Best Immunity Booster Products – Mishry Top Picks
best immunity boosters

Best Immunity Booster Products – Mishry Top Picks (2024)

Last year was a year full of immunity boosting foods and beverages. Presenting a curated list with some of Mishry’s Top Picks – Best Immunity Booster Products.

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Our reviews are research-based, and all trials and testings are conducted in-house over days and weeks. We have a strict no-free-sample policy to ensure our reviews are fair and impartial.

If you ask someone ‘What is that one thing that you would love to retain?’ a few might respond with a: “Returning to our roots when it comes to food habits”. There has been a major boom in the industry of kadhas and immunity boosting food products. Products that took herbs and spices, like turmeric and tulsi, from the ancient science of Ayurveda and turned it into a product that help boost your immunity and overall health. As this roller coaster of a year comes to an end, here is a list of some of the best immunity booster products that we reviewed.

1. Vahdam Teas Vedic Kadha Herbal Tea

We loved the Vahdam Teas Vedic Kadha Herbal Tea for its beautiful, delicate aroma and taste. In this herbal tea, the blend of turmeric, tulsi, ginger, and pepper is perfectly balanced. Kadha is touted as one of the best ways to boost immunity. We also loved the entire look of the nylon mesh tea bags that are pyramid-shaped and have no staple pins attaching the thread to the bag. This is a caffeine-free beverage with no artificial additives. This premium-quality Vedic Kadha by Vahdam Teas is a must try especially during the winter season.

vahdam teas vedic kadha herbal tea

Why we loved Vahdam Tea’s Vedic Kadha

  • The fresh flavor of this herbal tea is appreciable.
  • There are no staple pins on the tea bags.
  • We liked that there is no added sugar.
  • The pyramid shaped tea bags made using a nylon mesh allow optimal brewing of the kadha.

2. Amul Haldi Doodh

An age old desi-ilaaj to everything in every Indian household, Haldi Doodh, takes on a brand new avatar of a turmeric latte. This golden-yellow colored milk based beverage was loved by our review team for its balanced sweetness and the lovely turmeric flavor. Amul Haldi Doodh has a distinct haldi taste and aroma that matches closely to our home-made turmeric-milk. When we conducted a face-off between Amul and Mother Dairy Haldi Milk, Amul Haldi Doodh emerged as a clear winner. Our good old haldi doodh is one of the best things to increase immunity and now it comes in a can!

amul haldi doodh

What we recommend Amul Haldi Doodh?

  • The beautiful yellow color instantly reminds you of home made haldi doodh.
  • The aroma is pleasing as well.
  • Sweetness levels are balanced and the beverage is tasty.
  • The creaminess of the beverage is on point.

3. Zingavita Chyawanprash Gummies

Zingavita’s gummies offer a convenient and pleasantly flavorful way to incorporate chyawanprash into your daily diet. We like how the texture of the gummies is neither difficult to bite nor chew. Additionally, while retaining the spicy and intense essence characteristic of Chyawanprash, the flavor is not overwhelmingly robust.

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Zingavita Chyawanprash Gummies

Why we recommend Zingavita’s Chyawanprash Gummies?

  • These are individually wrapped.
  • The jelly-like texture was appealing to us.
  • The clean ingredient list gets a thumbs up.

4. Dabur Honitus Hot Sip Ayur Kaadha

Dabur Honitus Hot Sip Ayur Kaadha provides a ginger-pepper kick which is soothing for a sore throat and we loved it! It is extremely easy to make and you can add it to hot water, milk, or even tea. Some of the ingredients added are Kantakari (Indian nightshade), Shunthi (ginger), Bharangi (blue fountain bush), Pippali (long pepper), Kulanjana (blue ginger), Daruharidra (tree turmeric), Tulasi (Tulsi), Bhutrin (lemongrass).

dabur honitus hot sip ayur kaadha

Why we recommend Honitus Hot Sip Kadha?

  • A very handy product for traveling or for when you live away from home and find it hard to collect all the desi herbs and spices for making a kaadha.
  • Sweet aroma with robust ginger and pepper notes.
  • We loved the dominant ginger and pepper flavor which were very warming.

5. Baidyanath Ayurvedic Juices

The Baidyanath Ayurvedic Juices come in four flavors – Ladakh berry (heart health), kokkum (weight management), wheatgrass (immunity booster) and Aloe Vera (skin, liver and digestion). The wheatgrass juice by Baidyanath has four key ingredients – wheatgrass, tulsi, giloy, and aloe. The aloe content is 12% while giloy is only 4% and we could clearly taste the wheatgrass and aloe. Moreover, this juice is extremely high in Vitamin C.

baidyanath ayurvedic juices

Why we recommend Baidyanath Juices?

  • We really liked the detailed labels.
  • Low in calories.
  • They are packed with Vitamin C.
  • Thumbs up for the fact that this product has made Ayurveda accessible to a larger population.

6. Haldi Vita Drink Mix – An Immunity Booster Drink

Haldi Vita Drink Mix has a kachi haldi-peppery aroma and is really tasty when had with warm milk. The mild undertones of jaggery and cardamom are absolutely lovely. Haldi Vita is made using suvarna haldi. Suvarna haldi is rich in antioxidants, and has anti-inflammatory properties that also helps boost immunity. Suvarana haldi is known to have the highest percentage of curcumin. Give it a go if you are looking for a drink mix for daily use and boost your immunity.

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haldi vita drink mix

What we recommend Haldi Vita Drink Mix?

  • It is made using suvarna haldi which has been known for its high curcumin content.
  • This made our glass of milk very tasty.
  • The mild jaggery and cardamom flavor was really nice.

7. Baidyanath Nagpur Chyawanprash Special

In our search for the best chyawanprash brands in India, Baidyanath’s Chyawanprash was our top pick, with the greatest amla content per serving. As expected, the ingredient list is devoid of preservatives. It stands out for its thorough composition, which includes a blend of 55 herbs and spices. Furthermore, taste is another noteworthy aspect. This is a delicious and flavorful chyawanprash due to the balanced blend of sweet and sour notes, complemented with a detectable spiciness.

Baidyanath Nagpur Chyawanprash Special

Why do we recommend Baidyanath’s Chyawanprash?

  • Clean ingredient list.
  • Offers highest amla content per serve.
  • Lovely jam-like consistency.

8. Dabur Immunity Kit

The Dabur Immunity Kit is a well-curated box consisting of churans, tablets, and syrup – a convenient product for the entire family to use. Apart from the regulars such as Chyawanprash, this also has stresscom tablets. When we think of immunity, we forget how much stress can hamper our health. We gave the Dabur Immunity Kit a thumbs up for a well-rounded curation and making Ayurveda accessible.

dabur immunity kit

What do we recommend Dabur Immunity Kit?

  • This is a well curated kit and contains something for everyone – a liquid, chyawanprash, churan and more.
  • The addition of stresscom tablets is a nice touch as we often forget how stress can induce various types of diseases.

9. Farganic Ayush Kadha

The Farganic Ayush Kadha only has four ingredients and no added preservatives. The ingredients are cinnamon powder (20%), black pepper powder (30%), dry ginger powder (30%), and tulsi powder (20%). The black pepper and dry ginger flavors are very dominant which really provide some relief to a sore throat.

farganic ayush kadha

What do we recommend Farganic Ayush Kadha?

  • Contains all natural ingredients and it does not have any added preservatives.
  • Does not contain any sugar.
  • The powder blends very well in the water.

10. Neuherbs Kadha Tea

We loved the Neuherbs Kadha Tea for its beautiful tulsi aroma and mild cinnamon and ginger flavors. The Neuherbs kadha gave a lot of warmth and helped soothe a scratchy throat.

neuherbs kadha tea

What do we recommend Neuherbs Kadha Tea?

  • The Neuherbs Kadha Tea has no added sugar.
  • The dominant tulsi aroma and flavor is very pleasing.

11. Vahdam Turmeric Spiced Tea

Vahdam Teas Turmeric Spiced Herbal Tea is an aromatic blend of turmeric and spices such as cinnamon, ginger, and lemongrass. None of the spices overpowered the other and we could taste the delicate combination of ingredients in our cup. Even when tasted without any added sweeteners, we REALLY liked it. Give this turmeric-based herbal tea a try during those cold winter evenings. This is a brilliant immune booster drink containing raw turmeric.

As it has been consistent with all Vahdam Teas there are no staple pins on the tea bag. The nylon mesh pyramid shaped tea bag looks very premium.

vahdam turmeric spiced tea

What do we recommend Vahdam Turmeric Spiced Tea?

  • We loved the premium looking tea bags that do not have staple pins.
  • The warming turmeric and pepper aroma and flavor is extremely nice.

12. Dabur Tulsi Drops

Tulsi has been known to considerably improve our immunity levels. So what better than a bottle of concentrated tulsi drops to enhance your daily cup of tea. The Dabur Tulsi Drops are made using 5 different types of tulsi varieties and dissolve well in liquid. Tulsi is considered as one of the best immunity boosters in Ayurveda.

dabur tulsi drops

What do we recommend Dabur Tulsi Drops?

  • There is a robust tulsi aroma.
  • We liked how it doesn’t taste bitter upon adding to water or tea.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best way to boost the immune system is naturally. Here we have answered the most frequently asked questions about how to boost the immune system naturally. What vitamins and minerals help boost immunity, and what is the sign of a weak immune system.

One can boost their immunity naturally by consuming fresh produce available in their pantry. Eat more whole grains and plant-based foods. Add healthy fats to your diet. Find a way to include probiotics and prebiotics in your diet. You can either go for doctor-recommended probiotics which come in the form of capsules and tablets or include curd or yogurt in your everyday diet. Eat a balanced diet, complete with all macro and micronutrients for a healthy immune system.

One of the most important things to pay attention to during this pandemic is hydration. Drink enough water every day. Keep yourself feeling fresh with homemade drinks like nimbu pani, lassi, and aam panna. Add fruits and veggies to your diet that contain substantial amounts of water, such as melons, gourds, and cucumber.

Exercise regularly. Moderate exercise helps in activating muscles leading to overall health. Also, exercise helps in managing your stress levels.

One of the common symptoms of a weak immune system is persistent stomach-related issues. It could be frequent diarrhea, gas, constipation, or any other problem related to the digestive tract. This may lead to chronic inflammation or diseases.

Another sign of it is you are prone to infection easily. Getting infection frequently or if there’s a need to take antibiotics more than 2 or 3 times a year, this could be the time when one needs to take charge of boosting their immunity.

The most powerful immunity booster is Vitamin C. Undoubtedly, why we hear people saying have more Vitamin C products or supplements in this pandemic is because Vitamin C is the best and amongst the most powerful immunity boosters. Vitamin C helps in preventing infections. And one does not need to rely on tablets alone – a regular intake of Vitamin C is possible through citrus fruits – among the best sources of Vitamin C in nature.

Other vitamins such as Vitamin E (a great antioxidant ), Vitamin A (an infection fighter ), and Vitamin D ( a powerful vitamin to support the immune system), also plays a crucial role in boosting immunity. Minerals such as Zinc, Iron, Folic Acid, and Selenium are also needed for a healthy immune system.

Tea leaves are full of antioxidants and have many health benefits. Green tea is a known source of antioxidants that aid and support the body in multiple functions.

If you are suffering from an infection, herbal teas can help to soothe your body. Consuming a moderate amount of tea is great for the immune system.

Here are a few types of teas that are effective in boosting immune system defenses.

  • Turmeric tea, to be consumed for boosting our immunity. It has antimicrobial and antifungal properties to keep infection at bay.

  • Ginger tea helps in boosting the immune system. It also contains antimicrobial properties.

  • Licorice Root tea can help you boost your immune system and keep you from getting sick.

Lemon is a great source of Vitamin C. Add lemon to your teas for added health benefits and flavor.

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Final Words

If you ask any average Indian ‘How to keep the immune system strong?’, especially during the pandemic, most of them would answer with desi nuskas such as homemade kaadhas and haldi doodh. While there is no way to test Ayurvedic products for their efficacy, most natural herbs and spices have shown to provide relief from chronic illnesses and build immunity. Ayurveda is a treasure trove of knowledge about using natural herbs and plants to treat various diseases. Consult an Ayurveda expert before adding anything to your diet or making any drastic changes in your lifestyle.

Have you tried any of these from our list of Best Immunity Booster Products before? If yes, did you like them as much as we did? Let us know in the comment box below.

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