McCain Super Wedges Review

McCain Super Wedges Review

McCain Super Wedges are the perfect accompaniment for your home made burger and are an ideal party starter. Read about the taste and texture in our review.

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Unlike French fries, potato wedges are thicker, large and unpeeled. Often sprinkled with ample seasoning, potato wedges make for an excellent side dish. Be it with some rustic burgers and sandwiches, some meaty grills or just by themselves. Potato wedges are always a good idea! Even though they can be made at home, nailing the technique to cook potato wedges that are crisp on the outside and soft on the inside is not an easy task to master. But if you love wedges and do not want to make them at home, frozen foods are a boon. We reviewed McCain Super Wedges for their taste and texture. Here is what we thought about them.


What You Need To Know About McCain Super Wedges

*As per information provided on the pack


  • They can be fried or baked.
  • Do not thaw them before cooking.
  • These cannot be cooked in a microwave.
  • It provides141 Kcal of energy per 100 grams.


McCain Super Wedges

Crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. These potato wedges by McCain are delicious.

MRP – Rs 115/-

*Price at the time of review


#FirstImpression Of McCain Super Wedges

Price, packaging, and quantity – These are priced at Rs 115/- for a 400-gram pack. These potato wedges come in the standard red McCain packaging.


McCain Super Wedges Before Frying


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Aroma and appearance (Before cooking) – Upon opening the pack we noticed that none of them were broken. You can spot the ample amount of parsley on top. The aroma is a very garlicky one. Unlike some potato wedges variants available in the market, McCain Super Wedges have their skins on.

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How to cook them – You can cook McCain Super Wedges in three different ways – you can deep fry, bake and air fry them according to your preference.


Fry ’em Up – McCain Super Wedges

Cooking the potato wedges – To cook the McCain Super Wedges, we deep-fried them in a wok using vegetable oil. These would have surely not work if we would have shallow fried them.

After cooking – The wedges are SUPER crispy on the outside and soft from the inside. The potatoes have been cooked very well. The one dominant flavor you can taste is garlic. The salt is very well balanced. These wedges are not spicy at all and very kid-friendly. If the kids are at home and need a post-play snack, these are a great option. You can eat these with some homemade burgers and sandwiches too. You can also pair them with some creamy dips to get a party started.


McCain Super Wedges – The Final Results

Overall, we feel this is a very well balanced and tasty product that you would love to have anytime.


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