Nupur runs her successful healthy baking venture called NK Healthy Bakes. She is also an established blogger and has recently launched an online community to connect people for the love of food, travel and beyond. Promoting sustainable food enterprises is one of the main missions of this online community. Welcome to Mishry Mums, Nupur.

Manisha Mahajan | Horticulturist & Entrepreneur

Manisha Mahajan | Horticulturist & Entrepreneur

Manisha Mahajan proudly believes that age is only a number. After successfully completing a long stint of her corporate journey, she chose to switch careers. Today she’s an established Horticulturist, an author who’s launched a book and a passionate cook who considers sourcing food products from her favorite age-old markets rather than new age malls.


Banchika Bhawnani | Influencer

Banchika Bhawnani | Influencer

With her Master’s in Computer Science and a successful corporate career of many years, she chose to enjoy motherhood, because there’s literally nothing as beautiful as this. Mommy of an adorable toddler, she also enjoys creative photography and creates content around fashion, as an influencer.

Esha Malhotra | Client Engagement And Content Specialist

Esha Malhotra

She is a mom blogger and an influencer. A Client Engagement and Content Specialist. An aspiring stand-up comedian and a double parent to her 6 year old girl. She lives life to the fullest and inspires many others to take life one step at a time.

Priyanka Gupta | H.R. Professional and Theater Artist

Priyanka Gupta

An H.R. Professional and theater artist, Priyanka Gupta has successfully accomplished many roles in her life. Her favorite one being a Vlogger and an influencer. Be it travel, fashion, food, craft or motherhood, she believes “Life is not easy, so stop at nothing.”

Nadia Kohli | Lifestyle Blogger

Nadia Kohli

She is a lifestyle blogger, perfect combination of a working mom and a homemaker. Nadia Kohli is a multitasker who inspires people around her to celebrate their lives, while enjoying her’s with the beautiful twin daughters.

Richa Nirwan | Fashion Illustrator & Digital Portrait Artist

Richa Nirwan

Richa Nirwan’s a mommy of two handsome boys, a fashion illustrator and digital portrait artist. She loves singing, dancing, cooking and all things creative. Currently dabbling with mommy blogging, she considers herself an accidental blogger.

Deeksha Mishra | Mom Blogger & Influencer

Deeksha Mishra

Deeksha Mishra is a mom blogger and influencer, a brand consultant, a fashion diva and a doting mom to her 2 sons. Juggling so many roles and inspiring women to live their lives beautifully and to the max.

Shradhaa Saraf | Entrepreneur

Shradhaa Saraf

A well known name in the catering business, Shradha Saraf’s journery has been full of ups and downs. Having fought a long battle with being overweight and finally coming out as a winner, she is an inspiration to many and the simplicity with which she narrates her story is heart warming. A fabulous host, a doting mum with an ever smiling face, she is extremely hard working and can take up any challenge when it comes to her business.


If you want to be a Mishry Mum, write to us here.