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guide to eyelash extensions

Beginner’s Guide To Eyelash Extensions: All That You Need To Know

What are eyelash extensions and why should you get them? Here is your complete guide to eyelash extensions!

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Eyelash extensions are a cosmetic enhancement technique that helps enhance the appearance of your natural lashes.

These extensions are applied individually with a high-quality adhesive, giving a fuller, longer, and more defined lash line. The process involves attaching synthetic lashes to your natural lashes, while carefully selecting the perfect length and curl that best suits your eye shape, skin tone, and personal preferences.

The result is a stunning and natural-looking lash look that can be customized to match any style or occasion. If you are looking to elevate your lash game and flaunt your voluminous lashes, this detailed article is a must-read for you.

what are eyelash extensions

If you want to enhance the beauty of your eyes, lash extensions can be the perfect solution. The process involves attaching a single synthetic or natural hair strand to each natural eyelash. 

The materials used for the extensions can be silk, mink, or synthetic, and the ultimate goal is to create a fuller, longer, and more defined lash line. This helps to provide an illusion of thicker and more voluminous lashes, which can make your eyes look even more beautiful.

The process of attaching the extensions is meticulous and requires the technician to consider the length, thickness, and curve of each natural lash carefully. They use specific glue to attach the extensions to the natural lashes to get the desired look. 

You can choose from a range of lengths, curls, and styles of lash extensions, from a natural appearance to a more dramatic, glamorous one, depending on your preferences. However, it is essential to keep in mind that lash extensions require regular cleaning to maintain their appearance. 

As natural lashes go through their development cycle, the extensions may fall out, and fresh ones must be added to keep the appearance constant. To extend the life of lash extensions, regular maintenance is required, such as avoiding oil-based makeup removers and excessive rubbing. 

How Are Eyelash Extensions Applied?

Here are a few details on how the entire application of eyelash extensions work:

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eyelash extensions application

1. Choosing a Qualified Specialist

For applying lash extensions is imperative to ensure a safe and efficient procedure. Look for a reputable salon with experienced workers or a licensed lash technician.

2. Cleaning Natural Lashes

Before the application, ensure that your natural lashes are properly cleaned to eliminate any makeup, oils, or dirt. This will facilitate a stronger adhesive connection with your natural lashes.

3. Close Your Eyes

During the application process, you will be required to lie down and close your eyes. The lash specialist will extract a single natural lash using tweezers and apply an adhesive specifically designed for the purpose. This process will be repeated for every lash.

The lash extension glue takes time to adhere and dry, so you it is a must to keep your eyes closed during the process.  The technician may use a fan or a specialized instrument to hasten the drying process.

4. After Care

Following the application, the technician will give you aftercare instructions, which may include abstaining from steam, water, or oil-based products for a predetermined amount of time. Proper upkeep is essential to maintain the life of the lash extensions.

Benefits Of Using Eyelash Extensions

benefits of eyelash extension

Lash extensions are an incredible cosmetic procedure that offers numerous advantages, which can significantly enhance your appearance and convenience. Here are the top benefits of using lash extensions:

Enhanced Appearance

  • Lash extensions provide a thicker, more defined lash line that enhances the overall appeal of your eyes.
  • This gives you a younger, more revitalized look that will surely impress many. 


  • With lash extensions, you can choose from different lengths, thicknesses, and curls depending on your personal preferences. 
  • You can achieve a natural, subtle look, or go for a more dramatic style that makes a bold statement.

Boosts Confidence

  • Longer, thicker lashes can do wonders for your self-esteem and confidence. 
  • By improving the appearance of your eyes, you’ll feel more attractive and confident, which can positively impact your overall well-being.

Perfect for Special Occasions

  • Lash extensions can be a great addition for those who desire a stunning look without the everyday hassle of applying cosmetics. 
  • They are convenient for special events and occasions such as weddings, trips, or picture sessions. 
  • With lash extensions, you can achieve a dramatic and glamorous look that boosts your overall appearance.


  • One of the biggest advantages of lash extensions is that they are water-resistant.
  •  Unlike regular mascara, they are not affected by moisture, perspiration, or humidity.
  •  This feature can be particularly helpful in several circumstances, such as during physical activity or in hot, muggy weather.
  •  You can enjoy your favorite water-based activities without worrying about your lashes getting smudged or ruined.

Requires No Mascara 

  • One of the most significant advantages is that they eliminate the need for mascara. 
  • This can be especially helpful for people who wear contact lenses or have sensitive eyes, as it reduces the risk of smudging, clumping, or running.

What Are The Drawbacks Of Using Eyelash Extensions?

drawbacks of eyelash extension

Lash extensions are a popular cosmetic treatment used to enhance the appearance of eyelashes. Although they provide a stunning look, there are certain drawbacks that people should be aware of before opting for this treatment.

1. Expense

  • One of the major downsides of lash extensions is their cost. 
  • The initial treatment and the need for touch-ups to maintain the desired look can be relatively expensive. 
  • This might be a significant factor for people on a tight budget.

2. Care & Maintenance 

  • Lash extensions also require regular maintenance to keep them in their best condition.
  •  As natural lashes shed during their growth cycle, the extensions fall out as well. 
  • Therefore, touch-ups are needed every few weeks to maintain the desired appearance. 
  • This can be time-consuming and adds to the overall expense of the treatment.

3. Allergic Reactions

  • It’s important to note that certain individuals may have allergic reactions to the glue used to connect lash extensions. 
  • To prevent any negative responses, it is recommended to undergo a patch test before going through the entire treatment. 
  • If an allergic response occurs, symptoms such as swelling, itching, or redness may appear.

4. Time Consuming 

  • It’s worth noting that applying lash extensions for the first time can be a time-consuming procedure, taking several hours on average.
  •  This could be inconvenient for those with busy schedules or for those who lack the patience to sit through the entire process.

5. Damage to Natural Eyelashes

  • It’s also important to be aware that lash extensions have the potential to damage natural lashes if not put on or taken off properly.
  •  Over time, improper application or removal methods may cause the natural lashes to become weaker or even break.

6. Temporary Solution

  • It’s essential to note that these extensions are not permanent and have a restricted duration. 
  • They typically last a few weeks before falling out due to the natural cycle of lash shedding.
  •  To maintain the desired look, routine touch-ups may be required.

7. Unnatural Feel

  • It’s essential to consider that lash extensions may feel unnatural, particularly in the beginning when you’re getting used to them. 
  • Some people may find it difficult to bear the extra weight of the extensions, causing discomfort or a conscious feeling of their existence.
  •  Therefore, before investing in lash extensions, it’s crucial to weigh the pros and cons to determine whether they are the right fit for your beauty needs and lifestyle.

8. Difficult to Remove

  • To protect natural lashes, lash extensions should only be removed by professionals. 
  • Natural lashes may break and fall out if someone tries to remove them at home or employs an untrained expert.

9. Prone to Infections 

  • It is important to take appropriate hygiene measures when getting lash extensions as there is a possibility of bacterial or fungal infections.
  •  Therefore, it is best to choose a reputable and clean salon to minimize this risk.

Alternative to Eyelash Extensions? Let’s Explore 


  • Mascara is one of the most common substitutes which is  applied to the lashes to enhance the length, add definition, and darkness. 
  • While mascara is an inexpensive and easy-to-use solution that provides an instant fix for thicker lashes, it also has its own drawbacks. 
  • For instance, it does not offer a long-lasting effect and may smudge or clump, which can be frustrating.
  • Additionally, daily application and removal can be time-consuming and might be unsuitable for individuals with busy lifestyles. 

Strip Lashes 

  • False eyelashes, also known as strip lashes, are a popular beauty accessory that instantly adds volume, length, and thickness to your natural lashes.
  • They are made up of pre-made lash clusters or strips, that are applied above the natural lash line using adhesive.
  • False eyelashes come in several styles ranging from natural to dramatic, to match any occasion or preference.
  • One of the main benefits of false eyelashes is the ease of application.
  • Unlike other lash extensions, strip lashes are easy to apply and remove, making them a practical choice for everyday wear or special events.
  • False eyelashes can also be easily removed at the end of the day, without causing any damage to your natural lashes.

However, there are some cons to consider before trying false eyelashes.

  • The weight of the lashes may cause discomfort or irritation to some individuals, making them unsuitable for extended wear.
  • Additionally, false eyelashes require frequent reapplication, which can be time-consuming and inconvenient.
  •  If not applied or removed properly, they may also harm your natural lashes, leading to breakage or loss over time.

Eyelash Perming 

  • Lash lifting, also known as eyelash perming, is a cosmetic treatment that involves curling the natural lashes using a perming solution to create the illusion of longer and raised lashes.
  • The procedure aims to enhance the appearance of the lashes, making them look more voluminous and attractive.
  • The treatment has several advantages, including providing a natural-looking effect that lasts for a few weeks and eliminating the need for an eyelash curler.

However, it is essential to note that there are some cons when it comes to lash lifting.

  • For instance, it does not add thickness or volume to the lashes, and the lifting effect is transient, requiring the treatment to be repeated regularly.
  • Additionally, skilled application is needed to avoid any kind of potential damage to the delicate eye area.

Eyelash Tinting 

  • Eyelash tinting is a cosmetic procedure that involves applying a special semi-permanent dye to the lashes to enhance their color and make them look more prominent.
  • This process is often preferred by people who want to preserve the natural color of their lashes without the hassle of applying mascara every day.
  • One of the biggest advantages of eyelash tinting is that it lasts for several weeks, which means that you won’t have to worry about reapplying the dye frequently.
  • Moreover, it can help eliminate the need for mascara, which can be a lifesaver for people, who are always on the go.
  • However, it is important to note that eyelash tinting should only be done by a professional to ensure the best results.
  •  Additionally, the effects of the procedure may not be permanent, and you should not expect it to add any volume or length to your lashes.

DIY Fixes

  • While conditioning and promoting lash growth, many people prefer to use homemade remedies or natural oils like castor or coconut oil.
  • The benefits of such remedies are that they are natural, affordable, and a quick fix.
  • However, it’s important to note that some people may be allergic to certain ingredients, and the results may not always be consistent or provide the desired outcome.
  • Therefore, it’s always best to test the ingredients on a small patch of skin, before applying them to your lashes.

Lash Fiber Mascara

  • Lash Fiber Mascara is a type of mascara that contains tiny threads that adhere to your natural lashes to create the impression of longer and fuller lashes.
  • This type of mascara is a popular choice among makeup lovers due to its ease of application and the ability to quickly boost your lash length and volume.
  • It can be easily removed using a typical makeup remover, which makes it a convenient and viable option for everyday use.
  • However, it’s important to note that fiber mascara doesn’t provide a long-term solution for achieving fuller lashes and may sometimes clump.
  • To achieve a natural and polished look, precise application is required to avoid a messy appearance.

Eyelash Serum 

  • These serums contain a combination of peptides and vitamins that can nourish and strengthen lashes, leading to a fuller and more defined look.
  • One of the main advantages of eyelash serums is that they can be easily applied at home, making them a convenient option for anyone looking to enhance their natural lashes.
  •  Additionally, they are generally comfortable to use and can be incorporated into a daily beauty routine.
  • But do note that the final results may vary and it may take a few weeks to see visible improvements.
  • It is also possible that some people may experience allergies or adverse effects, so it is important to speak with a healthcare professional before using any new product.


When thinking about getting lash extensions, it is important to balance the benefits and drawbacks in addition to your budget, lifestyle, and personal preferences. To achieve the best possible results and minimize risks, it’s essential to seek the services of a skilled and experienced professional. 

When it comes to optimally boosting the appearance of your natural lashes, don’t accept anything less than the finest.

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