Maggi Kadhai Paneer Complete Spice Mix Review - Mishry
maggi kadhai paneer complete spice mix review

Maggi Kadhai Paneer Complete Spice Mix Review – Mishry

Did we get lip smacking results using the Maggi Kadhai Paneer Complete Spice Mix? We tried this in our test kitchen and…

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Maggi Kadhai Paneer Complete Spice Mix is a highly aromatic and flavorful blend of spices. This spice mix is easy to use and gets you a delicious dish with consistent results.

Ready to cook curry powders and mixes are best for beginners who do not understand the impact of individual spices in a dish. While the market has a lot of available options for such powders and pastes, not all deserve a space in your pantry. 

From instant noodles and its different flavors to pastas to express cooking, Maggi has now invaded the ready to use spice mix segment. It has come up with two variants in its range of complete spice mix – Kadhai Paneer and Shahi Paneer. We picked the Kadhai Paneer Complete Spice Mix for our review.

From ease of cooking, taste, price and packaging – we discuss everything in the Maggi Kadhai Paneer Complete Spice Mix review.

In 2021, we reviewed Smith & Jones Mutter Paneer Masala And Shahi Paneer Masala and loved the creamy texture of these gravies. 

Maggi Kadhai Paneer Complete Spice Mix -What You Need To Know

maggi kadhai paneer complete spice mix review
Maggi Kadhai Paneer Complete Spice Mix packaging!

Here are a few details you need to know about the Maggi Kadhai Paneer Complete Spice Mix. 

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1. Packaging

The Kadhai Paneer spice mix by Maggi comes in an attractive yellow color pack. The total net weight of the pack is 60 gm which includes 5 individual sachets of 12 gm each. 

The method of preparation is mentioned behind each individual sachets. Each sachet is ideal to serve 4 people.  

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2. Main Ingredients

Maggi Kadhai Paneer Spice Mix contains the following main ingredients – 

Mixed spices (48.1%) [Roasted spice mix powder (Coriander (4.1%), Turmeric (3.5), Cumin, Aniseed, Black pepper (0.8%), Fenugreek (0.7%), Ginger, Clove (0.3%), Green cardamom (0.3%), Nutmeg), Coriander powder (12%), Red Chilli bits (6%), Roasted cumin, Dried garlic, Cinnamon powder (2%), Spice extract blend (Capsicum extract, Coriander extract (0.003%), Cumin extract), Cumin powder, Red Chilli powder (1%), Clove powder (0.4%), Roasted garam masala powder (Coriander (0.1%), Green cardamom (0.1%), Black pepper (0.05%), Cinnamon (0.05%), Large cardamom (0.05%), Clove (0.02%), Nutmeg), Roasted garam masala makhani powder (Cinnamon (0.05%), Bay leaf (0.01%), Green cardamom (0.01%), Black pepper (0.007%), Large cardamom (0.007%))], Iodised salt, Sugar, Dehydrated Kasuri methi leaves, Pam oil, and Flavor enhancer (635). 

Contains added flavor (Nature Identical Flavoring Substances)

May contain Gluten, Milk Solids,  Mustard and Soya. 

3. Taste

Kadhai paneer is a warm, spicy and flavorful dish made using paneer, bell peppers, and a mix of fragrant spices. It is an extremely popular dish available in most North Indian restaurants and best paired with tandoori roti, naan or a stuffed kulcha. 

While there is no set benchmark for how the perfect kadhai paneer should taste like, the flavor of peppers and the aroma of a set of spices is what should be highlighted the most. Here we gauged how tasty is this spice mix and how well does it enhance the flavor of a homemade paneer dish.

The Maggi Kadhai Paneer Spice Mix gives our dish a lovely flavor of cumin and coriander seeds. The balanced salt levels and medium spice quotient is something we liked.

4. Texture

During the dry inspection stage, we observed that the masala had a semi-coarse texture.  The final dish prepared using this spice mix had a semi thick gravy. The overall texture of the dish turned out to be close to a restaurant style kadhai paneer dish. 

5. Aroma & Appearance

Delectable! The strong and fresh aroma of this masala powder instantly hit us as we opened the pack. Appearance-wise, this masala powder looks red in color. There were no lumps present in this spice mix.  

6. Price

The 60 gm (5 sachets x 12 gm each) pack is priced at Rs. 50/-.

7. Shelf Life

The shelf life is nine months from date of manufacture. 

8. Nutritional Information 

A table showcasing the nutritional information of Maggi Kadhai Paneer Complete Spice Mix : 

Parameters  Nutritional Information (per 100 gm)
Energy 233 kcal 
Protein  604 gm 
Total Fat  7.5 gm
Fiber  15.7 gm


9. Cooking Instructions

We made the kadhai paneer as per the instructions given on the pack. The amount of vegetables were not mentioned on the pack, so we added them as per our own instinct.

  • Heat oil in a kadhai, add chopped onions (1 medium). Then add ginger-garlic paste and fry for a minute.
  • Then add capsicum (1 medium) and the paneer masala sachet. Stir fry and add pureed tomatoes (2 medium). Cook till done.
  • Add paneer cubes (200 grams) and water (150 ml). Add salt to taste and cook till gravy thickens.

Maggi Kadhai Paneer Complete Spice Mix – Detailed Review

Here is a table representing the product details related to the Maggi Kadhai Paneer Complete Spice Mix.

Maggi Kadhai Paneer Spice Mix Product Details 
Price  MRP 60
Calories (per 1 tsp) 7 kcal 
Shelf Life  9 months from manufacture
Net Quantity  60 gm 
Color  Tones of red

Maggi’s Kadhai Paneer masala has a strong aroma of dry spices, especially coriander. The dry powder is red in color which reflects well in the final dish.

The consistency of the gravy is not liquidy, and in fact coats the paneer well. To simplify, this has a very latpata-style gravy.The cubes of paneer are slathered well in the masala.

The end result is highly appetising and thanks to the spice mix, making kadhai paneer at homes never garnered such consistent results. If you follow the recipe at the back, the portion is enough for a family of four.

At no point does the masala tastes raw or undercooked. This kadhai paneer dish tastes delicious and can be served with homemade paratha, chapati or jeera rice.

maggi kadhai paneer complete spice mix packaging
The complete spice mix comes in 5 one time use sachets
maggi kadhai paneer complete spice mix placed in a bowl
The first look at the spice mix!
closer look at the maggi kadhai paneer complete spice mix
Maggi Kadhai Paneer Spice mix is highly aromatic!
cooking kadhai paneer using maggi kadhai paneer complete spice mix
The cooking process of Kadhai Paneer for our review process!
kadhai paneer placed in a cauldron post cooking
The Kadhai Paneer post the cooking process
closer look at the kadhai paneer made using maggi kadhai paneer spice mix
That delicious looking Kadhai Paneer!


  • The 60 gm (5 units x 12 gm) pack is priced at Rs. 60. 
  • A single 12 gm sachet is ideal for 4 serves. 
  • The pack mentions a 3-step method to use this spice mix. 
  • It is a vegetarian product. 
  • All you need to add is paneer, tomatoes, onions and capsicum. 


  • It is a highly aromatic spice mix. 
  • The salt levels are balanced. 
  • It has a low to medium spice level. 
  • The single serve sachets are easy for one time use and serves four.
  • You can be assured of consistent results.
  • The gravy is thick and coats the paneer cubes well.


  • We would have loved it if the pack mentioned the quantity of tomatoes, onions and capsicum to be added. 

Best Suited For

This spice mix is best suited for someone who is looking for easy preparation of kadhai paneer without measuring out spices. If you are a beginner in the kitchen, this spice mix will be a boon for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Maggi Kadhai Paneer Complete Spice Mix

1. How many sachets are there in one pack?

One 60 gram pack holds 5 sachets of 12 grams each.

2. Does this spice mix contain preservatives?

Maggi Kadhai Paneer Complete Spice Mix does not contain any preservatives. 

3. Is this spice mix completely vegetarian?

Yes. This spice mix is a vegetarian product. 

4. Does this spice mix contain additional flavor enhancers?

Yes, the Kadhai Paneer Complete Spice Mix by Maggi contains additional flavor enhancers.

Final Words

Maggi Kadhai Paneer Complete Spice Mix is an easy way to prepare Kadhai Paneer at home with consistent results. For someone who does not wish to order from the restaurant, this spice mix has the solution to your problems. Moreover, this is a value for money product.

Will you give the Maggi Kadhai Paneer Complete Spice Mix a try? Do share with us in the comments about how your experience turned out.

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