Happilo Premium Dates Review: King Medjoul, Omani & Queen Kalmi
happilo premium international dates review

We Tried Three Variants Of Happilo Premium Dates

We tried three types of Happilo Premium International Dates. Fresh and fibrous, we loved all three!

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We tried three premium quality dates by Happilo which resulted in a positive review. The dates are fresh, juicy, fudgy, and exceptionally sweet!

Fresh or dried, dates are nature’s own candies. Grown on date palms in Middle Eastern countries, dates are one of the sweetest fruits in the world!

From date sugar to date paste, from savory dishes to sweet bites, dates are very versatile! Whether it’s a refined sugar-free smoothie bowl or a salad that needs a semi-sweet dressing, dried dates are naturally super rich in fiber and moisture. This offers endless ways to add them to your diet. 

In India, dates are primarily only grown in the Kutchh district of Gujarat as they need prolonged dry summers to fully ripen. When such is the case, packaged dried dates are what we turn to. In a market that is flooded with more than a hundred varieties of dates, we decided to review a brand that offers exotic and premium nuts and dried fruits at competitive rates. 

We ordered King Medjoul, Omani, and Queen Kalmi variants for our Happilo Premium International dates review. Read on for detailed differences between the taste, texture, and nutritional values of each of the three types.

Fun Facts- 

  1. Dates are named after the Greek word ‘daktulos’ that means ‘fingers’ 
  2. There are over 200 varieties of dates available globally!

Happilo Premium International Dates – What You Need To Know

happilo premium international dates reviewed variants
The three variants we tried.

Happilo Premium International dates are available in five variants- Arabian, Golden Barhi, King Medjoul, Omani, and Queen Kalmi. From Queen Kalmi dates vs Omani dates to the difference between Kalmi and Medjool dates, here is all you need to know about the three variants we covered in our review. 

1. Available Sizes

Happilo dates are available in packs of-

  • 200 g
  • 250 g

2. Packaging

All variants are packed in resealable pouches. These vibrant pouches showcase an overview of the dates at the front.

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happilo dates packaging
All packs come with a nitrogen sachet to retain freshness.

3. Price Range

The variety of dates greatly influences how they are priced. Generally, Medjoul and Kalmi dates are priced higher compared to Omani. This is because the former variants are larger in size, offer a relatively softer texture, and are sweeter.

Happilo Premium International Dates – Our Review Factors

When it comes to dried dates, texture is as significant as taste. Are they soft, fleshy, and moist? Is the signature caramely flavor retained?

We gauged the dates on these parameters and others like nutritional values, size of the seed, etc. 

1. Taste

Since they are best used as a plant-based sweetener, were these dates sweet enough? 

2. Texture

Dates have a characteristic fudgy, fleshy texture. Did these packaged dried dates retain the moisture? Are they easy to blend? Or do the dates need to be soaked in warm water?

3. Freshness and Quality

Bugs/insects in dried dates is a common occurrence if the drying procedure followed is not as prescribed. Certain types of dates need to be sun-dried for a longer duration as compared to others. 

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Sweetness and chewiness are other factors indicative of quality. Let’s find out how Happilo did on these parameters. 

4. Nutritional Benefits

Just like taste, nutritional benefits also vary in fresh and dried dates. In fact, different types of dried dates have unique properties in terms of appearance, taste, moisture levels, nutritional profiles, etc.

Happilo Premium International Dates Flavours – Detailed Review

happilo premium international dates review
The dates are packed in vibrant resealable pouches.

Here’s all you need to know about the three variants of Happilo Premium International dates we reviewed. 

But before we dive deeper into the review, it is worth noting that- Dates are essentially a fruit and therefore, not every piece will have the same level of sweetness. 

Happilo Dates Buy Now
King Medjoul On Amazon
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Omani On Amazon

1. King Medjoul

Freshness- 5/5
Texture- 5/5

Widely renowned as ‘the fruit of Kings’, King Medjoul dates are harvested at the peak of ripeness. 

Among the three boxes of dried dates we reviewed, the King Medjool dates were the largest in size. A fresh and mahogany-colored appearance looked very appealing. 

Contrary to popular belief, these Medjoul dates aren’t ‘dried’. In fact, these were so soft and chewy, it felt like we were relishing freshly harvested dates! Happilo’s Medjoul dates were exceptionally plump and quite large in size. To put it into perspective, a 200 g pouch holds around 10-11 pieces. 

Dates tend to develop a whitish layer at times. This is just the process of the natural sugars crystalizing. This layer/skin on the dates we tried was very thin. The fruit (under the skin) was super soft. It had a meaty bite to it that was very close to a fudge-like texture! 

Talking about the taste, we witnessed fresh and natural sweetness. It not only looked but also tasted very caramely. Full marks from Team Mishry!

king medjoul happilo dates in a bowl
Happilo King Medjoul dates are large-sized.
cross sectional look at king medjoul happilo dates in a plate
These fibrous dates have a soft, fudgy texture.


  • Happilo King Medjoul dates come in 200-gram pouches.
  • These dates are suitable for vegans. 
  • They are non-GMO verified.
  • These are devoid of preservatives, added flavors or sugar. 
  • They contain no cholesterol. 


  • Happilo King Medjoul dates are quite large and plump.
  • We LOVED the soft and fudgy bite they had!
  • These dates had the natural sweetness they are known for. 
  • The moisture content (juiciness) is remarkable. 
  • The resealable pouch pack adds convenience. 

Best Suited For

Happilo King Medjoul dates are perfect for preparing energy bites at home.

All you need to do is deseed the dates and stuff them with nuts of choice (almonds/cashews) and voila! Your pre/post-workout snack is ready. 

Alternatively, you can make a luscious date paste with these juicy dates. This natural sweetener can be added to smoothies, drizzled over oatmeal/salads, and into soups, stews, or sauces that need some sweetness.

2. Omani 

Freshness- 4/5
Texture- 4/5

The Omani dates we tried during our review were marginally smaller compared to King Medjoul dates.

That said, our box was a mix of medium to large-sized dates. These had a deep brown appearance. The seeds are small and light in size and weight, respectively. Omani dates weren’t as soft or juicy as the first variant we tried but they did showcase the characteristic fibrous fudginess. 

Packed in resealable pouches (250 g), there were around 35 pieces of Omani dates. Overall, these were adequately sweet. 

Did You Know?- From one of the top 10 date producers in the world, Omani dates are traditionally served with coffee in Oman homes.

omani happilo dates in a bowl
The Omani dates are comparatively smaller.
cross sectional look at omani happilo date in a plate
These had the smallest seeds.


  • These gluten-free dates are 100% naturally dried.
  • They contain no preservatives/additives.
  • These have a shelf life of 12 months.
  • A 250 gram pouch is priced at Rs 175.


  • Happilo Omani dates have a chewy bite.
  • The fudgy texture makes it suitable for consumption as they come.
  • The moisture and sweetness levels are commendable. 
  • Quite easy to deseed. 

Best Suited For

Since these dates are slightly more dried, they are the ideal option for baked goods. 

Chewy cookies and brownies? Add chopped chunks of Omani dates.

3. Queen Kalmi

Freshness- 4/5
Texture- 4/5

Queen Kalmi dates are the most sought-after for their flavor and texture. Typically, they are cylindrical and wrinkly. 

Happilo Queen Kalmi dates had a relatively firmer flesh (skin). They had a deep brown surface and were the longest amongst all three from the range. 

The bite of these dates weren’t as fudgy or soft as Medjoul and Omani variants. However, the date itself is soft, like they usually are. 

The sweetness? Spot-on!

queen kalmi happilo dates in a bowl
The Queen Kalmi dates have an elongated shape.
cross sectional look at queen kalmi happilo date
Here’s a cross sectional view.


  • These are sourced from Saudi Arabia.
  • They are 100% naturally dried.
  • These dates are devoid of preservatives or additives.
  • They contain no added sugar.
  • These are nitrogen-packed that helps retain freshness. 


  • These Kalmi dates have just the right amount of sweetness.
  • They have a firmer bite.
  • These fibrous dates are the longest.

Best Suited For

Trying to replace your sugar-loaded cookies/biscuits with something equally sweet? These Queen Kalmi dates might be the sweetest alternative.

Our Top Picks & Recommendations

We chose Happilo King Medjoul dates as our Top Pick for the caramely sweetness and the chewiest texture. In addition to this, they also tasted extremely fresh and had a juicy bite! To sum it up, we loved this variant!

Final Words

happilo dates reviewed variants in a plate
Omani(left), King Medjoul(centre) and Queen Kalmi(right)

High fiber, low glycemic index aka no rapid insulin spike aka sustained energy levels, these natural caramel-like fruits are truly superfoods! Often found in the baking aisle, dried dates are the globally-loved plant-based sweeteners. 

We had a wonderful experience with all three variants. From crunchy, nutty fillings to creating a base for sugar-free mithais, these dates are versatile!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Happilo Premium International Dates

1. Do these dates have anti-inflammatory properties?

Yes, dates naturally contain phytonutrients that may reduce inflammation after regular consumption. 

2. How many dates can be consumed each day?

One can consume 4-5 dates daily. 

3. Do these dates contain a lot of sugar?

Yes, but it is natural sugar. 

4. Can diabetic patients have these dates?

Definitely! Dates are rich in fiber which slows down their digestion. For a wholesome snack, stuff a few dates with nuts of your choice. 

5. Are these dates good for cholesterol?

Anything in moderation should be fine. 

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