Haldiram's Javitri Papad Review - Mishry
haldiram's javitri papad review

Haldiram’s Javitri Papad Review – Mishry

Haldiram’s Javitri Papad has a prominent crunch and tastes delicious. More details on the product below.

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4 / 5
4 / 5


We loved the bold flavor of mace and mild peppery kick in this javitri papad by Haldirams. The crunch is spot on.

Be it a piping hot plate of dal chawal or khichdi, a side of papad is always welcome. Fry them or roast them but you cannot ignore them! Papads or popadoms are a common sight in many households and lends a crunch to any meal. Commonly made using lentils you will also come across papads made using dals, rice flour, potatoes and even sabudana

We recently reviewed Haldiram’s Punjabi Masala Papad and loved the bold flavor. For our current review, we picked up Haldiram’s Javitri Papad to gauge how close well it delivers on the flavor. Is it crunchy? Find out all details in our Haldriam’s Javitri Papad review.

Haldiram’s Javitri Papad – Everything You Need To Know

haldiram’s javitri papad packaging
The overall packaging of Haldiram’s Javitri Papad

Find out different details related to Haldiram’s Javitri Papad in this section starting with the packaging to the shelf life. 

1. Packaging

Haldiram’s papad comes in a brown color pack. The pack is not resealable. The back of the pack mentions the cooking instructions and an easy recipe.

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2. Main Ingredients

Here is the list of main ingredients that go into the making of Haldiram’s Javitri Papad – 

Green gram pulse flour, Black gram pulse flour, Salt (sodium chloride), Sodium bicarbonate (500(ii)), Black pepper, Vegetable oil (palmolein), Mace and Asafoetida.   

3. Taste

Javitri also known as mace is known to impart a certain warmth to dishes along with a spicy kick. It has a flavor similar to that of pepper and cinnamon. 

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Haldiram’s Javitri papad are well-seasoned and have a prominent warmth of mace, which justifies the flavor tag. These papads have a medium spice level with a slight peppery punch. 

Did you know? Javitri (Mace) and Jaiphal (Nutmeg) come from the same Myristica fragrans tree. Nutmeg is derived from the seed and mace is obtained from the covering of the seed. 

4. Appearance & Aroma 

Appearance-wise, these papads are round and thin. We could see mini shreds of javitri spread across the papad unevenly. There were also a few noticeable specs of black pepper seen on the papad. 

Javitri is strong, aromatic and has an almost spicy aroma, which we could smell when we opened the pack.

5. Crunch + Texture

The crunch of a papad is very significant. After all, who would prefer eating a soggy papad? 

Haldiram’s Javitri papad has a pronounced crunch. We cooked these papads on both a gas stove and microwave. The papad turned out to be crisp using both the methods. 

6. Nutritional Information 

Here is the nutritional information related to the Haldiram’s Javitri Papad per 100 gm : 

Energy : 289 kcal, Protein : 20 gm, Total Fat – 1 gm, and Carbohydrates : 50 gm. 

7. Price Range

A 200 gm pack is priced at Rs. 52/-.

8. Shelf Life

The shelf life is 5 months.

Haldiram’s Javitri Papad – Detailed Review

Haldiram’s Javitri Papad Product Details 
Price  MRP 52
Net Quantity  200 gm 
Main Ingredients Green gram pulse flour, Black gram pulse flour, Salt (sodium chloride), Sodium bicarbonate (500(ii)), Black pepper, Vegetable oil (palmolein), Mace and Asafoetida.  
Shelf Life  5 months


The pack mentions 3 methods of cooking the papad : roasting, microwaving and frying. For our review, we cooked the papad using the gas stove and the microwave method. These papads turned out to be super crispy using both the methods.

They have a medium spice level. The flavor of javitri is quite prominent and the black pepper adds a subtle heat to these papads. 

We tried having these papads with amla-hara dhaniya chutney and loved how the combination tasted.

haldiram's javitri papad placed on a table after opening the pack
The first look of the papads after opening the pack
closer look at haldiram's javitri papad
Close look at the uncooked papads
microwaving haldiram's javitri papad
The papad being cooked in a microwave
haldiram's javitri papad post cooking in a microwave
Our review setup post cooking the papad in a microwave
roasted haldirams javitri papad on a table
Overhead view of the roasted Haldiram’s Javitri papad
roasted haldiram's javitri papad in a plate with chutney
Haldiram’s Javitri papad is well seasoned
closer look at roasted haldiram's javitri papad
The flavor of Javitri is prominent!


  • A 200 gm pack of Haldiram Javitri Papad is priced at INR 52.
  • The shelf life of this product is 5 months. 
  • Main ingredients : Green gram pulse flour, Black gram pulse flour, Salt (sodium chloride), Sodium bicarbonate (500(ii)), Black pepper, Vegetable oil (palmolein), Mace and Asafoetida.  
  • You can cook these papads in 3 different ways – roast, microwave and fry. 


  • These papads are well seasoned. 
  • The flavor of javitri comes out boldly. 
  • These papads turn out to be super crispy. 
  • We loved the slight heat added by the black pepper. 

Best Suited For

Love the flavor of mace? Haldiram’s Javitri Papad is sure to be your next favorite.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Haldiram’s Javitri Papad.

1. What is the price of Haldiram’s Javitri Papad? 

This pack is priced at Rs 52/-. 

2. Can this papad be paired with tea or coffee?

Papads are best paired with dal-chawal, pulao, Sindhi curry-chawal, and khichdi etc.

3. Can this papad be paired with green chutney?

Yes, you can pair these papads with green chutney. We did so and found it to be delicious.

4. Can this papad be eaten everyday?

It is best to consume papads in limited quantities as it may lead to digestive issues amongst some.

Final Words

Haldiram’s Javitri Papad nailed our review test with the bold flavor of javitri and that crispy texture! We highly recommend giving these papads a try especially if you love the flavor of mace. Enjoy these as a side dish with khichdi, dal chawal, raita or as a masala papad.

Share with us your favorite papad recipes in the comments below.

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