Haldiram's Instant Vegetable Biryani Review

Haldiram’s Instant Vegetable Biryani Review

Sadly nothing works for this instant rice meal. We do not recommend Haldiram’s Instant Vegetable Biryani!

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Over time, we have reviewed a lot of instant rice meals, out of which some have exceeded our expectations and some have been a major flop show. While we do not keep freshly made biryani as the benchmark while reviewing instant biryanis, we do expect freshness and palatable flavors. Instant meals have improved in the past few years and are full of flavors resembling a homemade meal. But if convenience is all a meal provides and the flavor is nowhere to be found, would you still buy it? That is what happened when we reviewed Haldiram’s Cup Shup Instant Vegetable Biryani. We could not find a single aspect that worked in the meal. Read our full review.

Haldiram’s Cup Shup Instant Vegetable Biryani

Haldiram’s Vegetable Biryani Instant Meal is unappetising.

MRP – Rs 70/-*

Net weight – 70 grams

Approx rehydrated weight – 210 grams

*Price at the time of review

*As per information given on the pack

  • Contains milk and wheat components.
  • Shelf life – 10 months
  • It provides 393.4 Kcal of energy per 100 grams.

Basmati rice (29%), Carrots (12%), French beans (10%), Green peas (8%), Cauliflower (7%), Butter, Milk cream, Yogurt, Salt, Edible vegetable oil (Sunflower), Mint leaves, Lime juice, Ginger, Green chilli, Coriander leaves, Spices, Cumin, Red chilli powder, Turmeric powder, Soup powder, Corn flour, Edible vegetable fat, Spices & condiments, Hydrolysed protein (vegetable), Flavoring agent (keora), Dispersing agent, Acidity regulator and Antioxidant.

Quick Review Of Haldiram’s Cup Shup Vegetable Biryani Instant Meal

Price and packaging – The Haldiram’s Vegetable Biryani comes in a plastic tub packaging. The food is packed in a silver packet and then placed inside the tub. It has a paper napkin and a plastic spoon inside making it a convenient instant anytime-anywhere meal. A single meal is priced at Rs 70/-.

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Packaging of Haldiram's Cup Shup Vegetable Biryani

Pre-Cooked Stage – Before we added water, we could see a lot of dehydrated vegetables like cauliflower, carrots, beans, and peas. The rice is long grain. The aroma of the dry meal is very unappetizing and the masala and mint aroma are off-balance. 

Pre Cooking Stage

How we made it – We made the Haldiram’s vegetable biryani as per the instructions given on the pack. After emptying the contents in the tub, we poured hot water until the indicated line. We mixed it, closed the lid, and set it aside for 8 minutes as mentioned.

After cooking – The core of a good biryani is made up of three things – long-grain rice, succulent meat (or vegetables), and aromatics. The delicate balance of spices, meat, and cooking of rice can make or break a biryani.


As soon as we opened the lid of the meal, the unappetizing aroma put us off. Even though the vegetables re-hydrated nicely and the rice grains plumped up adequately, the aroma and look of the biryani was disappointing. The meal lacks freshness and does not taste good. We could not put our finger on any particular flavor, and all of them were indistinguishable. 

Haldiram's Cup Shup Vegetable Biryani Instant Meal

Sadly, there isn’t one aspect that is nice where it could work or we could find some relief. 

We refuse to put a rating for this product.

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