Induction Cooker Power Consumption - A complete guide
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Induction Cooker Power Consumption – A complete guide

This article contains all the details you need to know about induction cookers. It also includes a list of the 3 best cookers along with Induction cooker power consumption details of each. This article will be the best electric chulha buying guide.

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Induction cookers have gained popularity over the past few years. They make our cooking easy and fast. Induction cookers reduce our cooking time by 50%. Because the food takes less time to cook, they consume less energy, and its maintenance cost is quite low. Induction cooker also consumes less heat, so they are also environmentally friendly. When you are buying one, induction cooker power consumption is the most important factor to consider. For good cooking, 2000 is the best wattage for an induction cooktop.

You can also take into account the induction cooktop wattage comparison while purchasing one for your place. Apart from this, there are other things that you should also consider, like pan detection, auto-shutdown, child safety, etc. All these factors are discussed in this article.

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beans in a bowl on induction
Induction cookers are comparatively more energy-efficient.

To understand all the details regarding induction cooker power consumption, we must understand the working mechanism of the cooker.

The working of an induction cooker is based on its electromagnetic field. With an induction cooker, you get an electromagnetic coil and a ceramic plate. The coil generates the heat which is used for cooking food.

When we turn on the induction, the electricity generates a magnetic field in this coil. Only when you put a pot or pan over the induction cooker, this magnetic field generates heat, and thus the pot and the food in it gets heated. As you put the utensil on the burner, it receives small currents generated by the magnetic field. This energy is converted into heat.

Interestingly, in an induction cooker, the ceramic plate will not heat up; only the utensil gets heated. Thus, using induction cookers for cooking is safe and comfortable. When you compare it to other gas stoves, induction cookers take almost half time to cook or boil anything.

What are the different types of induction cooker?

There are three major types of induction cookers. Induction cooker power consumption varies according to its type. The three types are;

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  1. Portable or compact induction cooker
  2. Build-in induction cooker
  3. Freestanding induction cooker

1. Portable or compact induction cooker

These are some of the most popular induction cookers. Due to their small size, the power consumption of induction cooker is low. They usually have a single cooking zone along with smaller units. It is best for small families and individuals. They can be easily carried from one place to another. So, if your lifestyle involves moving from one place to another, these induction cookers will be the best for you. Because of all these reasons, portable induction cookers are considered the best induction cookers.

2. Build-in induction cookers

These induction cookers are mounted to one’s kitchen platform. They usually have two separate cooking zones. For large or medium families, these cookers are perfect. One of their disadvantages is, they cannot be moved.

Their advantages include heat-resistant glass, easy fit, and sleek design. They are also available in various colors, so you can buy one that matches your kitchen décor.

in built induction cookers in a modern kitchen
Image for Reference – Inbuilt Induction

3. Freestanding induction cookers

These types of induction cookers have freestanding electric ovens. This gives the users a chance to cook items that cannot be cooked using the oven. These freestanding cookers need some space for standing. We cannot easily move them due to their weight and size. But these cookers give you an extensive range of cooking options.

You can bake your food or stir-fry it. It also has multiple cooking zones so that you can cook many dishes at the same time. So, if you have to cook many items within a short time, you can try freestanding induction cookers.

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Advantages of using an induction cooker

There are numerous benefits of using an induction cooker. Some of those advantages are mentioned below:

1. Time-efficient

Induction cookers take less time for cooking. They speed up the cooking process and make the cooking comfortable. Unlike other cookers, induction cookers directly heat up the pot. So, they do not use any additional source for heat transfer. The cooker directly produces the heat in the cooking pans. As a result, the cooking process becomes faster.

noodles being cooked in an induction
Image for Reference

2. Energy consumption

Induction cooker power consumption is a significant reason for buying this device. They consume less amount of energy compared to any other electric cooker or gas ovens. Because the pan is directly heated, there is no chance of energy loss. It also speeds up the cooking process. Most of the branded induction cookers are energy efficient.

They means make low power consumption induction cooker, and you do not have to pay a large amount of money for the electricity bill. Induction cookers also produce less heat during cooking, so the kitchen environment does not suffocate you and make you all sweaty. Due to no heat loss, they are also very safe to use.

3. Safe

With other cooking devices, the chances of accidents are higher. But with an induction cooker, you are completely safe. They do not have any chance of gas leakage. No fire is used for cooking as well. All this reduces the chances of accidents. Even if you touch the stove while cooking, you will not get burnt, as the cooker does not get heated during the cooking process.

Only when you turn on the induction cooker, the pot gets heated. It cools down as soon as you turn off the oven.

4. Control

When you are using an induction cooker, you are in full control of your cooking. There are advanced technologies that allow you to control the heat of the oven. So you can choose the temperature according to your cooking needs.

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How to buy the best induction cooker?

Buying a perfect induction cooker is not easy. They not only save our time, they also save a lot of electricity. Induction cooker power consumption is one of the biggest reasons behind its immense popularity.

Here, all the points that one must consider before buying and induction cookers are discussed in detail;

1. Zones for cooking

Most of the induction cookers have a single cooking zone. Those cookers are great for small families. But if you have a large family, go for multiple zoned induction cookers.

2. Electricity consumption

As mentioned above, induction cooker power consumption is one of the primary things that you must check before buying it. The Induction cooker electricity consumption is calculated as wattage. If the power consumption of induction cooker is 2000 watts, the cooker is perfect for your cooking. The size of the induction cooker is a key factor here.

A bigger induction cooker consumes more wattage. For example, a 7 inches induction cookers will consume 1200 to 1800 wattage, and an 11 inches cooker will consume 3700 plus wattage.

3. Size of the pan

There is a pan size range with every induction cooker. If you use bigger or smaller pans on the cooker, the induction cooker will fail to detect the pan. As a result, the pan will not get heated. So, always keep the size of your cookware in mind while buying an induction cooker.

cooking option on induction
The left side of the panel consists of the six preset cooking options.

4. Advanced features

Induction cookers make our cooking easy. There are numerous features that help us in cooking. Auto shut off feature automatically turns off the heat when you remove the pot from the cooker. It also shuts off the induction cooker when it senses overheating. You also get over-flow protection with induction cookers. In such cookers, you hear a beeping sound when anything is spilled on the surface of your cooker.

There are some touch control buttons on an induction cooker that makes the operation process simple. You can also pre-set your cooking time with induction cookers. A Child-lock system keeps the cooker safe for use. This facility keeps the cooker locked so that no one can accidentally turn it on. Its keep warm feature is very helpful in keeping our cooked food warm.

5. Coil type

The quality of the coil matters when you are purchasing an induction cooker. A low-quality coil can get damaged easily and many problems can occur from this. A high-quality coil lasts long and gives you the best results.

6. Induction stove Cost

The cost of an induction cooker is another important thing while you are buying it. Always consider different factors like your family size, the amount of food you cook daily, the variety and frequency of cooking, induction stove wattage consumption, etc. An electrical induction stove always costs more. After considering all these, go for the best-suited one.

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Best 3 Induction cookers

Keeping all these in mind, below, the best 3 induction cookers are suggested for you. Regarding induction cooker power consumption, these three cookers are the best choice one can make. All their details are also given for your help. Compare them and choose the right one for you.

The 3 best induction cookers, we came up with are.

1. Philips 2100 Watts Induction Cooker

It is one of the best induction cookers available in the market. It has microcrystal plates and a stylish look. When you cook using this cooker, all the nutrients of your food remains intact. It only consumes 2100 watts of power. Thus, the induction cooker wattage is pocket-friendly.

With this, you get;

  • A digital touch
  • Affordable
  • Auto shut down feature
  • 1-year warranty
  • Low induction cooker power consumption
  • Portable
philips induction cooker
Picture for reference-Amazon

2. Pigeon 2100 Watts Induction Cooker

This is a super-efficient and performance-based cooker. Some special features are added to this induction cooker, which speeds up the cooking time and saves electricity. Pigeon Induction Cooker Energy Consumption Kwh is 2100 watts. Its flexible and simple design can fit any type of kitchen.

With this induction cooker, you get;

  • Feather-touch system
  • A wide surface
  • 8 menus (Indian)
  • Sleek, flat, and smart surface
  • Temperature and time controller
  • 8 pre-set options for menus
  • 1-year warranty
pigeon induction cooker
Picture for reference-Amazon

3. Prestige 1200 Watts Induction Cooker

Prestige introduced induction cookers in India for the first time. It is one of the most popular brands for kitchen appliances. Their products enhance the functionality of your kitchen. One of its best selling points of Prestige induction Chula is its Induction Cooker Electricity Consumption per Hour, which is quite less. Prestige induction cooker power consumption is 1200 watts.

With this induction cooker, you get:

  • Portability and compactness
  • Low power consumption
  • In-build menu (Indian)
  • Anti-magnetic walls
  • Auto-voltage regulator
  • Very easy maintenance
  • Touch buttons
  • Easy clean technology
  • Aerodynamic cooling system
  • 1-year warranty
prestige induction cooker
Picture for reference-Amazon

Frequently Asked Questions

Here, we have answered a few FAQs about the power consumption in an induction cooker.

Induction cooker electricity consumption depends upon several factors, such as rated power and operational hours. On average, it consumes somewhere around 1700 watts to 3000 watts per hour.

An induction stove is more energy efficient than a gas stove. Research shows electric cooktops are 84% efficient while gas cooktops and electric coil or standard electric cooktops are 40% to 74% energy efficient, respectively.

Induction cooking is faster and more efficient than gas cooking. It costs less and is more energy efficient than gas cooktops.

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The Bottom Line

Induction cookers have become a must in every modular kitchen. In today’s life, we do not have hours to spend after cooking. An electric chulha speeds up our cooking process. We also get a lot of other features with an induction cooker.

Last but not the least, an Induction cooker power consumption is much lower than other cookers or ovens. Induction cookers are a perfect mixture of functionality, affordability, and quality. So, you must go for it.

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