Guests Will Gobble These Chicken Nuggets In Under A Minute. Here’s Why!

Guests Will Gobble These Chicken Nuggets In Under A Minute. Here’s Why!

Here’s why you must have these chicken nuggets by ITC Masterchef at your home!

Why trust us?

Our reviews are research-based, and all trials and testings are conducted in-house over days and weeks. We have a strict no-free-sample policy to ensure our reviews are fair and impartial.

Whether your guests decide to show up unannounced or you have a sudden craving for a fried snack, we have a quick and crunchy solution for you. Hosting guests can be a task if you’re not prepared. Instead of spending time chatting and mingling with them, you’re stuck in the kitchen cutting, chopping, baking, and panicking.

Presenting these frozen yummies, tried and tasted in our review kitchen earlier. When we reviewed ITC Masterchef Crunchy Chicken Nuggets, its crunchy exterior and juicy interior were factors that everyone in the taste-team highly appreciated.


The chicken nuggets by ITC turned out to be our top pick, for they had a perfectly juicy inside that complemented their crunchy exterior. Thus, the overall taste was exactly what we were looking for in our nuggets.

  • These chicken nuggets come in packs of 25 pieces.

  • There are three different cooking methods suggested on the packaging.

  • The bread coating gives a crunchy texture.

  • The chicken nuggets are lightly seasoned.

You might think frozen goods need to be thawed or allowed to reach room temperature. That’s not the case. You can directly toss these in a pan of hot oil.

How did the ITC Chicken Nuggets fair in our review?

After sampling the chicken nuggets from ITC Masterchef and other competing brands, we concluded that ITC Masterchef Crunchy Chicken Nuggets had the crunchiest nuggets. They are available in a decent-sized triangular shape. Standard refined oil was used for the frying process. No thawing was required. We sampled these nuggets with homemade mint chutney and a chili-garlic sauce too. The nuggets tasted equally delicious with both.

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We reviewed 4 brands of Chicken Nuggets and the best is…

We spent 48 hours sampling a range of the most popular chicken nuggets, and we have no complaints. These frozen packs are available online as well as offline, in stores. ITC’s Crispy Chicken Nuggets are hands down, the winner. The crunchy coating goes exceptionally well with the juicy chicken. As for appearance, these nuggets, unlike regular frozen foods do not have a crumbly exterior.

Tastiest Chicken Nuggets (Frozen)

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