How To Clean Aluminum Cookware

How To Clean Aluminum Cookware

Guide To Cleaning Aluminum Cookware: Here are some of the most effective ways to clean aluminum cookware without damaging the cookware.

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Aluminum is a metal that is used to make a lot of common and daily- use items. Aluminum is used to make kitchenware, kitchen appliances, cans, beer pegs, foils, and even airplane parts. This metal is shiny, unbreakable, ductile and pliable. It can be made into hard metal bars or can be beaten into thin foils. This versatility makes Aluminum a good metal to make the most commonplace of things to the most crucial and complex products.

Some of the common items that are made of Aluminum are kitchenware ranging from cooking pots and pans to serving bowls and different pieces of cutlery. A good kitchen is one where everything is properly cleaned and has totally hygienic surroundings. Hygienic kitchen is different from hygienic food; the former is an essential part of providing the latter.

To have a hygienic kitchen cleaning of cookware well is a must. Great care should be given in washing different utensils. The following are some of the most effective ways to clean aluminum cookware without damaging the cookware.

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Methods and tricks of cleaning Aluminum cookware

Due to regular usage, the aluminum cookware often loses the sheen that it originally had. To maintain the aluminum cookware in their original state, they should be properly maintained and cleaned. The two most commonly used methods to clean aluminum cookware are discussed below.

The first is the easiest method and is just used to clean used aluminum cookware. This method is a must and should be done to clean all aluminum cookware so that the utensils don’t lose their natural shine. The first and foremost thing to remember is that it is always advisable to use the hand-washing technique than tossing cookware, especially those made of aluminum, into dishwashers.

1. Which sink is right?

The first step in cleaning used aluminum cookware is to get the sink ready for cleaning the same. The sink can be made easily by allowing it to get filled with lukewarm water and then adding a very mild detergent, which will help in getting rid of the dirt on the Aluminum cookware quickly. After adding the detergent, you need to stir it thoroughly so that the detergent is mixed completely with the water.

2. Getting rid of the stains

The second step is to discard the food and the grease that is sticking on the surface of the aluminum cookware. This can be done with the help of paper towels, as they can be thrown away once they get dirty due to all the grease and food. It is mandatory to allow the cookware to soak in the detergent solution (that we explained above) for at least an hour.

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This soaking process is done to ease the washing of aluminum cookware. The detergent solution contains surface-active agents, also known as surfactants, which helps in the process of soaking by breaking down the surface tension between the grease and water. The hard and stubborn stains will get loosened up in this process.

3. Washing the cookware

The third step is to thoroughly wash and rinse the aluminum cookware once they are taken out of the detergent solution. The washing of the utensil is made easy because of the previous process of soaking the utensil in a mild detergent solution. For washing and rinsing the Aluminum cookware, you need to use a soft sponge, so that it doesn’t create any scratches while scrubbing the utensil. Once the utensils are completely washed, it is time to place them on dish racks.

4. Drying the aluminum cookware

Thanks to the steps mentioned above, you would now have spotlessly clean aluminum cookware in front of you. Now comes the cherry on the cake, the drying process. The aluminum cookware should not be left to drip dry. This is because drip-drying can cause the aluminum cookware to look dull and will nullify all the efforts that you have so painstakingly followed earlier. Hence, you should always wipe dry the cookware with a soft, cotton cloth for best results.

Some other effective tips that you can try

Here are some more effective tips you could follow in cleaning aluminum cookware and in ensuring that they don’t lose their natural shine.

1. Vinegar and Water

Make a home-made solution that is made of vinegar and water. Now, immerse the aluminum cookware into the solution and start boiling it. For better results, the solution along with the immersed aluminum cookware should be boiled for at least ten minutes. Once the boiling process is over, the aluminum cookware can be taken out of the vinegar and water solution and should be left to cool. Once the utensil is cooled, the cookware can be cleaned as usual with lukewarm water and detergent solution.

2. Restoring the natural shine

Aluminum cookware can lose their original luster not only due to hard stains and grease formed due to cooking but also because of continuous use. Due to continuous use, the utensil will be washed after every use, with every wash causing the cookware to become dull. The sheen, however, can be brought back by following one trick. The method used to restore the original sheen of the Aluminum cookware is similar to the above method of getting rid of stains with just one item changed.  

The first step in restoring Aluminum cookware to its former glory is by making a solution that is made out of cream of tartar and water. Once the solution is prepared, immerse the aluminum cookware into the solution and start boiling the same. Boil it for at least ten to fifteen minutes for great results. Once the boiling process is over, let the Aluminum cookware completely cool and then wash it with lukewarm water.

Cleaning of oxidized Aluminum

Oxidization is a process where one chemical component combines with oxygen. One of the biggest drawbacks of aluminum is that it will get oxidized over time. When aluminum gets oxidized, it will form a coating around it that results in a gray and chalky texture. This oxidized aluminum can be brought back to its original form in a very simple way. The first step is to wash the aluminum cookware thoroughly and then scrape the oxidized portion with the help of a flat edge spatula. Once this scraping is done, boil water in the aluminum cookware, which will help in cleaning off the residue of the oxidized parts.

The oxidized aluminum can also be restored with other methods like making a scrub out of vinegar or lemon and salt or cream of tartar. By properly following the necessary steps any Aluminum cookware can be maintained well, without making any permanent damage to the cookware itself.

Things To Remember While Cleaning Aluminum Cookware

It is not an easy job to clean any kind of cooking utensils because of the food residue, grease, stubborn stains, and strong smell. So you have to remember certain things while cleaning aluminum cookware, which will help in maintaining the sheen and texture of the cookware.

  • The first point is never to start washing aluminum cookware when it is still hot; it will not only burn the skin of the person who is washing the cookware, but will also result in improper cleaning.
  • The second point to remember is that aluminum cookware is not dishwasher friendly. Washing any aluminum cookware in a dishwasher will dull the outer surface of the cookware faster than you thought.
  • Thirdly, you need to always remember to dry the aluminum cookware with the help of a soft, cotton cloth rather than letting them dry on their own.


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