Gunsberg Ginger Ale Review - Mishry (2023)
gunsberg ginger ale

Gunsberg Ginger Ale is Refreshingly Zesty. Tried It Yet? (2024)

The crisp fizz, the zing of ginger, nothing to dislike here.

Mishry Rating

4.5 / 5
4 / 5
4 / 5


Gunsberg Ginger Ale gets a thumbs up from our team. Not just refreshing and low in calories, the characteristic ginger zest and heat were fairly pleasing.

Ginger ale is nothing but refreshing soda that is 10/10 worth a try. However, most packaged variants are cloyingly sweet with little to no flavor of the main ingredient. 

In our quest to find an aptly-flavored ginger ale with a crisp fizz, we ordered a six pack for our Gunsberg Ginger Ale review. We decode the flavor, the fizz, the freshness, and more. 

Quick details on this beverage are listed in the table below.

Gunsberg Ginger Ale Product Details
Price Rs 99/-
Net Quantity 330 ml
  • Carbonated water
  • Fresh ginger juice
  • Fresh lemon juice
Mishry Rating 4.1
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Our Review Factors

How did we review Gunsberg Ginger Ale? What were the factors we considered? 

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*Based on Mishry's internal reviews and ratings

The consistency, refreshing factor, flavor, and overall freshness were gauged. 

1. Flavor

Ginger ale is a refreshing beverage characterized by a sharp zest, a peppery kick, like the spice has. However, most packaged variants of ginger ale are syrup-like sweet due to the (surprisingly) large quantity of sugar/sweeteners added. We were looking for a fresh, natural ginger ale with a balanced sugar content. 

2. Fizz 

What we mean by fizz is that crispness which diminishes with each sip. It is what adds the refreshing aspect, what generates the ‘ah’ sound at the end of each sip. We assessed the CO2-pressurized beverage for how bubbly or crisp it was.

To understand more about the fizz in sodas and how temperature affects this, click here.

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3. Aroma

Like flavor, we looked for a non-artificial, peppery aroma of ginger, with citrusy notes of lime/lemon. 

4. Secondary Parameters

The price, packaging, shelf life, and ingredients were noted here. 

Gunsberg Ginger Ale – Detailed Review

Price + Packaging

This ginger ale comes in a brown glass bottle with a black label. Quite classy, we must say. It holds 330 ml of the beverage and is priced at Rs 99/- with a shelf life of six months. 

Main Ingredients

Carbonated Water, Reconstituted Apple Juice, Cane Sugar, Fresh Ginger Juice, Fresh Lemon Juice, Natural Flavours, Malic Acid, Citric Acid, and Preservatives (211, 202, 224) are the ingredients that go into the making. 

What is Reconstituted apple juice? It is an apple juice concentrate plus the same quantity of water that had been extracted during the concentration process.
So, what is it doing in ginger ale? Owing to the natural sweetness of the fruit, reconstituted apple juice is added here to enhance the flavor while adding a subtle sweetness to the beverage.

gunsberg ginger ale packing
Thumbs up for the plush packing.

Aroma + Appearance

Typically, ginger ale is a saturated citrusy yellow. This one by Gunsberg didn’t have the yellow undertones but was more like lemon water. We could see floating particles in the beverage. 

As for aroma, it was sharp and warm, exactly like ginger. 

Taste + Consistency

One thing is for certain. Gunsberg ginger ale does use real ginger, as the authentic peppery flavor with the pungency was prominent. This zing from ginger was fairly strong, in the sense, we could sense the sharpness at the back of our throat. What balanced this was the freshness of the lemon and the mild sweetness. 

As for the fizz, this has a crisp mouthfeel which did not disappoint. The fizz was strong which spoke of the freshness and quality too. 

gunsberg ginger ale appearance
The fizz was crisp and refreshing.
gunsberg ginger ale consistency
This had a lemon water-like appearance.
Flavor- 4.5/5
Fizz- 4/5
Aroma- 4/5
  • Strong fizz, crisp mouthfeel
  • Fresh, natural flavor of ginger
  • Rounded sweetness
  • Contains preservatives

Need a break from tea/coffee? This is a ginger-based carbonated beverage that will refresh you from within. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Gunsberg ginger ale.

Yes, this is a carbonated beverage. 

Yes, but it also contains preservatives. 

This is sweetened with cane sugar. It also contains reconstituted apple juice, which is added for flavor but doubles up as a sweetener. 

It can be had as it, and as a mixer too. Whiskey + gingerale = Classic combination.

Yes, it would taste better chilled. 

What’s The Verdict?

Gunsberg Ginger Ale was as refreshing as it was flavorful. Our positive experience was a result of the strong ginger-like zest, balanced sweetness, and bold fizz. 

Have you tried ginger ale before? How was your experience?

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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