Hamdard Roohafza Lassi Review - Mishry (2023)
hamdard roohafza lassi review

Is Hamdard’s RoohAfza Lassi Worth Trying? (2024)

With an inviting hue and appealing aroma, Hamdard Roohafza Lassi packs in beautiful flavors of rose, making it a must-have summer beverage.

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Mishry Rating

4 / 5
4 / 5


Hamdard RoohAfza Lassi packs the same great rose flavor with a well-rounded sweetness. This refreshing beverage has an even consistency throughout and tastes best chilled.

Summer evenings or welcoming guests, Roohafza sharbat has been a staple in most of our homes, way before colas and iced teas became the norm.

It took on a new avatar when the same flavor was infused in the creaminess of lassi. In our Hamdard Rooh Afza Lassi review, we decode if the characteristic flavors are retained or not and rate it on 5.

Should you get this or skip it?

All you must know about this beverage is detailed in the table below.

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Hamdard Rooh Afza Lassi Product Details
Price Rs 25/-
Net Quantity 180 ml
Main Ingredients
  • Toned milk curd
  • Sugar
  • Milk solids
Shelf Life  5 months
Mishry Rating

Our Review Factors

What factors did we base our Hamdard Rooh Afza review on?

The flavor and consistency of the beverage were the primary review-forming parameters. We also gauged the aroma, and appearance, among other non-tasting parameters. 

1. Taste

Did we get the original Rooh Afza flavor? The delicate floral notes of distilled rose? What about the creaminess of lassi? Could we taste the slight sourness of dahi? And the sweetness, was it balanced or overpowering? 

2. Consistency

The best lassi is one that has a rich, thick consistency. Not too thick, but not watery/flowy either. We were looking for a homestyle consistency.

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Does this packaged lassi deliver on it?

3. Other Parameters

The price, packaging, ingredients, and other parameters were gauged here. 

Roohafza Lassi – Detailed Review

Price + Packaging

This lassi comes in a pink and white tetra pack. It has a straw attached to the carton. One carton holds 180 ml and is priced at Rs 25/- with a shelf life of five months. 

Main Ingredients

This lassi is made with toned milk curd (45%), water, sugar, milk solids, stabilizer (INS 440), flavor (nature identical flavoring substances), acidity regulator (INS 330), color (INS 124).

hamdard roohafza lassi packaging
The packaging of this lassi looks vibrant.

Aroma + Appearance

The color was exactly like that of Rooh Afza mixed in milk, a pleasing pink (Hello, 90’s nostalgia!). This was smooth and even, there were no lumps or spots of cream or malai. 

Flavor + Consistency

We poured our lassi in a glass for better visual assessment. It had a decent consistency, the lassi was neither too thick nor too watery, and this was even throughout. The aroma was floral and refreshing, very close to what a rose lassi would smell like. We hit with large waves of nostalgia on tasting the first sip. Taste-wise, this was IDENTICAL to the OG syrup. It had natural notes of rose with a rounded sweetness. 

quick look at hamdard roohafza lassi
This refreshing beverage has a balanced sweetness.
Taste- 4/5
Consistency- 4/5
  • Same great flavor
  • Decent consistency
  • Balanced sweetness
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Refreshing

Craving Rooh Afza on the go? This packaged lassi by Hamdard Rooh Afza will satiate your mind, body, soul.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Hamdard Roohafza Lassi.

Yes, this is a better option compared to sugar-loaded sodas and juices. That said, mindful consumption is recommended.

One serve everyday should be okay. Try to manage your sugar consumption throughout the day.

Not really, this feels light on the palette and tummy.

No, but if you are lactose intolerant, this may not be for you.

Final Words

Slurp slurp… Hamdard Roohafza Lassi had us going down memory lane with the refreshing sweetness and notes of rose. This lassi had the same delightful flavors of rose, but with the consistency of a lassi. We quite liked it and you’d be missing out if you skip this.

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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