Grab A Green Dahi Ke Kebab Review - Mishry (2023)
grab a green dahi ke kebab

Grab A Green’s Dahi Kebab Are Delicately Delicious (2024)

Grab A Green Dahi Ke Kebab make for a fresh and flavorful addition to snack platters. The creamy mouthfeel had us drooling.

Mishry Rating

4 / 5
4 / 5


Soft and fresh, Grab A Green Dahi Ke Kebab make for a delightful vegetarian snack. These taste fresh but pack natural flavors of ingredients.

Grab A Green’s Dahi Kebab made it to Mishry’s Best of 2023 List.

Grab A Green Kebab best of 2023

Soft on the inside, crisp on the outside. No, this isn’t a description of personality traits, its how we like our dahi kebabs to be.

Dahi kebabs are truly something else. A melt-in-the-mouth filling with a crisp coating, pair them with a chilled coriander chutney, and oh la la, you’re in for a treat. Though the preparation is fairly simple, there are times we look for convenience. Specifically from RTE, frozen products. Presenting our Grab A Green Dahi Ke Kebab review, which did a seemingly great job at this.

You should try this, and here are all the reasons why.

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*Based on Mishry's internal reviews and ratings

Crucial details are mentioned in the table below. 

Grab A Green Dahi Ke Kebab Product Details
Price Rs 250/-
Net Quantity 300 grams (10 pieces)
Main Ingredients
  • Hung curd
  • Cheese
  • Flour
Mishry Rating 4

Our Review Factors

How did we review Grab A Green Dahi Ke Kebab?

The parameters we set were taste and texture but we also gauged this snack on the convenience, the ingredients, and overall quality. 

1. Taste

Dahi kebabs have a characteristic flavor. They are mildly sour and have the freshness of ginger, chilli or coriander. These are made using dairy products like hung curd and cheese. Do the kebabs taste fresh? Is the seasoning appetizing?

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2. Texture

We were looking for kebabs that cook properly within the given time frame and develop a crisp exterior, with a soft, melt-in-the-mouth filling. 

How did Grab A Green Kebabs fare?

3. Other Parameters

Here, we recorded the price, packaging, ingredients, and shelf life. 

Grab A Green Dahi Ke Kebab – Detailed Review

Price + Packaging

A 300-gram pack is priced at Rs 250/-. It holds 10 pieces and has a shelf life of 12 months. These are dual packed, there is a resealable pouch and another one inside. 

Main Ingredients

These kebabs are made with hung curd, cheese, flour, spices, acidity regulator, coriander, ginger, iodised salt, sugar, and pepper. 

How did we make them?

There are three possible methods of cooking these- air frying, shallow frying, or deep frying. We deep fried the kebabs, as this was the only properly explained method. 

In pre-heated oil, we added one batch of the kebabs and let them fry till they developed a light golden brown surface. 

grab a green dahi ke kebab packing
Visual consistency was maintained.

Aroma + Appearance

The kebabs were almost identical looking and none were broken, thumbs up for that. These were round and thick. Each kebab weighed approximately 28-30 grams. 

The aroma was natural, with cardamom and cinnamon being the most prominent. Once cooked, the kebabs had browed unevenly.

Taste + Texture

First things first, the kebabs do not soak up too much oil and takes around five minutes to cook. 

We liked the texture and mouthfeel of these kebabs a lot. The cover was thin and crisp, while the inside was rich, soft, and light. A great pairing!

Coming to the flavors, these worked in the favor of these kebabs. Typically, we look for a creamy flavor with a chilli kick, the freshness of coriander, and some warmth from ginger. All these elements were present proportionately here. Moreover, the spice was rounded, so those with a low spice tolerance can savor these too. 

PS- take extra care while frying these as they are quite fragile and tend to break. 

grab a green dahi ke kebab appearance
Soft and fresh-tasting, we liked these.
Taste- 4/5
Texture- 4/5
  • Time and effort-efficient preparation
  • Fresh taste
  • Desirable texture
  • No broken pieces
  • The label could have been a bit more detailed.

These kebabs make for a rich, refreshing alternative to classic snacks like aloo tikki and paneer tikka. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Grab A Green dahi ke kebab.

Yes, these are quite healthy. The ingredients are nutrient-dense plus one serve (3 kebabs) offer 170 Kcal with 11 grams of protein. 

No, the spice is balanced.

Final Words

Mishry had a pleasing experience with Grab A Green Dahi Ke Kebab. These had the authentic textures and flavors, plus the convenience and time-efficiency they add was impressive.

What’s your preferred snack at house parties? Would you try these kebabs?

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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