Maggi BBQ Korean Noodles Review - BBQ Veg + BBQ Chicken (2024)
maggi korean bbq noodles

How’s The Heat? High, Sir! Trying The New Maggi BBQ Korean Noodles (2024)

We tried Maggi’s newest BBQ Korean Noodles. Does it deliver well on the Korean chilli promise. Let’s find out!

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Mishry Rating

4.5 / 5
4.5 / 5


Maggi's foray into Korean noodles boasts a winning texture – the noodles themselves don't clump together, ensuring a satisfying slurp in every bite. Flavor-wise, the vegetarian option stands out with a bolder spice level and a more balanced seasoning as indicated by the ratings.

Calling all spice lovers!

Maggi brings the heat with their all-new Korean BBQ Noodles. Available in fiery BBQ Veg and BBQ Chicken flavors, these instant noodles promise an authentic Korean chilli kick. But do they deliver the taste of Seoul, or are they more mild-mannered?

Dive into our in-depth Maggi Korean BBQ Noodles review to find out if these instant noodles hit the spot!

Quick details on Maggi Korean BBQ Noodles we tested: 

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Maggi Korean BBQ Noodles  Mishry Rating  Buy Now 
BBQ Veg  4.5 On Amazon 
BBQ Chicken  4.25 On Amazon 

Our Review Factors

The parameters we set for reviewing Maggi Korean BBQ Noodles are explained in the section below: 

1. Taste 

We are examining the overall spiciness, Korean chilli promise, smokiness of chilli and the all-round flavor profile. 

2. Texture 

We are expecting long, bouncy and non-sticky noodles. These should not be squidgy, broken or sticky. 

3. Supporting Parameters 

Additionally, we have also covered information on the price, packaging, cooking instructions and the shelf life.

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Here’s why we liked Maggi’s Spicy Garlic Noodles.

Maggi Korean BBQ Noodles – Detailed Review

How did we make these Korean noodles?

For reviewing this Korean noodles we followed the below-mentioned instructions: 

  • First, we boiled the noodles in 400 ml water and drained them.
  • Then we added the seasoning & mixed it in
  • Now, we added the oil and mixed again
  • Finally, serve it hot

The seasoning and the oil mix smoothly without any lump formation. Initially though it may seem like a dry powder but once you add the oil it will transform into a perfect consistency. 

In this section, we have covered in-depth details of our testing covering aspects such as taste, texture, pros and cons.

maggi korean bbq noodles reviewed variants
We tested both the veg and non-veg versions of Maggi's Korean Noodles.

1. Maggi Korean BBQ Veg Noodles

Product Details 

A 90 gm pack of Maggi Veg Korean noodles is priced at Rs. 55. It has 8 months of shelf life. This comes in a red color outer pack. 

The main ingredients are : 

  1. Noodles: Refined wheat flour(maida), palm oil, wheat gluten, iodised salt, thickeners (508 & 412), acidity regulators (501(i)& 500(i)) and humectant (451(i)).
  2. Tastemaker: Sugar, Soya sauce powder (Soya sauce, Maltodextrin, lodized salt, Color (150c), Garlic powder, Red chilli powder (11%), Thickener (508). lodized salt, Flavour enhancer (635), Natural flavouring substance, Onion powder, Nature identical flavouring substances, Spice extract blend, Palm oil, Curry spice extract blend, Acidity regulator (330), Black pepper, Cinnamon powder, Star anise powder, Colour (150d), Sunflower oil and Rosemary extract. 
  3. Seasoning Oil : High oleic sunflower oil, Curry spice extract blend and Spice extract blend. 

Per 100 gm, this provides 321 kcal of energy. 

packaging and contents of korean bbq veg
The outer pack and contents inside the pack.

Our Testing Experience 

Visually, these are thick noodles with a flatter appearance. The color of the final noodles looks fiery red. While the seasoning and the oil look red hot too.  

Texture-wise, they are remarkable! They are non-sticky, bouncy and do not stick to each other. 

Make sure not to overcook these noodles as otherwise they will start sticking to each other.

Coming to the flavor, these noodles have an intense spiciness, which keeps on building up with each bite. This is definitely not for those with a low spice tolerance level.  

The smokey chilli flavor will envelope your mouth and completely take over your taste buds. Without any doubt, the spiciness is no joke – it completely lives up to its promise! Lastly, thumbs up as we did not observe any oily aftertaste.

korean bbq veg final look
Macro shot showcasing the final presentation.
Taste - 4.5/5
Texture - 4.5/5
  • Non-sticky noodles
  • Extremely spicy
  • Justifies the flavor completely 
  • Does not have an oily aftertaste. Thumbs up!

Looking for super spicy veg Korean noodles? We bet you’re gonna love Maggi’s new Korean Veg BBQ noodles.

2. Maggi Korean BBQ Chicken

Product Details 

This pack of noodles is priced at Rs. 60 (90gm). It has 8 months of shelf life. This bags a dark red color packaging. 

The ingredients of the individual elements are : 

  1. Noodles: Refined wheat flour(maida), palm oil, wheat gluten, iodised salt, thickeners (508 & 412), acidity regulators (501(i)& 500(i)) and humectant(451(i)).
  2. Tastemaker: Sugar, Chicken meat (16.5%), Red chilli powder (11%), Soya sauce powder (Soya sauce, Maltodextrin, Iodized salt, Color (150c)), Iodized salt, Thickener (508), Garlic powder, Nature identical flavouring substances, Flavour enhancer (635), Onion powder, Chicken fat (3%), Natural flavouring substance, Spice extract blend, Acidity regulator (330), Curry spice extract blend, Black pepper, Onion, Dehydrated bread, Star anise powder, Colour (150d), Sunflower oil, Rosemary extract and Palm oil. 
  3. Seasoning Oil : High oleic sunflower oil, Curry spice extract blend and Spice extract blend. 

Allergen Note : Contains Wheat, Soy & Sesame. May contain Milk, Oats & Eggs.

A 100 gm serving of these noodles contains about 336 kcal of energy.

packaging and contents of korean bbq chicken
The exterior packaging and the contents within Korean BBQ Chicken.

Our Testing Experience 

Similar to the vegetarian version, these noodles showcase a satisfying non-sticky texture. 

The chicken flavor is interesting. It leans more towards a pleasant aftertaste and aroma rather than being loaded with chicken pieces. While the chicken flavor itself is pleasant, it didn’t seem to make much of a difference to the noodles as we had hoped.

Comparatively, the veg version offered a bolder spice level that enhanced the overall noodle testing experience.

korean bbq chicken final look
A close-up shot of the plated noodles!
Taste - 4/5
Texture - 4.5/5
  • Loved the non-squidgy texture
  • Pleasant chicken flavor
  • Quick to cook

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Maggi BBQ Korean Noodles:

Among the two variants we reviewed: Maggi Korean Veg noodles are more spicy compared to Maggi Korean BBQ Chicken.

These noodles have a shelf life of 8 months.

These noodles contain preservatives, acidity regulators and other additives which does not make them suitable for regular consumption.

These noodles are available for purchase on various online platforms including – BigBasket, Amazon, Blinkit, and other similar grocery shopping apps. Additionally, they may be available at nearby grocery stores.

The Final Scoop

Spicy. Yum. Delectable. 

Simply put, we liked both variants of Maggi’s newest Korean noodles. We appreciate the pleasant non-sticky texture which was the same for both. Flavor-wise, we felt the seasoning and overall spiciness was better as compared to Korean BBQ Chicken. 

All you Maggi lovers, have you tried Maggi’s Korean noodle range yet? Let us know about your experience.

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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