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haldiram's golden mixture review

Haldiram’s Golden Mixture Review – Flavorful Crunchy Namkeen

Haldiram’s Golden Mixture is a crunchy snack with medium spice levels. We relished every bite of this golden mixture.

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Mishry Rating

4 / 5
4 / 5


Haldiram’s Golden Mixture has multiple components that pack in different flavors and textures. We loved the fact that it is not oily to touch. It is a perfect evening snack option to munch on.

Be it for mid-meal hunger pangs or something salty to go with your evening tea, snacks are an inevitable part of our daily diet.

Haldiram’s is a known brand serving a variety of namkeens and snacks for years. A mix of different ingredients, Haldiram’s Golden Mixture was our pick for our current review.

More details on the price, packaging, taste and texture covered in our Haldiram’s Golden Mixture review.

We reviewed Haldiram’s Lite Mixture. Here’s our take on the product.

A short tabular representation of the product details for Haldiram’s Golden Mixture : 


Haldiram’s Golden Mixture  Product Details 
Price  Rs 30
Net Quantity 150 gm 
Mishry Rating  4
Main Ingredients 
  • Gram pulse flour
  • Edible vegetable oil (cotton seed, corn and palmolein oil)
  • Gram pulse
  • Peanuts
  • Lentils
  • Green Peas 
Nutritional Information (per 100gm) Energy : 549.1 kcal

Protein : 15.5 gm 

Total Sugar : 6.1 gm 

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Total Fat : 35.5 gm

Shelf Life  6 months 

Our Review Factors

What are we looking for? A mix of different textures and flavors. We were looking for a tasty, crunchy namkeen that has no off-putting, oily aroma or mouthfeel.

Here is a detailed explanation on the different review parameters for Haldiram’s Golden Mixture : 

1. Taste 

This segment revolves around how flavorful is this namkeen. Is the salt level balanced? What about the spiciness? Is it mild, balanced or fiery? Any strong aftertaste of the spices used? Any oily aftertaste?

2. Texture 

How crisp is the texture of the different ingredients added to this golden mixture? Is the crunch prominent in every bite? Is it oily to touch? Does it feel light on the palate? Any component that feels soggy or stale? 

3. Other Parameters


A well packed namkeen helps retain the freshness of the snack. How secure is the packaging? Is it resealable?


Is this priced competitively?

Haldiram’s Golden Mixture – Detailed Review

Product Inspection: Haldiram’s Golden Mixture comes in a red color non-resealable pack. The price of the 150 gm pack is INR 30.

haldiram’s golden mixture packaging
The packaging of Haldiram’s Golden Mixture.

Team Mishry’s Experience: Haldiram’s Golden Mixture contains a mix of the following : Peanut halves, green peas, besan gathiya, flat papri, sev, whole peanuts (red peel on), gram dal, and red lentils. 

Here are the details on the taste and texture of the different components :

Peanut Halves: These are roasted peanuts that are well salted. Texture-wise, they depict a low to medium crunch. 

Green Peas: These have a medium spicy taste. Though the green peas are hard to bite, they are crunchy. 

Besan Gathiya: This component does not taste bland. The ajwain seeds and hing lend a delicious taste to the besan gathiya. 

Flat Papri: These are tangy in taste. Texture-wise, it is neither fully crunchy nor does it feel soggy. It has a medium crispness. 

Sev: These are tangy in taste. The flavor of clove adds some heat here and enhances the taste. The slight hint of sweetness balances the tanginess of the sev.  

Whole Peanuts: These peanuts come with the peel on. These are fried and have a well-balanced salt level. 

Gram Dal: We loved the spicy flavor of the gram dal. It is perfectly crunchy! 

Red Lentils: With a slight hint of spiciness, these have a crisp texture.

close look at haldiram’s golden mixture
Haldiram’s Golden Mixture contains a burst of flavors.

Slightly sweet, slightly tangy and some heat! Haldiram’s Golden Mixture contains a mix of flavors and textures. There is a slight heat present in this mixture which comes through the sev. It enhances the overall taste. The tinge of hing lends a desirable taste.

Texture-wise, we have no complaints here. The mixture does not feel oily to touch. We liked that! None of the components in this mixture were soggy. They are crunchy.

Taste - 4/5
Texture - 4/5
  • This mixture has a well balanced salt level. 
  • It contains a burst of flavors. 
  • It is not oily. Thumbs up! 
  • The crispness of this golden mixture is commendable.
  • This mixture makes use of cotton seed oil and palmolein oil which tend to be high saturated fats.

Haldiram’s Golden Mixture is a great snacking option, for people who have a low to medium spice tolerance level. Serve it with tea, and your evening tea time is sorted. If you prepare homemade bhelpuri, you can add this mixture for some added crunch and give it a flavorful twist.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Haldiram’s Golden Mixture

This Golden Mixture from Haldiram’s has a low-medium spice level.

Haldiram’s Golden Mixture contains no preservatives.

Yes. Haldiram’s Golden Mixture is a vegetarian product.

This golden mixture uses cotton seed and palmolein oil which is high in saturated fat. Further, it also contains synthetic food color which is not ideal for regular consumption. Hence, it is best to indulge in this golden mixture occasionally.

To ensure that the freshness and crispness stays intact, it is best to store this mixture in an air-tight container after unpacking.

Final Verdict

Haldiram’s Golden Mixture is a tangy, sweet and well seasoned namkeen. The different components in this mixture add a nice crunch in every bite. Savor a bowl with a hot cup of tea and we bet you are gonna love this one! 

Are you a fan of Golden Mixture? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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