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havmor matka kulfi review

Havmor Matka Kulfi Review – Rich & Creamy Kulfi

We recommend Havmor’s Matka Kulfi for its rich creaminess, balanced sweetness and attractive packaging.

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Three highlights that made Havmor’s Matka Kulfi work are its balanced sweetness, rich creaminess and packaging. We liked the caramel-like sweetness and the subtle saffron flavor in this kulfi.

Just like phirnis taste best when eaten from a kasora, kulfis scraped from a matki have a different charm of their own as well. Don’t you think so?

Kulfis are a much-loved Indian dessert made using slow-cooked thickened milk, chunks of nuts and generous amounts of aromatics like cardamom and saffron. 

Matka kulfis, as the name suggests, are traditionally set in terracotta molds which lend an earthen sweetness. Modern day matka kulfis are often set in plastic ones shaped like matkis for that rustic look, but are they able to replicate those flavors? Our Havmor Matka Kulfi review explores that and more.

All the information that you need to know about the Havmor Matka Kulfi – 

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Havmor Matka Kulfi Product Information
Price Rs 50/-
Net Quantity 100 ml
Shelf Life 12 months

(per 100 ml)

258.8 Kcal
Mishry Rating 3.75

Our Review Factors

What were we looking for? A deliciously rich, creamy kulfi with nuts, packed in a matka-like jar.

To test the Havmor Matka Kulfi, we set the following parameters – 

1. Taste

When we think of kulfi, we associate it with a rich tasting, sweet, thickened milk-based dessert with lots of Indianised flavors like saffron, rose, kewra, and cardamom. 

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For Havmor Matka Kulfi we checked for the flavor of the overall dessert, how milky it is and the flavor of nuts and spices in it. Is the sweetness balanced? Does the kulfi taste fresh and rich? And does it have the earthy, caramely taste expected from a matka kulfi? 

2. Texture 

A kulfi isn’t light, texture wise. It has a certain dense milky texture as it is set without churning. Which is why the creaminess of the kulfi is a big deciding factor. An icy, grainy kulfi is undesirable.

We were looking for a rich, creamy kulfi during our review. Other than that, the texture of the nuts was also checked.

3. Packaging

‘Matka’ kulfi should be packed in the same vessel. Shouldn’t it? How attractive is the packaging and what material is the matka made of? Does it come with a spoon?

4. Ingredients

As per FSSAI, an ice cream can only be labeled as one if it uses dairy fat. In case it uses vegetable fat/oil, it should be labeled as a frozen dessert. 

We checked for the main ingredients used to make Havmor’s Matka Kulfi. Does it have any artificial color, additives or preservatives? 

5. Other Parameters

Appearance – Any toppings that make it look attractive? 

Price – Is this priced competitively? 

Shelf life – What is the shelf life of this kulfi? Once opened for how long does it remain fresh and edible?

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Havmor Matka Kulfi – Detailed Review

Price, packaging and storage – A single matka kulfi (100 ml) by Havmor is priced at Rs 50/- and serves 1. It has a shelf life of 12 months when stored at -18 degrees or below. A small metal spoon is provided by the brand. 

True to its name, Havmor’s matka kulfi is set inside a rustic-looking glazed terracotta matka with a plastic lid. The lid, however, doesn’t really move clockwise/anti-clockwise. It just sits on the top.

havmor matka kulfi packaging
Havmor Matka Kulfi is packed attractively.

Ingredients – This is primarily made using milk solids and sugar. Saffron makes it to the list as well. It contains pistachios and almonds in small quantities. Apart from permitted emulsifiers and stabilizers, it contains synthetic food color and added artificial flavor. No vegetable fat is used, making the label of ‘ice cream’ true.

Appearance – The kulfi has a beautiful caramel color and a small amount of topping where we can spot a few bits of pistachio, some almonds and saffron. The saffron strands leave a yellow-ish tinge which is appealing. 

Texture – Kulfis are known for their rich creaminess and caramel-like sweetness. Havmor’s matka kulfi is very creamy and has a dense-milky bite. No icy/grainy mouthfeel!

The texture isn’t completely smooth and has some tiny milk solid clumps which further enhance the entire look and feel of the kulfi. The nuts only make an appearance on the top layer (see picture).

havmor matka kulfi appearance and texture
Havmor's Matka Kulfi is creamy and rich.

Taste – Desserts made using thickened milk are characterized by a milky richness and flavor of aromatics like saffron and cardamom. Havmor’s matka kulfi has a similar flavor which lends a natural caramel-like sweetness. This doesn’t have cardamom, but a mild kesar flavor. The subtle notes of saffron along with small bits of nuts makes for a wonderful experience. We appreciate that this is not cloyingly sweet.

Taste - 4/5
Texture - 4/5
Packaging - 4/5
Ingredients - 3/5
  • We like the rich milky creaminess.
  • Thumbs up for the balanced sweetness.
  • The milky caramel taste of the kulfi is delicious and the subtle saffron flavor blends well with it.
  • Packaging is very attractive.
  • Steel spoon adds to the convenience.
  • Quantity of nuts could have been a bit more.
  • This has artificial colors and flavors.

Delicious and creamy, we recommend the matka kulfi by Havmor for those who are looking for a rich, milky Indian dessert. If entertaining guests, this could be an attractive looking, individual portion of dessert.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Havmor Matka Kulfi.

The vessel it is set in, i.e. a matka, and the rich creaminess of the ice cream is what makes a matka kulfi special. The fact that this is made without churning, unlike most ice creams, is also something that sets it apart.

Although Havmor is easily available at local carts throughout metros and adjoining cities, you can buy this kulfi online as well. Some grocery delivery apps also offer this kulfi.

No. There are no added preservatives in this matka kulfi.

Refreezing ice cream can change its texture. It is best to consume this in a single sitting. You can also close the lid properly and store in the freezer (under -18 degree C) before it melts completely. No information on the longevity (once opened) of this kulfi is provided on the pack. 

Yes, it contains synthetic food color – E110 and E102 which are sunset yellow and lemon yellow respectively.

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Final Verdict

Wrapping up our review of Havmor’s Matka Kulfi with its packaging and dense creaminess as the highlight. Thumbs up for the balanced sweetness and milky caramel richness. The use of artificial colors and flavors is what brought down the overall rating slightly. 

Have you tried Havmor’s Matka Kulfi yet? Let us know about your experience in the comments down below.

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