Interesting Navratri Products We Found On Amazon – Mishry
interesting products on amazon for navratri

Interesting Navratri Products We Found On Amazon – Mishry

Check out some vrat friendly products available on Amazon. This list consists of ready to cook sabudana, recipe books and more.

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The festival of Navratri is an auspicious time of the year. From worship rituals to fasting, we witness different celebrations everywhere. Here, food plays an important role as the festival consists of preparing fast-friendly food items. It usually includes having sabudana khichdi, kuttu ki roti and whatnot. 

But if you’re finding some not-so-common vrat-friendly products, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we have picked some of the unique upwas-friendly products found on Amazon. From Navratri recipe books to chaulai ke laddoo, we have covered everything. Have a look!

Do note that these products have not been tested by our team. Products are not arranged by any hierarchy or preference.

List Of Unique Vrat-Friendly Products On Amazon

If you’re someone who wants to experiment with different food items and tools for Navratri, this list is for you! From sweet to savory, you will come across a lot of options.

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1. A RTE Sabudana Khichdi Mix

a rte sabudana khichdi mix

Need a quick solution to your hunger? Try out Triguni’s instant sabudana khichdi mix. This mix is cooked using sago pearls, potatoes, roasted peanuts, sainda namak. It does not include transfats, onion or garlic.

2. Powerhouse Snacking – Organic Chaulai Ke Laddoo

organic chaulai ke laddoo

Have a sweet treat on Navratri with these chaulai laddoos! This pack of laddoo is made using super-grain amaranth and jaggery. Along with being a rich source of energy, these laddoos are suitable for those on a fast.

3. A Vrat-Friendly Recipe Book For Some ‘Hatke’ Ideas

recipe book for navratri delicacies

Written by Rohil Sanjay Desai, Navratri Delicacies is a recipe book comprising unique upwas recipes you need during Navratri. The author points out how we run out of ideas to cook a scrumptious meal while fasting. The book includes different recipes you can try out while having a restriction on ingredients used.

4. A Lemon Pickle That You Can Savor With Your Meals

lemon pickle

Add sweet and tangy flavors to your fasting meals with this sweet lime lemon crush pickle. This pickle does not contain oil, artificial colors and preservatives. The ingredients consist of lemon, jaggery, cow ghee, sugar, salt and red chili powder.

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5. A Dosa That You Can Have While Fasting

tasty dosa ready mix

This dosa ready mix is a wholesome option for your fasting meals. This mix offers benefits such as no bloating, no acidity and more. To make these, you need to make the batter using the ingredients, pour it over your pan and it’s ready! This fast-friendly meal is a healthy breakfast option.

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6. A Kitchen Press To Make Homemade Sev

a kitchen press

Make your favorite vrat-friendly sev and namkeen at home using this kitchen press! Made using fine quality stainless steel, this kitchen press comes with different blades, shapes and sizes. You can pick any and make your favorite namkeen using these. This tool provides an easy and comfortable grip.

7. Quick Eats – Ready To Cook Sama Pulao

sama pulao ready mix

Prep up your upwas meal in 10 minutes with this ready to cook sama pulao! This vegetarian product includes a sama pulao mix, to which you can add boiling water and cook for a few minutes to prepare it. You can garnish this with coriander leaves or coconut according to your taste. This product does not contain added colors and preservatives.

8. A Pack of Falahari Cookies – Made from Singhara and Kuttu Atta

falahari cookies

Made from singhara or kuttu atta, this pack of cookies is a perfect addition to your Navratri meal plans. It includes sugar, milk powder, glucose powder, elaichi, kesar and table margarine. The cookies are free from gluten, artificial flavors and colors.

9. Soup, Snacks, Desserts And More With 100 Upvas Recipes

recipe books for fasting special meals

Confused about what to cook during Navratri? Meghavi Anand’s Upvas Special is the best deal for you! This book includes 100 upwas special recipes that you can check out. It comes with a whole meal plan which consists of soup, snacks, beverages, desserts and more.

10. Quick Fix To Cravings –  Instant Sabudana Vada Mix

instant sabudana vada mix

Make delicious sabudana vada following a couple of steps! This mix includes ingredients like sabudana, green chili flakes, peanuts, potato flakes, salt, jeera and sugar. This healthy food does not contain any preservatives.

11. Roasted Makhanas For A Guilt-Free Snack

roasted makanas

These two jars of roasted makhanas with sendha namak are the best healthy snacks for fasting. Prepared in olive oil, this is a cholesterol-free snack. The makhanas are free from preservatives, artificial flavors and colors.

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12. A Sweet Treat – Peanut & Date Laddoos For Navratri

peanut and date laddoos

A sweet addition to your vrat meal is the sweet peanuts dates laddoos. These laddoos are made using fine grains, freshly grounded flour, pure ghee, sugar, essential condiments and dry fruits. Along with perfect taste, these are rich in fiber and nutrients too. It does not contain preservatives, colors or artificial flavors.

13. A Laddoo Mould

a laddoo mould

If you’re having trouble with making laddoo at home, you need this laddoo mold! These plastic laddoo molds are available in different sizes. It includes a unique design to add a different touch to your laddoos.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have answered a few interesting FAQs about the Navratri products you can buy from Amazon.

During Navratri fasting, a few of the delicacies you can indulge in are sabudana based dishes such as khichdi, vada and kheer, kuttu poori, fruit chaat, kheer, and so on.

Yes, ghee and the items made of ghee can be consumed during fasting. Additionally, you can also include dairy products such as paneer, milk, khoya and curd during Navratri fasting.

Packed product in an adequate quantity is okay to be consumed. Furthermore, Navratri snacks such as roasted makhanas, chaulai ke laddoos, peanuts and dates laddoos are nutritious and healthy.

Ideally, no. The Prasad offered during Navratri is prepared at home.

Here We Conclude!

These were some of our picks for the unique vrat-friendly items available on Amazon. What unique recipes and tools are you experimenting with during Navratri? Let us know in the comments.

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