LetsKookUp Meal Kits Review: Mishry
letskookup diy cupcake decoration kit

LetsKookUp Meal Kits Review: Pre-Portioned Kits For Hassle-Free Cooking

LetsKookUp, a Delhi-NCR brand aims at offering hassle-free meal kits. We tried the DIY Cupcake Decoration Kit.

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Mishry Rating

3 / 5
Experience (Kids Rating)
5 / 5
Value For Money
3 / 5


The LetsKookUp Cupcake Decoration Kit is an engaging and fun activity for children. The taste and texture of the cupcakes is something that we feel could have been better.

Guilty of ordering in almost everyday? Allow us to introduce you to LetsKookUp! Curated by Mishry is a series where we order select products from artisanal brands.

LetsKookUp offers a range of DIY Meal Kits with the aim of making cooking easier for consumers, especially beginners. How do they do it? Calling themselves the ‘sous chef’ they curate meal kits with only the required ingredients in the exact quantities with a view to reduce the overall cooking time and wastage.

We ordered the DIY Cupcake Decoration Kit and wanted the intended audience to enjoy this kit for us to give you an in-depth review. Which is why we turned to our little brigade to test out the kit. Taste, texture, proportions, and the quality of ingredients are discussed in this fun review!

Curated by Mishry

Kook Meal Kits – At A Glance

letskookup brand logo
S.No Parameter Value
1. Legal Name LetsKookUp
2. Founder Nikhil Thatai and Arpitta Jerath
3. Founded Year 2020
4. Headquarters Gurugram, Delhi
5. Products Covered Meal Kits including salads, main course, three-course meals, and desserts. 
6. Operation
  • Delhi NCR – All kits
  • PAN India – Celebration Kits

LetsKookUp – Everything You Need To Know

letskookup cupcake decoration kit
The outer packaging of the cupcake decoration kit.

All you need to know about LetsKookUp is discussed in this section. 

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LetsKookUp was founded by Nikhil Thatai and Arpitta Jerath towards the end of 2020. 

LetsKookUp’s Journey

Co-founder Arpitta loves cooking and thanks to the lockdown she spent most of her time doing what she loves. Nikhil on the other hand, tried to but always ended up being confused. That’s when the idea of LetsKookUp came to the two. They thought, “What if we curate kits with pre-portioned ingredients and offer meals that are ready to cook?” They Indianized the meals and LetsKookUp was born. 

Brand Mission & Vision

As per their website, “We believe cooking is therapeutic. There is something about the process of taking humble ingredients and turning them into culinary experiences that nourishes the soul as well as the body. But it can be daunting for some. From deciding what to eat, making trips to the grocery store to buy ingredients, worrying about excess and wastage, these factors can take away from the experience. We believe we can help solve for all that, so that you can focus on the joy of cooking.”

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Products Covered

LetsKookUp offers Meal Kits and Cocktail Kits. Some of these are-

  • The Cocktail Hour Kit
  • The Chip & Dip Kit
  • The Comfort In A Bowl Ramen
  • Grilled Chicken Breast
  • Classic Mumbai Vada Pav
  • DIY Cupcake Decoration Kit


PAN India- The Chip & Dip Kit, The Chocolatier’s Kit

Delhi NCR- Everything on the menu!

LetsKookUp DIY Cupcake Decoration Kit – Our Recommendations

This section discusses our order, price, packaging, and other relevant product information.

What we ordered – We ordered two sets of DIY Cupcake Decoration Kit by LetsKookUp – one for our little reviewers and one for our experience.

How much did it cost us? We paid Rs 1,268/- in total. Each meal kit is priced at Rs 599/-. We ordered two kits and paid Rs 1,198/- plus Rs 70/- as shipping charges.

Instructions for storage – The pack mentions that the kit needs to be stored in the refrigerator if intended to be used the next day. If you are using it on the same day, just keep the icing bags in the fridge. The other contents can be kept at room temperature.

Packaging – The kit is packed in a sturdy cardboard box. Inside that box are two icings, chocolate and vanilla, packaged separately in disposable bags. There is a smaller paper box that holds the muffins, a piping bag with a nozzle and six cupcake decorations which are packed in smaller pouches.

items inside letskookup kit
The contents of the cupcake decoration kit.

Here’s our experience with the meal kit.

DIY Cupcake Decoration Kit

This cupcake kit is an experience tailored for little ones or a relatively younger audience. We wanted the intended audience, i.e. kids, to try the kit and invited over three children between the ages 5-11 years. This helped us gauge how easy the kit is to use and the ‘fun factor’. The second kit was for the reviewers to check the quality, taste, packaging, and value for money aspect.

Our little trio was given two cupcakes each (1 chocolate and 1 red velvet/vanilla) and the piping bags and decorations were kept in the centre for them to experiment with. The cupcakes, decoration and the frostings were sufficient.

Our little brigade boasted off their decoration skills almost as if they baked these from scratch, going around the office trying to show-off their creations. Engrossing and fun, undoubtedly!

special team of reviewers trying out the letskookup cupcake decoration kit
Santa’s little helpers! Our special team of reviewers trying out the LetsKookUp DIY Cupcake Decoration Kit.

The second kit was meant for our team to review. Parameters like packaging, pricing, taste and texture of the cupcakes and frosting and portion sizes were kept in mind.

Muffins – There is a lot that needs improvement, texture wise. The chocolate muffins are dry and crumbly and lack that moist sponginess. The ‘red velvet’ muffins are vanilla flavored and have a moist base. They are definitely better texture wise, but still don’t make a mark. 

letskookup cupcake decoration kit packaging
The cupcake decoration kit comes packed neatly in a cardboard box with an instruction card.
letskookup chocolate muffin
Closer look at the chocolate muffin.
letskookup red velvet muffin
Closer look at the ‘red velvet’ cupcake which is vanilla flavored.
closer look at chocolate cupcake with ganache
The chocolate cupcake is dry and needs improvement texture-wise.

Icing/frosting – The icings and frosting taste great but once again, the texture needs improvement. The vanilla icing has a baby pink color, is easy to pipe out but doesn’t maintain its structure. The cream is too flowy and soft and sits flat after a few seconds.

Coming to the chocolate ganache! Ganaches are supposed to be firm and smooth and aren’t as soft as whipped cream. The one by LetsKookUp was too hard to pipe out and needed extra pressure. We liked the rich chocolate flavor of the ganache.

Decorations – We were provided with six types of decorations: chocolate chips, rainbow sprinkles, gems and more.

chocolate ganache and vanilla icing
The icing and ganache are labeled and packed in disposable piping bags.
chocolate ganache icing
The chocolate cupcake with the chocolate ganache icing.
closer look at the vanilla icing
The red velvet cupcake with the pink colored vanilla frosting.

What We Like

Here are a few things that we liked about the kit – 

  • The proportions were apt. From the frostings to the amount of decorations given were more than enough for 5 cupcakes. 
  • The vanilla flavor of the icing is delicate and delicious.
  • We liked the rich chocolate flavor of the ganache.
  • Full marks for the ‘fun factor’! 

What Could Have Been Better

Things that need improvement are –

  • The texture of the cupcakes needs improvement. The dry cupcakes, especially the chocolate one, brings down the whole experience by a huge margin. 
  • The texture of the frostings could have been better. The chocolate ganache is extremely difficult to pipe out even after being kept out of the refrigerator for some time. The vanilla icing is too flowy and doesn’t really maintain its structure.

LetsKookUp- Contact Details

Contact Number- +91 7208498178

Email Id- hello@letskookup.com

Website- https://letskookup.com

Social Media Links – Instagram | Facebook

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on LetsKookUp.

1. What type of dishes are offered by LetsKookUp?

International and Indian flavors, salads to desserts and everything in between. LetsKookUp offers meal kits like khao suey, ramen, banoffee pie, biryani, pesto spaghetti, grilled chicken and more.

2. Is cash on delivery available?

When we ordered the meal kit, we paid in cash upon delivery. Currently, COD is not available due to Covid restrictions. 

3. If I am allergic to an ingredient, can it be replaced?

They do not guarantee but they can try swapping. Talk to them on the number provided before ordering. 

4. How much time does it take to prepare a meal?

The time is dependent on the type of meal kit you order. Majorly all recipes can be prepared in under 30 minutes, but some meals may take from 45-60 minutes.

5. How many cupcakes does one meal kit contain? 

A single kit contains 5 cupcakes. They come in two flavors.

Final Verdict

Messy aprons, satisfied grins! The DIY Cupcake Decorating Kit is a fun and engaging activity for the little ones. That said, the taste and texture of the cupcakes do not make a lasting impression.

So, would we order this again? Maybe! The whole experience of decorating the cupcakes was very enjoyable (kids and adults alike). If only these tasted as good as they looked we would have given a higher rating on two parameters – taste and value for money. 

Have you tried DIY Meal Kits before? If yes, how was the experience?

If you do agree with our review, please give it a thumbs up! And, tell us which one is your favorite from this list. If you don’t, please tell us why!

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