ITC Nimwash Review - Vegetable & Fruit Wash

ITC Nimwash Review – Vegetable & Fruit Wash

How well did the ITC Nimwash do its job? Let’s have a look!

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Our fresh produce goes into many hands before we bring them home for consumption. Washing them with water and scrubbing off the dirt is a given before eating. But what else can we do to clean them and get rid of germs on the surface? Enter, veggie washes. Vegetable and fruit washes have been selling like hotcakes, especially since the pandemic began. We reviewed the ITC Nimwash – Vegetable & Fruit Wash for a week to notice the effect it had on our fresh produce. Here is what we found out!

What You Need To Know About ITC Nimwash

*As per information on the pack

  • No added artificial dyes, chlorine, or bleach.
  • Do not use on cut or damaged fruits and vegetables.
  • Do not use on porous vegetables like mushrooms.

ITC Nimwash – Vegetable & Fruit Wash

After using Nimwash, our fruits and vegetables were visibly cleaner, brighter and fresher.

MRP – Rs 190/-*

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*Based on Mishry's internal reviews and ratings

*Price at the time of review

How To Use The ITC Nimwash?

According to the instructions given on the back of the bottle –

  • Shake well before use.
  • Add 20 ml of the Nimwash to 1 liter of water.
  • Soak all the fresh produce for 15 minutes.
  • Wash and rinse thoroughly under clean running water.
  • Your veggies and fruits are safe to use.

#FirstImpression Of ITC Nimwash

The ITC Nimwash – Vegetable & Fruit Wash is priced at Rs 190/- for a 1 liter (1000 ml) bottle. It is not an easy pour spout bottle. The liquid is slightly bubbly, clear, and smells mildly citrusy.

How we used it – We washed fruits and veggies for a week using this wash as per the instructions given on the bottle. The vegetables and fruits we washed included, spinach, lettuce, ladyfinger, apples, tomatoes, and lauki (ghiya).

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What we noticed was significantly cleaner looking fruits and vegetables. The leafy greens looked cleaner, and veggies like ladyfinger (bhindi) looked fresher too. There was a change in the color of the veggies – which typically only happens when you soak them in vinegar.

The results can be attributed to the presence of Citric Acid – a naturally occurring acid in citrus fruits like lemons and oranges, and also produced for industrial purposes. Citric acid has an acidic pH which slows down the oxidation process, and as a result, the fruits and veggies look visibly brighter and fresh. It also helps eliminate bacteria.

Nimwash also contains neem oil which has strong anti-bacterial properties and is a natural insecticide.

Bottom line is, our fresh produce was visibly cleaner, and ‘healthier-looking’.

Mishry rating (On a scale of 0-5) – 4/5 Mishrys for the ITC Nimwash.

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