Haldiram's Lite Chiwda: Price, Flavor and Reviews

Haldiram’s Lite Chiwda: #FirstImpressions

Do you love namkeen as much as we do? We tried Haldiram’s Lite Chiwda and here is what we think about it.

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When you are on a diet, you are constantly looking for low-fat snacks that can help you sail through the day with ease. Many companies claim that their snack has nailed it in the diet food section and is perfectly healthy to consume. But is it so? Are those diet snacks really worthy of entering your body? Haldiram’s Lite Chiwda, advertises itself to come under the ‘sensible snacking’ banner. Let’s find out how they tasted and if they made the cut to be labelled as a ‘diet’ snack.

What you need know – Haldiram’s Lite Chiwda

*As per information given on the pack

  • Contains palm oil
  • Provides 516 calories per 100 grams
  • Consists of flaked rice and gram pulse flour

Haldiram’s Lite Chiwda

A crunchy flaked rice namkeen that is not quite a diet snack.

MRP – Rs 30/- for a 150 grams pack

*Price at the time of review

#FirstImpression of Haldiram’s Lite Chiwda

Haldiram’s Lite Chiwda is a mildly flavored namkeen. The rice flakes are crispy and crunchy. The sev is light and airy. Overall, it is a savory crunchy namkeen to enjoy with tea, or when you feel a little peckish.

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However, its also one of those snacks, which you will end up picking up assuming that is it is ‘diet’ namkeen without understanding the complete picture. The list of ingredients clearly lists palm oil, sugar powder, and starch, which are not particularly health-friendly ingredients. 100 grams of this chiwda provides over 500 calories.

As far as the taste is concerned, there are no issues with it. But if you are picking this up for the health or diet aspect, think twice.

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